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Here’s the Scoop! 03.12.09

Yesterday I asked, where’s Ric? That hand we saw snatching one of Jerry’s DVDs, that was him. Nice to see TPTB using Rick Hearst to his fullest potential. Where will see him next? Watching the DVD! Ooooohhhh the suspense is killing me. Sorry, sarcasm is not always my best color. So Ric finds out that Claudia hired Devlin who then shot Michael and it’s just the right information to hold over his former lover’s head. Let’s keep track here. Kate, Ric and soon Jax will all know who hired Ian Devlin. And they all keep it a secret?! It’s soap, secrets are part of the deal, and I get that, but Jax? The RUMORED spin we’re going to get for this one is stupid IMO. Jax doesn’t want Carly to go running back to Sonny, so his answer is to keep this HUGE secret from his wife? Let me know how that works out for you buddy.

What about Claudia? Surely this secret is coming out, right? Too many people know the truth. Ask Jake Spencer, err Morgan, about that one. How in the world will Guza redeem Claudia and not have to kill her once the truth is out? Get your salt boulders out as this MAY be Fanfic but what the hell, here’s what’s out there… Supposedly, the secret is kept past the time of Michael coming out of his coma. In fact, the secret MAY be kept long enough for Michael to develop a rapport with his new step-mom. When it does finally come out, these RUMORS say that Michael isn’t as hellbent on revenge as he once was (nice to see the bullet to the head has changed your outlook on things Mikey!) and Sonny, well Sonny sort of likes his new wife, so no harm no foul. But there’s always the Carly contention and Claudia better stay clear of Hurricane Carly.

The next logical question is what will Jason do? Wouldn’t he want Claudia dead for what she did to Michael? Remember, Jason’s giving the biz back and goes back to being Sonny’s enforcer. Jason does what Sonny says and IF the above comes to fruition, Sonny doesn’t want his wife six feet under.

So basically what COULD all these mean? TPTB love Carly and Sonny, no matter how they can get them. They’ll take a re-do with Sarah Brown and Maurice Benard. They’ll throw Laura Wright’s Carly into the mix as a thorn in the Corinthos’ side. In the end it’s the two Carly’s and Sonny in a storyline. That’s a win in TPTB’s eyes. Where does that leave Jax? IF the Fanfic turns into an actual storyline, that would mean the end of CarJax, right?

Johnny has a lot to lose as well, especially where Lulu’s concerned. Yeah right! Lulu cares about herself and no one else, she will not care that Johnny had a part in Michael’s shooting. Sorry Lulu fans but this girl was brought on as the Second Coming of Laura Spencer and she’s nothing like her mother. They write her terribly and I just don’t see this version of Lulu caring about Michael. But there is some Johnny drama coming up on the mob front. Sonny’s back and calling all the other mobbies to a meeting to announce that he is back on the throne. Claudia wants Johnny to attend to show his support for Sonny and the newly-merged organizations; Johnny says thanks, but no thanks. You’re sitting on a ticking time bomb sis, and I don’t want either one of us in the vicinity when it explodes! The mob prince comes up with a plan and goes to Sonny telling him he’ll back him as the head of the family if he divorces Claudia. Does anyone ever deliver Sonny Corinthos an ultimatum? Sonny tells Johnny, sorry kid, not happening. Question though, COULD this be the meeting Jason wears a wire to?

This sort of all brings us back to Ric… He tells Claudia I know what you did and now I’m going to blackmail you. Sonny offers Ric a “low level” job at the mobster meeting but is that good enough for the power hungry Ric? When he goes to Claudia after the meeting and tells her he knows her dirty little secret, Ric also tells Claudia he wants her to snoop on her hubby and feed him the goods. Hasn’t it always been about Ric getting one over on his brother? Now that Ric is a thorn in Claudia’s side and no longer her bed buddy, what’s a mob moll to do? RUMORS say Claudia does what she does best and orders a hit on her brother-in-law. True to form though, these RUMORS say it’s a botched hit.

Helena Cassadine… What’s up her sleeve? Emily Quartermaine according to some, but will Ethan Lovett also come out of the psychotic Granny’s bag of tricks as well? Both Ethan and NotEmily aka Rebecca will be on mysterious phone calls in the weeks to come. Who’s on the other end? NotEm SHOULD be conversing with Helena, Ethan’s chat fest partner MAY not be revealed but we’ll surely be led to believe it COULD be Helena.

Whose kid will Ethan be? I think it’s safe to say or ASSUME that Holly is the proud mama but who’s the daddy? Is it Luke? Robert? There is some CHATTER out and about that Anthony Geary MAY be pushing for Ethan to be a Spencer.

