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Here’s the Scoop! 03.11.09

Holly and Helena? Too much to handle? Obviously Holly’s return is being linked to Ethan and everyone who is anyone is hoping that Helena’s return means NotEmily is the RealEmily. Can you hear Frons’ campaign for that one? The real Emily returns…oh wait, she’s already there and we’ve been telling you her name is Rebecca…tune in. Some fans say Helena and Holly are the reasons for the POSSIBLE bloodbath hitting prospect studios (where GH is filmed). Emma Samms’ return SHOULD be a temporary gig with some saying she’ll be in Port Chuck and on our screens for roughly three weeks. Helena has never been a contract character (at least not to my knowledge) and I ASSUME that isn’t going to change. Two returns of recurring characters, one said to be brief, is that really a reason to let five actors go? The cuts hitting ABCDaytime are more likely a result of the crappy economy that is hitting everyone. I’m not giving Fronsie a free pass as there are plenty of newbie’s on my screen that really don’t need to be there especially not at the expense of some of my faves.

But the plan in that great mind of Brian Frons is to gain viewers back. To say General Hospital has been struggling in the ratings is an understatement. Yes, during the toxic ball crisis crap, GH had a boost but so did most of daytime. What once was a powerhouse in the soap world has now become a joke and is Helena Cassadine or Holly Sutton enough to boost the ratings? I’ve seen plenty of comments that Helena’s return will have fans tuning in, but when she is underused or given subpar material, will you stay simply because Helena is there? Does General Hospital want fair weather fans or stable viewers?

I’ve always said and most agree that it starts with GOOD WRITING. It doesn’t have to be spectacular, hell it doesn’t even have to be great but it better at least be GOOD. At times, GH gives us some good scenes, Monday’s scenes with Carly and Jason are a prime example of that but in no way is General Hospital consistently good. That in my opinion is the problem. But you’re all here to read SPOILERS and not why I am so disappointed in GH

Jax finds out that Claudia ordered the hit that put Michael in a coma. Is he finding out another secret? SPOILERS say Jax also learns that Kate knew all about Claudia’s part in it and has kept her mouth shut. Will Jax spill what he knows to Carly or will he also keep his mouth shut thus putting his newly renewed marriage in jeopardy?

Patrick hits Jakes after another spat with the wife. That’s when he has a trivia head to head with no other than NASCAR’s Jeff Burton. Coleman turns fangirl and wants the driver’s autograph.

Maxie pulls out all the stops in her quest to save Spinelli. What about Winnie? She’s there to aid in saving the Jackal but Maxie will be her roadblock to Spinelli’s heart. Speaking of Spixie, what is going to happen with them? Well as I mentioned, Maxie declares her undying love for her BFF when she learns he has to leave the country to avoid prison. Will TPTB give Spixie fans a Spixie relationship? Johnny and Maxie have been heating up the screen and RUMORS say they’ll continue on as Crimson’s poster couple but Spixie fans just MAY get what they’ve been hoping for. I like both Spixie and JoMax so it’s a win-win for me but what happens to Johnny if Spixie gets the go ahead? Hopefully he’s not sentenced to Lulu hell. We SHOULD see a little Ethan-Lulu-Johnny triangle of sorts happening as Lulu is spending too much time with the mysterious Aussie and Johnny isn’t happy about it.

Ethan…What’s coming up besides more time with the shrieking bandit? Well RUMORS have him mixing it up with the Q’s and with Holly hitting town in time for May Sweeps, I’d say it’s safe to say Ethan will have a role in the Sweeps story as Holly is the reason he’s in PC. I said a few weeks back that IF Ethan is Robert and Holly’s son; both would have to return, right? The LATEST CHATTER is that Tristan Rogers COULD be making a return as well. One theory however, had Luke stepping in as a “father figure” for Ethan, taking the place of the absent Robert. Ummm… I know the writers devalue the Spencer’s, but how about Luke act like a father to his own kids and then we’ll worry about someone else’s.

