BREAKING NEWS: Has GH Cast Michael Corinthos?

UPDATE: TV is reporting exclusively that Michael Corinthos has been re-cast. The role made popular by Dylan Cash has a new face and it belongs to Drew Garrett. Garret appeared on an episode of Criminal Minds. He will make his General Hospital debut on April 24.

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    I like the idea of a older michael. I think if they age and cast Michael and Kristina right it could be great for story and rateings. I love the OLTL teen sceen and if done right it could be good for GH too.

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    Actually east.west I’m hoping he and Kristina will be the exact opposite of shrieking Lulu. I hope they will be great actors and also entertaining.

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    Then I agree with you. She was great the first year. But I know now that Kristina is older, Alexis will get more stalker-ish and over protective. Then more and more we will see the waste of a once great character.

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    The potential story lines for the SORASed Michael are pretty endless given his parentage and situation. Let’s hope the new actor isn’t given to breathing breaks when he delivers his lines unlike Dylan Cash who raced through his lines and had to catch a breath at odd moments.

    Now that a new actor has been cast let’s hope the story line gets started so we can move on to better things.

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    He may do fine. At least they didn’t try to get a kid that looks like Sonny, seeing as how he’s not Michael’s biological father.

    I didn’t like Dylan Cash. That brat irked the hell out of me.

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    I feel bad for Dylan Cash, he did get bigger so I dont’ see why they couldn’t have used him again.
    So I guess we have a son that has blond hair like Carly and not a red head anymore?

    It’s only a matter of time before we see Kristina older and then next will be Cam and Jake and then maybe we will see Jason in the picture with Jake.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I predict the Cortinthos clan will soon totally phase out the Q’s. Sonny will be the new patriarch of the show and the young adult action will revolve around his children, Michael and Kristina.

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    I hate to be so negative, but let’s face it: GH will screw this up the way they do everything these days. They don’t even get the basics right anymore.

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    I know i’m about to piss a lot of folks off with this, but it is true.
    Dylan Cash could NOT act…sorry kid.he always looked as if he was looking off screen for help with his lines and he wasnt the right fit for me, my opinion.
    this new kid , Drew? he was awesome on Criminal Minds so we’ll see.

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