Which brings me to Lucky… Poor, dumb Lucky. You all know from reading my blogs that I hate how they write Lucky as such an idiot. Once again, I will remind TPTB (just in case they’re reading) that Lucky is a SPENCER. Not to mention a cop who doesn’t realize the grifter just picked his pockets? Come on!

Is Guza taking Robin’s Post Partum Depression storyline too far? Like many have mentioned, I don’t know anyone who has had PPD. Some friends have had the baby blues but as I understand it that is something completely different. At first, I liked the PPD storyline as it is something very real but I’m not so sure I buy this whole forgetting your kid thing. Some have questioned why Patrick wouldn’t want a nanny if he’s concerned about Emma’s well-being. I see it as more of Patrick’s medical background telling him Robin has PPD, but the husband and father in him just isn’t ready to truly admit that. In terms of SPOILERS for Scrubs, they’ll continue to have their issues and will butt heads over Michael’s care. Robin’s PPD has been RUMORED to be wrapping up by month’s end with Robin joining a support group. One WHACKY RUMOR has Robin attempting suicide and Patrick having to make a tough decision. I don’t buy that one. We still have hot Brad coming and Patrick’s misery bringing him to Jake’s to mix it up with the NASCAR dude. But as a better part of today’s SCOOPS has been about Michael, let’s talk Scrubs and Michael. RUMORS have had Robin making progress with Michael’s treatment when Patrick has accepted defeat. Will Patrick be happy with Dr. Scorpio that she did it all behind his back? The old Patrick never liked being proved wrong.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Did Rebecca Herbst already agree to a pay cut? One RUMOR says she’s signed a year extension to her contract. JaSam is RUMORED to be getting the hard push as an attempt to boost ratings. When LL2 got dropped, the RUMOR mill said JaSam was also slowed down. IF Ethan isn’t a Spencer, look for Johnny-Lulu-Ethan angst. Fan of Spinelli’s latest adventure? I don’t hate this one but I felt like there were too many people on Spinelli’s trail. Winnie SHOULD be around for a little longer.

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    Claudia hasn’t learned anything yet she shouldn’t be ordering hits on anyone since the first one got all screwed up

    I also don’t knaow anyone that had PPD so I don’t know how they feel or the symptoms but I just can’t feel sorry for Robin. IMO they are writng her as a selfish brat

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    Thanks for all your spoilers Regan. I am really getting tired with this show. Can’t stand and FF through all of Spinelli crap going on. I like him, but Maxie shrieking and the whole rest of the gang is really getting on my nerves. Jason seems to be around for everyone, but could never find 5 minutes for Liz, but again let’s not go there.

    I am sick of the whole Robin PPD thing. I know first hand from experience with my first child about PPD. I also know it is hard to admit to yourself that you have a problem, but she is a Dr. right? She should side with getting help because no one wants to feel like they do with PPD . . . it stinks!

    Any chance they will drop the JaSam reunion? That would be awesome.

    Anyone see MB on The View today? He is actually very personable. He was there with his 4 kids. He made a funny comment when asked about Sonny’s relationship with Jason. One of the women commented on their closeness and he said he would totally be up for that s/l . . . I LMAO.

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    I heard from another spoiler site that Guza is in love with the girl who plays Winnie, so she will be on for a long time. Nothing against the actress, but I don’t care for Winnie and it is a shame the veterans are pushed to the back burner in favor of the newcomers, Winnie and Ethan.

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    Oh geez, the only thing worse for me than Sonny and Carly is Sonny and two Carlys.

    Hey I have an idea! Why don’t they bring Tamara Braun on as Caren and Jennifer Bransford as Coco, and Sonny can really go to town! Sonny and his 4 Cs…

    So I’ve got a question, is it possible Liz/Lucky 5.0 is just being slowed down instead of dropped? I haven’t watched this week’s eps yet, but I was thinking about it. If Lucky/Rebecca hook up, I’m wondering if that’ll make Liz realize she really does want to be with Lucky? Maybe TPTB realized they shouldn’t rush things and maybe a Quad would be more “interesting”?