Where’s Ric Lansing? Is he off mourning his father’s death? Is he stock piling his secrets? With the RUMORS that Rick Hearst MAY be leaving GH behind I’d hope they’d use the Emmy Winner while they had him. At least set up a kick ass exit story cause dropping him to recurring is a dumb move as some other soap will most definitely pick him up. RUMORS say Ric will find out about Claudia’s involvement in Michael’s shooting as well. Question is, what will he do with the info? Will Ric have another secret up his sleeve? Remember there were RUMORS that Trevor would reveal he was Johnny’s true father but that never happened before his swan dive off GH’s rooftop. The other RUMORS around Trevor’s death were that Ric would get that valuable dock property back in Trevor’s will. Could Trevor’s will hold some of the secrets Ric is RUMORED to be holding?

Sorry NEM fans, I’m sort of hooked on NotEmily and Lucky. Even if Rebecca turns out to be the real deal Emily Quartermaine, I still say the most story potential is a Lucky-Em/Rebecca-Nikolas triangle.

A few for the road… Jason will be wearing a wire. Is that what saves Spin from a trip around the world? Holly mixes it up with Luke, Ethan and Lulu. Robin and Patrick fight, she skips out and finds a bar with a bartender who listens well. It’s not that Brad character, it’s a lady, and hence the listens well part. Brad is a handsome stranger Robin meets and he asks her out. She says no at first. Who’s the hottie playing Brad? An actor named Tony Daly who’s appeared on Cold Case, CSI:NY and Swingtown. Sarah Brown was right, he’s hot and is it just me or does he look a little like Tom Pelphrey?

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    first regan i love your spoilers, but your commentary and sharing are also adored! you share whatever and whenever you feel like it – i’ll be reading and loving every word!

    second – he totally looks like pelphrey! i actually did a double take to make sure it wasn’t him. please don’t let this guy be another bad guy. he also kind of looks like ric – could he be another new brother mentioned in trevor’s will? i guess not since that would be interesting and give ric a storyline of his own.

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    Even Helena’s return can’t intice me to coming back nor can Holly’s. Especially if Holly’s purpose is to make us like Ethan. Helena and Em/Becca s/l could be good but I wouldn’t count on the writers pulling it off effectivly. Besides we were forced to watch Emily “die” countless of times so how can they possibly bring her back? As for Brad, why do they need more new (and probably useless) characters when they can not or will not write for the ones that they have. Give Kate, Ric, Liz a good s/l. That would entice me. Maybe.

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    If Jason wears a wire, will Sonny throw barware and yell about betrayal with Jason crawling on his knees crying?

    Yeah, I know the wire is most likely to catch the criminal FBI. This show is so backasswards.

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    Regan Cellura

    You know what Sue… I’m not sure why Jason wears the wire. I know it’s to save Spin and I thought I read somewhere he wears it to a mob meeting. What I can pretty much bet my house on is that it’s not to trap Sonny.

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    I have a hard time believeing that Ethan is Holly and Robert’s son unless The Family took him and hid him away from both Holly and Robert. When Holly made her return in the early 90’s, there was no Ethan and not even a hint of an Ethan. Holly was still the “very much in love Robert” that left the show in 85. She was working for the family but she was still a pretty decent person. And to think that she supposedly kept the news of a son from Robert then and even after everybody found out that he was alive…just doesn’t fly with her character. At least the way I saw her character.

    What I can buy into is that she had the baby while in that coma and the family took the baby away (she knows nothign about him) to be raised by distant relations and since the family biz is grifting…well, Ethan fits.

    Although I find it hard to believe that a product of Robert and Holly is… Ethan.

    I love the characters of Robert and Holly and when they were together. I don’t want that rewritten either.

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    I’m one of the fans that wrote that it seemed Helena and Holly’s return might be the reason for the possible bloodbath to come. No, I don’t think these two returns would be reason to let five actors go…but then again, I don’t think 5 actors are being let go. Obviously, I don’t have any sources like you guys do, but it seems to me that it’s most likely that 1 or maybe 2 will go and the others will be offered paycuts.

