Roscoe Born “Restless” Again

According to Soap Opera Digest, Roscoe Born (ex-Trent DAYS) will pop up on The Young and the Restless once again as Kevin’s (Greg Rikaart) father, "Terrible" Tom Fisher on March 31. Before anyone asks, yes Tom is dead, John Abbott (Jerry Douglas) did bust a cap in him back in 2005 so fear not people. Tom will come in the form of a ghost to terrorize Kevin once again.

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    Is this a last hurrah before going to NYC? There’s mucho speculation that Mitch Lawrence is the mystery man Roxie Balsom visits in the care facility on OLTL.

    Not sure how of a great idea that is, considering the disappointing return of Tina Lord Roberts and the fact that Mitch Lawrence has died at least twice!! But it’s always good to see RB rockin’ a soap.

    Good times, people!

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    Yes, I have heard that Roscoe is headed back to OLTL too.

    He seems busy these days. I hear him on the radio all the time, but I can’t remember what he is the spokesman for. I think he has radio ads for a bank.

    I love Roscoe, but have not enjoyed him as much as when he was Robert/Quinn on Santa Barbara – he was just so sexy.

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    Y & R really did start ghost whispering pretty heavily during the Latham ordeal, but writers always seem to attribute the idea to Shakespeare — like that’s supposed to convince us that it always works…

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    Yay, I’m glad Terrible Tom can get one last laugh. Go TT!! LOL

    But anyhoo, I am really excited if the Mitch Laurence thing is true. Sure it’s a stupid story plot, but what else is new. Also, I just want to see Roscoe come back to OLTL to at least make it more worth watching again. It’s time for Mitch to put some “life” back into Llanview, seriously.

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    Restless maniac

    That was a bad mistake to kill Tom Fisher in Y&R. They should have created such storyline that he could reappear from time to time to create troubles, just like Sheila did. Also he played his role perfectly some years ago and the complicity with Sheila made them a diabolic tandem. I would like he comes back in the “Fisher family businesses” for a long period.

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    Even when he plays the part of a ‘bad guy’ … no 
    one can deny that Roscoe Born is very simply the 
    SEXIEST and HOTTEST actor ever on television 

    — hands down (he’s one of those rare actors 
    that gets hotter and sexier with age)!!

    If he were hired to ‘do nothing but 
    — I would pay to see it.

    The man is simply smoldering!!

    Plus — on top of everything else 
    — he’s also incredibly talented.

    The writers should consider making giving 
    him another good twin/evil twin role (like he 
    had on ‘Santa Barbara’) — or, for a change, let 
    him play a good guy (like he did in ‘The City’).

    When will some show seduce him into taking
    a ‘permanent’ contract, for crying out loud?!??!




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