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    While I agree that Rebecca or whomever she turns out to be is probably on the phone with Helena, who I juts know has had a chip implanted in her brain for Helena’s control, I would think that Ethan would be on secret calls with Holly, who has signed on for the month of May. Isn’t it pretty certain that she is his mother. I do not think Ethan and Rebemily are connected by Ms. Cassadine. Unless, she had stolen Ethan as a child and Holly and Robert have no idea he exists. Some more poorly planned stories seeming written on the fly, day-to-day, instead of creating a back story and long-term plans for a new character. This show has been getting by the seat of Guza’s pants for many years. It’s time for a new regime there for sure. ABC execs, please watch your soaps! They are mostly horrible and there needs to be a demand from up on high that the soaps retain their entertainment and dramatic appeal and potential to the loyal viewers who have enjoyed these shows, for many of them, their whole lives. Quality control must be asserted here in Port Charles and Pine Valley. Llanview is really good right now but please promote it the way it deserves to be. Remember when during sweeps months, the networks would take out full page ads in TV Guide for the hot story running at the time. That was promotion. Oh! And remember when commercials ran for the soaps during prime time hours and not just while they are on or during the am or afternoon programming. Gh, though, is a hot mess right now and they need to “FIX IT!” before they star promoting anything going on there.

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    I am ready for some JaSam lovin!

    And I am looking forward to the ClauSon, Ric, CarJax and Michael story. I hope the writing doesnt let me down.

    UGGH another kid for luke. PUKE>

  7. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    Jason seems to be around for everyone, but could never find 5 minutes for Liz, but again let’s not go there.

    I totally agree Crazy4gh when it was about Liason , Jason became the busiet mobster ever

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    Oh can I pleeassse get a JaSam slow dance?? Maybe a waterfight?? Or how about some dominoes and tequila?? I pray for the day when Jason and Sam order in chinese together!! When have we seen Jason have fun like he did when he was with Sam?? And I know I said I wouldn’t get my hopes up…but its too late!!!

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    I have a 9 month old and my pediatrician gave me a questionaire at each visit, there are about six in the first six months and he suspected I had a mild case of PPD and gave me a list of therapist. I was taken back a bit but I was feeling sad and overwhelmed in those first months. I missed work which made me feel guilty but I also considered staying home which made me worry about finances. I agree with Perkie regarding Patrick, my partner was incredibly supportive and I would not have gotten through it without him. I don’t like the story as written. This is my second child, I did not have these feelings with the first and I think this topic is important. Mr. Guza is not concerned about the valuble lesson that is lost in this attempt. The storyline could bring Robin and Patrick closer and hey remember Lanie, where is she in all this. Robin discussing her feelings would be a relief to women out there who are dealing with these feelings.

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    I bet Claudia will get pregnant by Sonny before he finds out about her being responsible for Michael’s shooting. She’ll probably lose the baby and have to fake it to keep Sonny in typical soap fashion.

    Why do the writers hate Lucky so much? Greg Vaughan is such an appealing actor, but they give him crap all the time. Lucky would not take that crap from Tracy and get pick-pocketed at the same time.

  11. Profile photo of lopsided_cinderella

    Regan I agree they write Lucky like hes the stupidest person in the world. I’m a cop and have been for years but i have no idea when i’m being pick pocketed.I was never a sam fan but she seems to be less annoying these days. But never as good as Liason! Robins PPD i liked it at first but now it seems to be dragging on , and she has PPD so she left her baby in Kellys? odd

  12. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    Omg if Claudia gets pregnant…ickkkk. That poor child. Why are they dead set on shoving Claudia down our throats?? And why are the dead set on redeeming her?? Uggghhh. It makes me sick.

  13. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I love Sarah and really blame none of this Claudia mess on her but I would imagine she doesn’t come cheap. So the brass’ attempt at redeeming the character COULD be TPTB trying to protect it’s investment.

  14. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    Okay, that makes sense. I can understand TPTB wanting to keep SJB around. I just can’t stand Claudia lol. Although, Sarah is absolutely brillant in that role.

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    Tony Geary better not be pushing for Ethan to be Luke and Holly’s son. It would be a huge rewrite and it would ruin the legacies of Luke & Laura and Robert & Holly.

    I think Helena will be involved with both Rebecca and Ethan. I’m guessing Helena was the one who stole Ethan from Holly when she was in a coma. Helena hated Robert Scorpio and what better way to get back at him than to steal his son.

  16. Profile photo of season1217

    We don’t need any more children coming back from their swampy graves to run down half-brothers or previously thought to be aborted fetus’ coming back to be organ donors to their comatose sisters. Holly miscarried Luke’s child. Let’s keep it that way!

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    I think Ethan had more potential as Jax’s kid. After all this time, Jax still doesn’t have any biological kids. Ethan could have been the baby Miranda gave up.

  18. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    SCOOP: Is Robin creatng a new identity? It looks like when she hits that out of town bar she comes up with a new identity.