    And while I agree that the crappy economy is the major reason, bringing back expensive actors (Helena, Holly, Natalia L, and *possibly* Tristan R.) also has a lot to do with it. For me, it’s not about giving Frons a free pass though. It just seems like that’s the way things work. Believe me, if I were in charge of the show, this isn’t what I’d be doing, lol

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    I Think it will be interesting to see Jason wearing a wire to the Mob meeting , it probably not to catch Sonny, But these people are Jason’s partners, So What is he doing?, and Does Sonny knows that???
    I want to see this????

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    “I’m ok with Rebecca just being Rebecca; if anything it would be cool to see her being Emily’s long lost twin. Rebecca did mention to Elizabeth yesterday that she was adopted, so being Em’s twin ‘could’ be possible. Rebecca hooking up with Lucky would be a cool thing, they seemed to have a music connection yesterday.”

    Perhaps I misheard, I believe she said she was not adopted.

  9. Profile photo of LawyerGirl04

    Regan, I agree with you about digging NotEmily and Lucky, but can we leave Nikolas out of it? I can’t stand the two of them in scenes together. NotEmily is so much more interesting when her stalker isn’t hanging around. If we need a third person for a triangle why not Matt?

  10. Profile photo of OldGHFan

    I agree with your comments, pxlbarrel. Holly would have NEVER given up Ethan for adoption. She loved Robert too much. Either her family (which hated Robert) gave Ethan up or Helena stole her child from her. Helena Cassadine hated Robert Scorpio and what better way to get back at Robert than to steal his son and keep him hidden. I guess time will tell what happened. I just hope Holly is more in character this time around. I absolutely HATED the 2006 version!

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    I’m all for old characters coming back into the picture, but doesn’t Frons/Guza get it by now? Use the great characters you have Liason (cough) Liason, you all know where my loyalty is, but Frons/Guza wouldn’t have to try to produce great sweeps to bring up ratings if they would just use the great characters they have now. Am I the only one that thinks this? I would love to hear what everyone else thinks.

  12. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Crazy4gh – ITA, TIIC have an amazing cast, and while I do love Liason, if that is not end-story then why not show Liz moving on with her life, or better yet with Nik because honestly I cannot stand ReNikulous. I like Lucky and Rebecca. You have Ric who could be matched with Kate, I mean two completely scorned people why wouldn’t they find a connection. But no the writers and Frons would much rather visit a recipe that worked when an actress was playing an entirely different person, and removed for many years.

    We are getting Helena and Holly and I am happy, but since I am sure they will only be on the canvas to explain all these newbies (and one undead oldie) and then be whisked away, I won’t get too excited

    Then again as long as Frons is running the ship I don’t believe I will ever feel the way I used to about GH.

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    I’m guessing that was Ric who pulled the latest cd out from behind the cabinet in Sonny’s living room? He seemed to have eyeballed it the last time he was there.

    Regan, love your commentary, you are spot on vocalizing what I’m thinking, maybe others too. Your spoilers always rock too!!

    Another new guy? Meh, he’s nice looking and all, but again, there’s a lot of great looking established characters to make better use of.

    I’m ok with Rebecca just being Rebecca; if anything it would be cool to see her being Emily’s long lost twin. Rebecca did mention to Elizabeth yesterday that she was adopted, so being Em’s twin ‘could’ be possible. Rebecca hooking up with Lucky would be a cool thing, they seemed to have a music connection yesterday.

    EDIT: I have to clean out my listening ears, Reb wasn’t adopted, my bad and I’ll be turning up the volume when I watch YT next time!

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    Regan Cellura

    Sorry Daisy, I meant to respond to you earlier. I know you made those comments, I always have one eye on you! LOL. The bloodbath may not solely because of the returns, that is true, two short returns do not equate five actors getting dropped. It may have more to do with those who have already re-upped and those still working on deals. Is it fair that some are asked to take a pay cut while others are refusing? 

