Vanessa Marcil on Without a Trace

Here’s a look at Vanessa Marcil‘s upcoming appearance on Without a Trace. Check out TVGuide‘s take on what’s coming up for the CBS crime drama:

On "Heartbeats," airing March 31, the agents have suspects galore when a Russian matchmaker disappears. On "Hard Landing," airing April 7, Vanessa Marcil continues her run as Martin’s love interest, as the agents search for a billionaire’s son whose plane crashes in the woods.

In other Without a Trace (and Cold Case) news, Michael Ausiello is reporting possible trouble for the procedurals.

Multiple sources confirm that cost-conscious CBS has informed the producers of Without a Trace and Cold Case that the long-running procedurals are facing possible cancellation come May.

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  1. Profile photo of elvara

    I can’t wait to see VM with Eric Close.:love:

    WAT has been bad since season 4. First the writing, things all Jack and Jack/Sam boring relationship, the lack of airtime for the rest of the cast and mostly the addition of god awful Roselyn Sanchez. That’s what brought the show down.

  2. Profile photo of Chrystie-Delancey

    Wow, CBS would be a fool (thought cost-conscious one) to cancel those two series. The networks are so concerned with ratings and these two always deliver solid ratings.

    I agree with elvara – Vanessa and Eric would be good together. Poor Martin deserves a good woman. :-)

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    Without A Trace will get canceled, and VM will still not be back at GH. I love her, but she needs to realize that she will never get the popularity on any other show that she had on GH. She’s had a medium amount of success in primetime, but it will never amount to the fame she got as Brenda Barrett.

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