    Will Winnie destroy the evidence? Alexis saves the day as Spin comes in to help Winnie hack into Rayner’s files but the Agent comes back and Alexis is SPOILED to cover for the hackers.

    SOW has three upcoming airdates for Ric! That’s a switch.

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    The problem isnt the redemption stories of Sam and Claudia, the problem is that the stupid a$$ writers wrote them into such a corner in the first place. If these are 2 of your 4 leads, why on earth would they write them into the black hole of hurting a child? The Sam story came totally out of left field and the Claudia story – I will just say if this is what they were going to do they should have a. shown her in more of a panic over Johnny’s safety (maybe the hit could have even happened while Sonny was holding Johnny) and b. shown her visiting michael all this time instead of writing it in at the last minute as some sort of “twist”

  20. Profile photo of LuvSKate

    Thanks for the extensive write-up.

    Well I can’t say I’m a bit surprised about the Carlyx2+Sonny storyline – that is all this show knows. I hate it, I’ve never liked Sonny with this Carly or that. And, sure sprinkle a little Ric in there, but it will be just that, a little, so don’t get too excited. And, Jax will yet again become – another “supporting” actor for the mighty precious few.

    I really, really have grown to dislike this show with a passion. If it were not for the few appearances by the one character you never even mentioned, Kate, I would be so done and never look back. I will not be surprised if that day is not sooner rather than later and at this point, good riddance.

  21. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    There honestly isn’t much to mention about Kate. All the SCOOP on her is the same it’s been for months. The only real NEW news is that IF Kate is written out, she MAY take all her secrets with her or she MAY take the opportunity to wreck everyone’s lives before she leaves. I like Megan, it sucks how they’ve written her character.

  22. Profile photo of engradypind

    I just lost a big post about ABC daytime using GH as a test for freeing up airtime for cheaper –in cost and quality– programming. As stupid and boring as the show has become I’d say ABC is well on its way to getting to cancel some of their soaps due to viewer desertion.

    Re: Ethan. He’s a con man, a grifter. Anything he says must be regarded as a lie until proven otherway. He and Holly could be pulling this job together. In cahoots! Holly is not above pulling a big job in PC.

    Re: Helena. Bring her on. She makes things interesting when handled with respect by the idiots in charge. I really find the “Mad Granny” aspect to be just too too. Won’t Luke be happy to see her again? Tracy won’t be too happy either since their last association involved a lot of money not arriving where it was supposed to. I do hope she is NOT involved in Rebecca Shaw’s presence in PC. Let Rebecca be one of Jax’s business tactics to sucker Nicholas. Or, she could very well be a plant by Jerry Jax.

    Re: Sonny and Claudia. The bomb should have gone off. I don’t want any story at all about either of these two.

    Where is Dante? Olivia is still in town but her son has not showed up to check out what his Mama is doing in this new job she has away from Bensonhurst.

    Poor Spinelli. Can anyone as internet savy as he be so naive? Especially after his work for Alcazar and for Jason? I’d much rather have a storyline about Spin’s family than have to FF through the Skank Squad plus brother Johnny.

  23. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    I found the silver lining to Robin’s PPD story. She left her ugly coat at the hospital when she ran back to Kelly’s after she realized that she left Emma behind. Please let her have lost it forever, PLEASE!!

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    I have watched GH for years and I have never hated a character as much as I hate Sam. I know you have some die hard fans of hers on here but she just grates my nerve.

    First of all when she came onto the show she was a con which she did cop to. But then they tried to change her and a lot of people seemed to like JaSam I never took to it because as a Jason fan I didnt like him with Sonny’s ex lover. Then they turned her bad again and her fans got upset. Why I dont know they just returned her to her true nature. Hell even Jason wasnt upset about finding out she was married eleventy times. He said he knew she had a jacked up past. But fans seem to think she was written out of character. I think they returned her to her true character. Next JaSam fans were upset saying Liz used Jake to tear apart JaSam. Maybe the way it was written was harsh but as true Sam fans do you really think con artist Sam wouldnt have tricked or scammed Jason into going after custody of the kid to give him to her.

    Remember that is her nature. Elizabeth is by no means a fool she knew what would happen if Sam was told the truth from the beginning.

    I say all of this to say that I no longer watch GH it seems that the only character they are writing true to form (a latch key woman that needs to make herself feel important by securing herself to a man) is Sam. Why she is portrayed as the counter part to Jason amazes me. She always ends up tied to furniture or in a hole.