  15. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Is it fair that some are asked to take a pay cut while others are refusing?

    Heck no, it’s definitely not fair. You know what I would love Regan? To find out what everyone makes on GH!! I’m sure I’d be disgusted, but it would make for interesting reading

  16. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    You and me both Dais! LOL! What makes matters worse, is that there are some that are getting take the cut or see ya later while others say no way and TPTB says, gosh gee ok you can stay. What I would like more than knowing what people make, is the reasoning behind why these deals are struck with some while others are told no way. Why do Tony Geary and Ingo Rademacher get to come and go as they please (for months at a time sometimes) but Genie Francis wasn’t afforded the same latitude? Why are some actors getting their guarantees slashed/dropped to recurring with others getting 4+ days of airtime a week? It’s all in the BALANCE people and until TIIC at GH get that, we’ll always have these problems.

  17. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Why do Tony Geary and Ingo Rademacher get to come and go as they please (for months at a time sometimes) but Genie Francis wasn’t afforded the same latitude?

    Hmmm the same reason that GH continues to beat down every woman on this show. There is not one woman on this show who has not been turned into a sick lap dog for a man (well maybe NLG). I mean wasn’t it also denied to Vanessa Marcil when she wanted extra time to be with her son.

    GH is run by their own special breed of chauvinistic pigs

  18. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I agree that tptb wrongly value the males of the cast more than the women, and I agree that the show needs balance (and better writing) HOWEVER…(leave it to me to see both sides) I disagree with the concept of “fairness”. UNFAIR is the ex-mayor of Detroit getting a six-figure job that he is wholly unqualified for and would never been considered for given his felony conviction except that his mother is a Congresswoman and can effect gov. purchases. Its unfair because he hasnt EARNED that job through his skills and service. MB, SBu, TG even Ingo have been with the show as leads forever and a day and they have large fan followings and name id past just soap fans. In that sense they have earned through their skills and service certain things. Its not unfair for them (or any cast member for that matter) to ask for what they feel they are worth, and then its up to tptb to decide if they truly are worth what they are asking for. Sometimes that answer may be no, we dont think you are. Sometimes the outs probably are asked for in lieu of cash ie: I will take your offer of less money if I can have 10 weeks of vacation instead of 3.

    Lets take SBU as an example since his contracts up. What if he will only stay if he gets a 10% increase, and he makes it perfectly clear he is totally happy to go sell monavie and live in the burbs if he doesnt get what he wants. TPTB might say to themselves – hey SBu is a proven commodity and Jason has been written into every corner of the canvas – the character ties all these aspects of the show together and if he leaves it puts the show into a major tailspin. His departure could cost us viewers at a time when we cant afford to lose them and the lost revenue from ads that would result would cost us MORE than the raise. So they give him what he wants.

    Now, they have to make the money up somewhere.

    Should it be these five characters that are being considered for the chopping block? I guess that depends on one’s prespective. personally I think some are FAR more valuable than others on the list based on where stories are, whats coming up, how they fit in with where the producers want to take the show etc. Everyone’s view on that will be different in one respect or antoher and certainly we can all find fault or favor with the CHOICES that get made from a storyline perspective. But where I think the pain is going to come into this is that the days of paying people to not work their full schedule are over. I think it was Belinda on today’s podcast that suggested that Lizard would be a great “amy vining” type character at the hospital until its time for again for a Lizard based story. Problem is that I just dont see tptb offering up large contracts to actors to keep them around like that in the background. I suspect LC will be offered recurring, the other four will be offered low ball contracts. Ironically one that I most want to stay (RiH) is probably the one least likely to stay because he is worth more in the marketplace than he will be offered. The offer he gets may be SHORTSIGHTED (I certainly think it would be)or MISGUIDED in terms of his value to the canvas, but to me its not “unfair” its just a product of free-market economics.

  19. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I think we all get that this is a business. There are other characters with far less history and really no purpose on this show that could be cut instead of losing some of our faves. I know, I know, the newbies cost less, I get that too. I actually understnd LC going to recurring. I don’t like it, but I understand it. Here’s a cost saving tip, there are tons of fanfic writers who do it way better than some of these writers and I am sure they cost way less. 

