Fan Club President Urges Fans of GH’s Ric Hearst and Greg Vaughan To Call Network’s Comments Line

Rumors of a casting bloodbath at ABC’s General Hospital has had fans of at least two of the alleged targets frantically emailing their fan club president. Debby O’Conner, president of fan clubs for Rick Hearst (Ric) and Greg Vaughan (Lucky) released the following statement this week to fans of the actors: 

Hi everyone,

The message boards have been buzzing and my email has been inundated since late last week’s article about both Rick and Greg possibly being put on recurring status or released from General Hospital. All I can say to you is that if you are unhappy with anything going on, story line or otherwise, you should make your voices heard. And there is no time like the present.

I encourage you to call the comment line and/or write to the executives in charge of the show, as well as to the magazines. Please keep your comments positive and to the point, supporting whom you choose but absolutely not writing negative, demeaning comments about anyone you don’t. That serves no purpose, and is not what either Rick or Greg would want.

The comment line number for General Hospital is 323-671-4583.

Thank you again for all of the love and support that you have shown for Rick and Greg. We appreciate it very, very much."


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    Mrs Adam Carrington

    This is difficult for me, on the one hand I love Rick Hearst and Greg Vaughn and the characters they play but TIIC aren’t utilising these talented actors and their characters are being written as witless fools. So, while I want to save these characters and their portrayers, I also want them off this clusterfuck of a show and have them find success in prime time or hopefully film so that they can tell Guza, Frons and Phelps to fuck off, they are too talented for the shit they are being given to play.

    Sorry if my language offends anyone but GH has left me so frustrated. I made the mistake of tuning in yesterday and watched Lucky Spencer be destoryed in order to prop up the useless donkey called Ethan and Ric Lansing has been turned into Alexis 2.0, only to be trotted out when a whipping boy or prop is needed. A lot of the actors on this show have been shafted over and over and right now I have reached my limit, GH is dead to me and even if these two actors are not fired we still run the risk of losing Leslie Charleson after we lost Stuart Damon in the most shaemful manner.

    This show is worthless and is being run by worthless people and as someone who enjoys the work of both these actors I want them to find something better. At this point in time I want all the talented and under utilised vets of this show, off GH and in successful projects much more deserving of their talents and not on this revolting piece of crap known as Gansgter Hospital.

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    I think too many daytime actor feel a safety net and don’t try out for movie or primetime roles like they should. Rick Herbst would be a major star if he would try out for more movie or tv shows. Heck he did a couple of episodes of 90210 back in the day.

    GV seems to rely to much on GH. He needs to get back out there and audition. Even if he isn’t the greatest actor, he looks will get him far. The older he’s getting the better looking he’s getting.

    Rebecca Herbst should auditon also. All these actors are great actors and beautiful. They live in Cali, they need to auditon more. Look at the chick who’s on 24 and the other actor who is now on Castle. Heck even the chick who plays Diane has got a pilot.

    Those three are some of the best. GH is a sinking ship and everyone knows it.

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    And did you see Nelson Branco’s item that Frons was firing Becky Herbst cause he thinks she’s “not pretty.” WTH? Next he’ll say Rick Hearst is a “bad actor” and Greg Vaughn is “not attractive to women.”

  4. Profile photo of BigDede

    I read that. Rebecca Herbst ugly |( \\( :angry

    She is the ONLY one on that show that got commericals based on her beauty and skin. Those milk ads and that Vaseline add.

    Frons thinks beauty can be measured in cup size. He thinks he knows his audience but he doesn’t. That why actors who he didn’t think made the cut went on to have primetime gigs, sucessful ones at that. Frons knows nothing.

  5. Profile photo of season1217

    Are you kidding? She’s hideous and butt ugly. She bays at the moon at night she’s so ugly. You can’t spit on people and get away with it! Oh, I’m sorry. I thought this was the Michelle Stafford thread.:P

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    If I learned one thing as a former GH fan, Frons, Guza and Phelps do not give a crap about what the fans want.

    I am not a Liason fan, but seriously, is there a more devoted fan base in all of daytime? And what did it get them?

    TIIC are the same folks who had Georgie, the daughter of an iconic legacy couple, brutally murdered at Christmas. They have done nothing but tell the fans to f off for years now.

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    Oh, maybe she could play Sarah and Jonathan can fall in love with her. That way she’d be apart of the “never before seen in daytime” s/l that Guza always promises.

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    If Becky Herbst isn’t pretty, then God only knows what I am! Does anybody know the AMC hotline number. They need to hear a few things from me.

    GH is going high-def next week per Sarah Brown’s facebook page.

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    screw gh…thats my whole attitude towards this show now….i could see rebecca herbst playing Michelle Baur on guiding light, if they were to bring danny and michelle back. As far as Rick Hearst goes, I’ll watch whatever show he’s on. Greg Vaughn def. has primetime potential, ric hearst does too. I wouldn’t mind seeing all three of these actors/actresses on oltl…one of the best soaps on right now!

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    I’m not sorry. I WANT Rick Hearst back on GL playing Alan-Michael Spaulding. Unless GH uses him to the best of his and his character’s ability, he belongs on GL.

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    I think it’s really sad what TPTB do to Lucky. I’m in their target demo, and I actually think GV is the hottest guy on the show right now, so if TPTB think for one minute that he’s “not attractive” to women, they’re sadly mistaken. Not that I want to put words in their mouths or anything, but considering what Frons has supposedly said about Rebecca Herbst, and how TPTB have apparently said that people don’t want to see “old people kissing”, I don’t have much faith in them as human beings at this point. I like RH as Ric, but sadly, I think I would keep GV over RH, because I think Lucky has more history and connection to Port Charles. I also think Lucky has a lot of potential right now with the whole Rebecca story and I really like the chemistry between Lucky and Rebecca. It would be such a mistake right now to get rid of him or put him on recurring. I’m much more excited at the possibility of a L&R pairing than I am over Frons’ “gems” of Sonny and Claudia, whom I always FF because I hate Claudia even more than I hated Carly or Sam (two more of Frons’ faves)

    If there is somewhere I can write to try to save GV, please someone post an address. I would be really sad to see Lucky go, and the shallow part of me would think it would suck to see even less of Lucky on screen, since he’s major eye candy.

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    A couple of months ago, I wouldn’t have wanted RH even *near* GL – now, however, it’s high-time for Alan-Michael to come back to Springfield and bring along his mother, Hope Bauer Spaulding in the form of Robin Mattson – right, Jamey? :) At this point, I’m hoping Wheeler and co. would welcome him back with open arms.

    Seriously, if GH (Guza, Frons, etc.) can’t write for these characters, then let the sinking ship continue – let the actors go so they can find some place where they can be appreciated. The “Frons Logic” is completely lost on me…

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    GH Oldie

    To…..ohwowreally, I totally agree with your thoughts on all these actors. If GH doesn’t want them I am sure they can be fit in on OLTL At least they wont need to contend with likes of Frons (who should not be the pres of ABC……pick a job and do it properly or get the hell out our shows life) or from Guza who doesn’t know how to write a decent storyline anymore ( permanenet writers block anymone. Coming from where it was a few years to were it is today, is abyssmal. These two men haven’t got a clue want the veiwers want and SHOULD BE FIRED IMMEDIATELY

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