    Manny tied her to a table, Jerry tied her to a chair, She fell into a hole running from the big bad Russians and lets not forget when she first came onto the show she was stabbed. And everytime Jason had to save her. It appears to me she is just as big a screw up as Spin.

    So congratulations to the JaSam fans for the reunion you have all been waiting for I am sure the couch missed her.

  25. Profile photo of babydoll23

    Cancellation isn’t far away if the writing continues in this direction.And I sure in the hell wish people would stop with this no one couple can save GH stuff! No shit sherlocks we know that the whole soap sucks,and the writers haven’t done a damn thing to change it.

  26. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    shawas001: Honestly, every point you brought up has been addressed about a thousand times on this site as well as others, so I’m not going to get that into it. But I will say that Sam, for a time, was written as a villian, and she wasn’t one before. She was a con, yes. But she was also a good, but flawed person who helped people when they were in danger. She wouldn’t watch a baby be kidnapped and do nothing – that was completely against her nature.

    During that time period they demonized her: they created this new past where she married all these men (and killed Bill Monroe), they had her sleep with Ric, and they turned her into a revenge seeking missile (doing crazy stupid crap). *Of course* her fans were going to be upset. I didn’t even recognize the character anymore.

    Douglas Marland said that if fans say a character “would never do that” then the writer has failed. Well, all of Sam’s fans were saying that during that time period, and I think that’s pretty telling.

    I know as a Sam fan, I’m happy right now. Not because JaSam has been “reunited” but because she’s finally being written in character again.

  27. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Daisy I think my new approach is going to be to paraphrase what Lizard fans told JaSam fans when they thought Jiz was going to be the end game…in support of JaSam….

    “Cant you just let us love OUR couple. We waited three years for JaSam and it isnt fair for you to come here and hate.”

    “face it, there is no debate, the debate is over and the better character won out. Our girl is on every day now and your girl is on the backburner because thats how the fans want it”

    “what does it matter if your fanbase is unhappy because our fanbase is all for this.”

    Lets not focus on the bad writing, lets just say that everything wrong with this show is because of Sam and Claudia, KeMo and SJB, JaSam and ClauSon and all would be right with the world if tptb would simply go back to Jiz and Skunk. Never mind that the ratings were bad then too. Never mind that the stories didnt make sense for those couples either a lot of the time. Never mind that historically one couple doesnt tank a show or save it (if that was the case Angie and Jessie, one of the greatest couples in the history of Daytime would have turned around AMC and that show is so bad it makes GH look like Masterpiece Theater) No, never mind that stuff…that would just be bothering with pesky facts and we cant have that LOL

    But at least we got a new argument today – after 200 pages in the debate thread, no one ever said what amounts to, yes, Lizard used Jake to rip JaSam apart but it was okay because Lizard just knew that Sam would use the child to try to talk Jason into seeking partial custody of his son and that would somehow cement her relationship with Jason. HMMMMMM. Well I disagree with what Sam “would have done” so to speak but I am happy that Jizzers are now admitting to Lizard using Jake to force JaSam apart.

    Now can we take a break from the JaSam/Jiz wars. Pretty please.

  28. Profile photo of babydoll23

    Sam isn’t a villain. She’s a woman who enjoys incestuous relationships for example Ric,I’ll cut her some slack with Sonny because she didn’t know Alexis was her mother.

  29. Profile photo of season1217

    Sam isn’t a villain. She’s a woman who enjoys incestuous relationships for example Ric,I’ll cut her some slack with Sonny because she didn’t know Alexis was her mother.

    If you call that incestuous apparently you don’t watch CBS soaps. ROTFL!

  30. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Babydoll, I see your point. And really Lizard isnt a villain either, she just enjoys recommitting to men who chain pregnant women to the wall, lying to the father of her children, taking a lead pipe to someone who doesnt give her what she wants, driving intoxicated, and putting her children in harms way just to get a booty call. That doesnt make her a villain either.

    But seriously, why does Sam get all the grief about Sic, why isnt there the same outrage over Ric’s behavior. Sam was not in a relationship, she was a free agent, he was the one that was married.

  31. Profile photo of babydoll23

    :bigsmile: Well I doubt Jasam and Liason wars will end with the words Lizard and calling Liason fans slang words for semen,I know one damn thing if Jason and Sam go all the way she better not get pregnant with JASON’S kid.If she does then Sam is no better than Liz because she’s willing to subject her kid to a dangerous lifestyle to be with a dangerous man.Sam will be too busy being Bonnie to his Clyde instead of tending to her children,I guarantee they will have a nanny because Sam will have to be his female counterpart,and of course that’s not a problem because she accepts Jason for who he is all his lying and murderous bullshit.Sam gets to be in his life with no respectable profession to call her own except (Wait for it) his Ride or Die chick.In that respect now they are equal and there won’t be a damn thing any Jasam fan will say to change that.Sam will be as screwed up as Liz is supposed to be and then its over.And of course the ratings will still be DOWN.Every other story is still STUPID.And viewers will watch GH and say WTF!! :)

  32. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    If you call that incestuous apparently you don’t watch CBS soaps. ROTFL!