  20. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Regan I know YOU get that its a business but I am not sure everyone else necessarily does LOL. Emotionally, most of us want ALL of our favorites to stay and get well paid for all the guilty pleasure they bring us each day. I just dont know how tptb would accomplish that. I hope RiH is open to what they offer. Just a guess but if they offer him something and they dont want to put him back with Alexis, then maybe that incentivizes tptb to keep MW? I dont know, but it seems like a big chess board to me…or an IF..THEN flow chart LOL And you know how I feel about GV, esp. now with the potential of the 2 brothers, 1 gal triangle.

  21. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I understand what you’re saying EET, but I still think it’s unfair, and understanding TPTB motives doesn’t change that for me. In a way, it makes it worse.

    For instance, you mentioned TPTB placing more value on male cast members than on the women (which I agree with). Well, the show is male dominiated, the women are used as props, and the show revolves around a handful of male characters while the females have been made expendable, imo. So yeah, taking that into account, it’s understandable why TPTB treat the women like crap. They have devalued women on that show, so therefore, from their perspective, it makes sense to bend over backwards for the men and seemingly treat the women differently. Do I understand why they think this way? Yup. Is it fair? I certainly don’t think so.

    And it’s ironic. This emphasis on a handful of men means TPTB treat them like gods so they won’t lose them, for fear of the damage it’ll do to the show. Yet it’s been this pimping of men and devaluing of women that has lead GH down the toilet ratings-wise and creatively, IMO. So yeah, giving SBu, MB, Ingo, TG what they want and screwing over others keeps the status quo intact – but is that a good thing?

    I understand that’s the way things work, but it just sucks…

  22. Profile photo of roe0824

    Regan I couldn’t have said it better than you. Can you send your post to the higher ups? I think the majority of us feel the same way you do.No need for newbies when we have great characters already that are not used properly and that drives me crazy. I thought the same thing you did, when Helena comes back will they mess it up? I am still upset with all the hype when Genie Francis came back and I didn’t like the storyline they gave her. I am sure with Helena, we will probably see the same type of story they gave when Lucky came back, again Guza/Frons forgets that the fans have saw this already, they are hoping the teenagers of today didn’t see it again trying to get through to the “younger audience” as he calls it and forgetting the real fans who have watched GH for years and can tell you every storyline there ever was.

    I think this new guy will be Dante.

  23. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I guess its symantics Daisy. I think its rotten, stupid, shortsighted and a host of other words that arent allowed here LOL, but its not “unfair” We arent disagreeing about those aspects. Really I think it would be curious to see who fans have as their all time top ten characters of daytime – not who shaped the industry most or most name id or whatever, but the characters that you loved the most and tuned in for. I think most of the list would be female dominated. I cant say who my final list would be, but I know that Carly Corinthos, brenda Barrett, Sam McCall, Anna DeVane, Laura Webber, Blair Cramer, Dorian Lord, Skye Whitney, Ava Rescott, Siobhan Ryan and Erica Kane would all be up there for consideration. Ironically off the top of my head, I can really only think of 3 men that I think I would even consider for the list – MB, TG and TR.

  24. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    I think it is interesting in debating whether men and women are treated with equality in daytime, you have named female characters but male actors. I don’t know what that means for your argument but it is interesting.

    As for my top ten characters of daytime, I wouldn’t include Sonny at all. I might consider Robert Scorpio. I would have Luke Spencer and Frisco Jones on my list. I would have to include Mac Cory and Bo Buchanon. I would have to consider who would round out my top five males. Would it be Jason or Lucky? I really don’t know because I also love Edward Q. Women are easier. I love Laura Spencer and Rachel Cory. Vicki Buchanon and Hope Brady would round out the list that would have to include Liz Webber who edges out Leslie Webber.

  25. Profile photo of JasonMorganIsAHottie

    This is just a simple thought but aren’t great soap operas about telling a good story?