    That’s what I was thinking Season! B&B, GL and DAYS – now *they* know how to do incest stories, lol!

  33. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    See I was thinking they should put Lizard and Sam together romantically and THEN bring Jeff back and have him turn out to be Sam’s father, that was we can have the first ever incentous lesbians on daytime. THAT would be something never seen before LOL.

    As for Liarson, I actually thought the path Lizard took was the least safe of her options. If she kept Jake a secret and stayed AWAY from Jason, he would have been safe. If she had moved in with Jason and had Jake with guards and bullet proof glass, then that would have been LESS safe than staying away but infinitely more safe than having no guards but dropping clues everywhere. remember Michael got shot when he was hanging out with no guards. I am not saying security is 100% but for me, Lizard had to be all in or all out. Plus I still dont get why she thinks pretending at this point is safe, Sasha knew about Jake, which means the russian mob knows. Makes no sense.

    Guess that brings me back to my last point…..Liarson and JaSam – neither matters if the writing continues to be stupid.

  34. Profile photo of babydoll23

    J) Damn it you hit gold! My point Spam should stay the HELL away from Jason so she won’t make the mistake!How many times did Liz say (not that I agree)she loved Jason’s brain damaged ass just the way he was and wouldn’t change him. Jason did Liz the same way he did Spam he pushed her away. (Which is what drove Jascam apart in the first place baby Jake wasn’t even a twinkle in Guza’s eye yet!) I KNOW you saw that.Sorry but no more when it comes to Jason a girls’ got to be in or out debates. Remember when Spam said when she was with Jason she feared for her life everyday. Then why in the hell does she have her silly ass back in his violent life?What the hell is she doing? Where is her TV show? Where is her life?Spam was more interesting with Detective Dumbass.Making a romantic Jaspam is stupid.

  35. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Well I disagree with the Sam career thing. She just decided to become a PI the day that the GH toxin or the day before all that started. It was about what 3 days or so later that the spin shit hit the fan. I totally think she will pursue the PI route, which is an obvious choice for her.

    And yes, the push pull thing was going on but mostly because Alexis FORCED the issue, then JaSam forgave each other and began rebuilding when Lizard forced her way in between them.

    Oh and WHERE is her tv show – I can tell you where. Lizard stole a file from the PCPD and let SAM take the wrap. That allowed Ric to go after Jason via Sam, leading to the shooting accident of Diego. Had Lizard not stolen the file, Sam wouldnt have been on the run, wouldnt have shot diego, and thus wouldnt have been later beaten to the pulp by Diego as the TMK. It was that and the ensuing car accident that led to Sam losing her show. Maybe had Lizard owned up to her own crime, Sam would still be a tv career woman. But hell no, Lizard NEVER owns up to her own crap.

  36. Profile photo of shawas001

    For some reason it astounds me that Liz fans are calling Sam by her character name while some choose to stoop to childish attributes and call Elizabeth or Liz the name of a reptile.

    I will end this by saying the file was removed and shredded and was not the cause of the Diego fiasco that would be the work of Spinelli and Alkazar with the counterfeit flash drive.

    Liz did not insert herself into JaSam they were friends long before JaSam was a twinkle in Fronzies eyes. Unlike Sam who intentionally set out to sleep with Lucky.

    In my opinion Sam may as well have given Jason to Liz. Had she not been so hell bent on having custody of Jake as you say partial custody (whatever) Jason would have remained in the relationship. Sam ended the relationship after she was caught red handed.

    Liz has apologized numerous times, hell she married Lucky (stupid move) but Sam could have left well enough alone. Who knows if she had not made it her mission to seduce Lucky maybe he and Elizabeth could have gotten past it.

  37. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I didnt say sam was working toward that, a lizard fan said that Lizard’s actions were justified because she KNEW (which is the same as she made it all up in her head) exactly what Sam MIGHT do.

    As for the names – hmmm aSHAMEd, Sham, Spam, Samwhore, Scam not to mention whole THREADS devoted to toxic hot tubs and crotch crickets to name a few – Lets not play like the Lizard fans are SO above it. Wheres this indignation in those instances?