    And if there is not a good story worth watching, the rest doesn’t matter.

    Anyone who reads the fan boards knows there are scores of fans waiting for an improvement in writing before tuning back in.

    As a soap fan, I could care less about ABC’s profit/loss statement. Give me a story that I can’t wait to watch. And I’ll be back.

    As long as EGO is running the show and not good writing, improvement ain’t gonna happen.

    As always Regan, thanks for the great spoilers. :)

  26. Profile photo of pxlbarrel

    Just because we don’t like the idea of 5 actors getting the boot or going to recurring or what not doesn’t mean that we don’t get it’s a business. But here’s the thing…if a store that I go to doesn’t sell what I want to buy anymore, I stop going.

    It’s this simple for me as an old time viewer. You cut the last ties for me and I walk. I think a lot of viewers feel that way or have already acted upon it.

    Amy I illogically, unbusinesslike, emotionally holding onto something that I shouldn’t be? Ha…maybe but it’s my perogative as the person with the remote control that I click it off and I don’t watch all those pretty ads that their advertisers pay for.

    I think a lot of GET that it’s a business but we think it’s being run by somebody making the wrong decisions.

  27. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    OT: pxblbarrel, someone sent me a GH YouTube video (Susan Moore Murder story) and I noticed it was posted by you (unless there’s another pxblbarrel GH fan out there, lol)! I’ve watched a few parts so far, and it’s great! Thanks for posting it :) btw, that Jimmy Lee Holt was Hot Stuff!

  28. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    That was my initial point sueboo, for me its wrongheaded to value the men more than the women because at least from my vantage its the female characters that drive my viewing. That said I just polled about ten soap watching friends and the lists were all about 50-50 or male dominated. My list was the only one that was female heavy. I would be curious with a larger sample size what trend we would see. Shot my theory straight to hell LOL

    JMIAH I totally agree with you on the writing. I think we all actually agree on that point. My only spin was that the good writing has to come within the parameters of a budget. Theres no reason tptb cant do that, so I am not sure why we are getting so much dreck, but all I was saying is that the days of people getting paid without story planned is probably over, esp. in this economy.

    PXL I dont disagree with you either, hence why I called it Rotten, shortsighted etc. I think the biggest problem with some of these characters is that they cut them off a long time ago from storyline potential. I have to imagine its a bit hard to write for Monica without Alan or another male in that age range on canvas, when all of her extended children are dead or removed from her, and when her (Monica’s not LC’s) closest friends are played by actresses already on recurring. Back when Michael first got shot, I had said that I thought it was a bad move not to have the Q’s more involved in that story and have Monica and Carly make some peace. I was also bummed when tptb wrote Lizard as not wanting to tell Monica about Jake. I guess I have sort of assumed now for awhile based on those two decisions that when her contract expired LC could well get offered recurring. Those were the two most logical jump off points for her to have had story and they didnt take either. maybe thats why I dont SEEM as upset by her being on less as others, but believe me thats not the case. And remember I am also the person that said make Robert Scorpio or Jeff Webber sam’s father. Jeff webber’s return would have given monica story and would have fueled Sam/Lizard rivalry for years. Most folks slammed me for the HORRIBLE thought (in their view) of Sam being tied to a core family like the Webbers, without seeing that I was also thinking this was good for all the characters surrounding that return.

  29. Profile photo of pxlbarrel

    thanks. I’m currently doing the Asian Quarter stuff…I just had to edit out a sweaty, barechested Jimmy Lee working out at the spa (and being leered at by Lorena) because he wasn’t in the storyline. Too too bad. LOL

    Now, see…like him or hate him, Jimmy Lee is a Quartermaine and he and his family could always be brought in to repopulate the Q’s. Monica could then have somebody to spar with, other than Tracy, and Edward could have somebody else to be disappointed with (since Alan’s dead). His children would be the right age for everybody else on this show (under 25). It’s a shame they don’t explore this side of the Q’s…or any side for that matter.

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