    Honestly I am just so worn out from this debate. Victory will only be achieved for team Liz if SBu does not resign, in which case y’all may get some goofy, witness protection happy ending (meaning lizard is okay with ripping the boys away from lucky and meaning the rebH leaves the show). Otherwise, expect to NOT see Liarson on a screen nearest you for the next few years. So keep hating and I will keep rooting for the best couple currently on GH – JASAM!

  38. Profile photo of samrocks

    I guess I understand where Regan was coming from that day I referred to a comment being “the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

    Where in the *world* did this huge argument come from? (That’s a serious question.) I may have missed something, but JaSam only had two lines in the entire Spoilers section, so I am not sure what set you off Shawas and Babydoll…

    In any case, I would direct you to one of the many threads dedicated to the JaSam v. Liason debate. I personally feel like we have rehashed as much as we could already – especially since neither side will be changing its mind anytime soon.

    EET, you are awesome for hanging in there, although I suspect that you only had to copy and paste material from previous *debates.* ;)

    Can we PLEASE start a new debate? I am sooo tired of this one. If we get to vote on it, I chose Spixie v. JoMax or ReNikolas v. ReSucky… S)

  39. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    For the record, I also looked over the thread again.. looking at the negative comments (not I love character x or bring back pairing y) it was lets hope they bag the reunion, reference to spam, reference to skank squad and then entire post about how much no character had ever invoked the hatred that Sam invokes. Only then was there a negative post about Lizard and or Liarson.

    Yesm I am weary of this debate. I think Lizard is going to get backburnered unless sbu doesnt re-sign otherwise, it will be JaSam or Jason and somebody new. I am hoping this will make me loathe Lizard less, out of sight our of mind kind of thing, or maybe they will pair her with someone that makes me remember what I once loved about the character. Any way you slice it, I look at it as a win for the viewers. And yes, I should just cut and paste at this point. LOL

    All I know is that JaSam or no JaSam I really want some good stories. I am looking forward to the Clauson/Ric/CarJax story about Michael. That has a lot of potential if done correctly. I am looking forward to Sam McCall, PI and the reunion of JaSam. I am looking forward to Lucky/Rebecca/Nik and spin/Maxie/Johnny. I am looking forward to see what comes of Holly’s return, Helena’s return and the possible return of my favorite male character of all time, Robert Scorpio. I hope the writing lives up to the potential.

  40. Profile photo of pxlbarrel

    How would it be even possible for Ethan to be Luke and Holly’s son????? If my memory is correct, Luke AND Laura were still in Texas awaiting Lucky’s birth when Holly left for Australia. And then Robert and Holly were together IN Australia for a few years before Holly’s untimely “death”. And Luke AND Laura were, by the time Holly resurfaced, running a diner somewhere.

    At no time do I see the two of them together long enough and passionately enough to make an Ethan.

  41. Profile photo of babydoll23

    :) This debate probably won’t be over.The Liason fanbase is the most crapped on,after years no other fanbase has been played around as much with.Saying that this is a hilarious and fun board the commentary is clever.Just remember every side has fighting words if they’re used we all are coming out of our corners. As for Jasam with the way ratings look maybe we should reserve the “Liason in a couple of years” mindset.By the way, I love EricasEvilTwin avatar its extremely wicked!

  42. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    For some reason it astounds me that Liz fans are calling Sam by her character name while some choose to stoop to childish attributes and call Elizabeth or Liz the name of a reptile.

    shawas001: Can we please not go there? Firstly, it’s one thing to debate about “characters” but it’s another thing entirely to insult fellow posters. Making it personal is how things turn nasty fast. Secondly, as EET pointed out, there has been *plenty* of namecalling to go around (for Sam, Liz, Lulu, Claudia, etc…)

  43. Profile photo of samrocks

    Secondly, as EET pointed out, there has been *plenty* of namecalling to go around (for Sam, Liz, Lulu, Claudia, etc…)

    Daisy, I have *no* idea what you’re talking about. 0:) I personally have *never* resorted to name-calling *cough* ShrewLu *cough* Easybake *cough* Winifake.

    Shame on all of you heathans (sp?) for displaying such immaturity. ;)

    (LiasonAddict, I know you only call her *Spam* out of love, hehe.)

  44. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    Sometimes namecalling can just save time. Jason, Winifred, Spinelli, Maxie, and Sam are just as easily abbreviated to “The Keystone Cops” for instance. It fits because this Cali trip is the stupidest thing any of them have been involved with and that is saying something considering they have done the Toxic ball crap and the fake drug stuff as well as Sam’s infitration into the Russian mob. Stupid writers!!!

  45. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    Oh gosh, I missed alot!! Just for the record, it is very difficult to be a Sam/JaSam fan on this site because we are constantly out numbered!!! Lol we are just trying to express our opinions and we do our best to defend them. Not all JaSam fans hate Liz/Liason. I don’t…I have said it before…I like Liz, especially when she was with JJ’s Lucky and I do like Liason. I also like that Jason has his OWN child…the fact that its Elizabeth’s child also…well thats just something that I have to deal with. Yeah, I wish when Sam and Jason were together that they could have had the baby that they talked about, but it didn’t happen that way. And if JaSam are to reunite, I have to say that I’m not hoping for a miracle baby like some JaSammers are. I think that alot has happened to both of them and alot has happened to change both of them, so it wouldn’t be the same if they were to have a baby. But I digress, the JaSam vs. Liason debate will probably never end…so, I know that I will try to keep the things that I say in check and not get too carried away.

  46. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    With the way GH is going it’s good to have people who are still passionate about their favorite couples

    I think we are going to be liitle old ladies sitting at our computers still going at it over Liason vs. JaSpam…..LOL

  47. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I actually dont want a miracle baby story either…at least not yet. Doesnt appeal to me at all. I want to see her business get off the ground and for Jason and Sam to slowly and with a truely romantic side, find their way back. I want to have some discussion of the past and closure on that (and I want to hear the words “I shouldnt have lied” come out of Jason’s mouth)Then I want Jason to help Sam find her father. When ALL of that is done, THEN maybe a miracle child.

    And btw, originally I was a Jarly fan. We got Jason ready to leave with Carly and then tptb decided Carly should be with Sonny, and it seems like most every major disaster there is some scene where Jason and Carly discuss what could have been, the promos tease something happening and then NOTHING.

    Of course there is also they crap they pulled with Sam during the big breakup. I imagine the writers in some big cabal around the table – KeMo may want to leave, will show her. Lets make her part to the kidnapping of a child. No lets make her scare them in the park. No lets give her a fatal shooting and a slew of marriages in her past. Then they all laughed and rubbed their hands in glee LOL

    Not to mention what they did to write my favorite couple – anna and robert – off the show back in the day. I am still bitter LOL Hell, even Finola LEFT and refused to give them a few extra weeks on her contract to wrap up. That tells you how BAD it was.

    I think really ALL the fanbases have been “crapped on” sufficiently, so I dont by into this “we had it the worst” mentality.

  48. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    Lol LIASONADDICT, your too funny. That will totally be me!!! I will be pecking away at my keyboard…”Team JaSam!” Haha.

    I’m with you EET…Jason and Sam need to get EVERYTHING out in the open, including all the really bad stuff *cough* Jason lied *cough* Sam watching Jake get kidnapped *cough*…lol. Anyways, I think that Jason may always love Liz, so they need to address that as well. And I agree, all couple fanbases have it tough. Liason as well as JaSam. They both have had their fair share of heartaches. Oh and question: Was Kelly really thinking about leaving GH?? And is that why all that nonsense happened with Sam??

  49. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Her contract was up and as I understood it ABC was trying to put the smack down on people getting outs. It was right around the same time that Melissa Archer was up on OLTL and same deal, both women wanted outs, abc didnt want to give them and it went down to the wire. I think I am remembering this correctly, but maybe others want to chime in here. I am having a brain fart as to what they did with Natalie, it wasnt as repugnant as what they wrote with Sam, but part of it was they made her this whining, annoying mess instead of the spitfire she was, to facilitate the write off. You might see me from time to time refer to the Archer Monaco treatment ie: Thorsten Kaye as Zac on AMC just royally got the Archer Monaco treatment – his character was written hugely out of the norm – they had him donate sperm, move women into his home while his wife is in a coma, and then cheat – none of which was in Zac’s character but was written to make an exit possible if he didnt re-sign. Stupid writers forget that if the person does stay, they will then have made a popular character much less likable in a way that is difficult to undo. All this time later, I dont think the damage has been repaired for either woman and the characters are not nearly as popular as they were went the writers went down this path.

  50. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    Thanks EET. I had heard rumors and such about her contract being up back then, but I wasn’t sure. As for the writers, your totally right, they are sooo stupid. Lol I think the writers over at GH are now trying to think of ways to write Sam out of that corner they put her in and not a lot of people agree with that. However, I think its about time. It nevvvvver should have happened in the first place. They better do a damn good job fixing that mess.

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