SHOCKING GENERAL HOSPITAL RUMORS: Are The Soap’s Leading Men Forming a Contract Alliance?

I bet Ken Corday and Barbara Bloom are loving all the behind-the-scenes drama allegedly taking place over at the Mouse House soaps. In today’s Suds Report, Nelson Branco dishes about how buzz at General Hospital has leading men Anthony Geary, Maurice Benard and Steve Burton allegedly forming an alliance to protect their contract statuses. Who do they think they are, the cast of Friends? Too bad Geary didn’t think of a similar pact with Genie Francis!
Branco is also reporting on rumors that have GH offering recurring deals that are just like being on contract. Say what, say huh? How exactly does that work? Here’s a note to GH: Stop bringing back high-priced former stars in new roles. That might save you a buck or three.

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    Not only would GH save money by firing Maurice, Steve and Tony but it would be a breath of fresh air, storyline wise. I’m so sick of Sonny and Jason in EVERY storyline and Tony doesn’t help things being gone 9 months out of the year. Fire their as#es!

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    They need to get rid of Guza and Frons. And then get rid of Geary, Benard and Burton and hiring back Francis, Rogers and Damon back to save the show and get rid of TeEthan and other newbies no one cares about.

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    Well if this is true, I’ve got mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I can understand people wanting to protect themselves and finding ways to make sure they’re paid what they feel they’re worth.

    On the other hand – Grrrr!!! This just reminds me how underused & undervalued the women of GH are… Could you imagine if the actresses made the same kind of pact? Hello New Carly, New Liz, New Sam, New Robin!

    And good point Jamey: Why didn’t TG have a similar pact with Genie? Obviously, he wants to be on a winning team :(

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    Jamey Giddens

    I’m not on their side one bit. This industry just fired Deidre Hall and made Lucci take a cut. If GH’s good old boys club thinks they are too good to take one for the team, then SCREW ‘em!

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    Tell it, Jamey, I so sick of the spoiled brats on GH that I just don’t care about it anymore. Anthony Geary is an iconic and save GH, I agree with his pay, but the MB and SB are not the saving grace of GH and the fans are sick of the mob s/ls and the repetitive crap that they are leaving in droves. And the women is not getting big bucks, should why should they. I hope that this is a start of some firings from behind the scenes and the big three if some good changes happens to GH.

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    How much vacation time does Tony get? Steve Burton is counting his MonaVie money in between takes and Maurice is sleepwalking through his scenes.

    I could appreciate it when the cast of Friends did it. Men AND women in a united front. They knew how valuable they were to NBC and there was no recession.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Tell it, Jamey, I so sick of the spoiled brats on GH that I just don’t care about it anymore.
    Oh it’s not just GH. Fools at AMC are running off at the mouth about how they won’t take a cut too, when Lucci had too! And then actors on other networks are demanding storylines play out the way the want or else. These people have lost their doggone minds!  Dee and Drake weren’t even offered a cut.

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    So they’d like to keep thier jobs, who could blame them. So they’d like to get paid well, also don’t blame them. But they are only hurting themselves by forming this “alliance”. If GH decides to cut the paychecks in half, or the cast for that matter, what’s to stop them from taking the easy way out and getting a three for one deal?

    The soap industry is not recession proof, everyone should know that by now. And “You pout, you’re out,” has probably become the mantra of all of the soap execs. You want to whine, that’s ok, we’ll save you some time and us some money by saying bye bye. Everyone in the industry needs to realize that no one is safe.

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    Jamey Giddens

    How much vacation time does Tony get? Steve Burton is counting his MonaVie money in between takes and Maurice is sleepwalking through his scenes.

    I could appreciate it when the cast of Friends did it. Men AND women in a united front. They knew how valuable they were to NBC and there was no recession.

    Tony’s schedule is obscene. Ingo’s too. This show has always given the men everything they wanted, but put Genie out to pasture because she was "too fat", wouldn’t give Tamara the same outs as Maurice and wouldn’t work around Vanessa’s schedule. It’s sickening. Why the HELL does Ingo Radamacher get all those outs? Tyler Christopher seems asleep in his scenes. PLEASE, Jill needs to get over this crap. Soaps are not about men, they are about WOMEN! 

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    Jamey do u know what is the most amount of money someone on a soap can make?

    Because if these men are already making an obscene amount of money already I doubt a pay cut is going to make a dent in their wallet.

    I read that AMC past GH in the ratings this week or last week I don’t remeber if this is true these “men” better get on the right track before they are all unemployed

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    Jamey Giddens

    Veteran soap stars make anywhere from 5,000 to 15,000 an episode. I would guess Maurice, Tony and Steve all make the top of the tier. Now this is just me GUESS-TIMATING. I bet Maurice and Steve make a good $1 million a year, while Tony makes a bit less due to his vacation time, which he probably takes in lieu of pay, again, just my guess. The highest salary I ever saw reported was back in 99 when Y&R reportedly paid Eileen Davidson $2 million a year to return as Ashley Abbott. This was on the heels of her wildy successful run as DAYS Kristen, Susan, et al, but you can bet she, nor anyone in daytime makes anywhere near that kinda change today.

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    :| If this is true,then i hope they all three get fired!! Outside of daytime they are NOBODIES and NOBODY WOULD HIRE THEM!!! They should fire ALL THREE OF THEM and hire Jack Wagner! He is a better actor then the three of them put together,and a BIGGER STAR TOO!!
    At least he has done ALOT more then G.H! People outside of daytime know who he is! NOBODY outside of daytime know who Maurice Benard or Steve Burton are,and they ONLY know who Anthony Geary is b/c of Luke & Laura,and without Genie Francis THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN NO LUKE & LAURA!!!!

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    I think that higher management and Frons and Guza blow money like it was toilet paper on “sweeps stunts” instead of organic storytelling and meaning character driven s/ls, GH wouldn’t be in the mess that it is. GH ratings had downslide because of the same crap they keep writing and they wonder why fans are tuning out of GH? Y&R is up in ratings because of character driven s/ls and a balance of vets and newbies that no one is being shoved down our throats, like Spinelli and Sonny and Jason, that fans are seeing the differences in shows. I don’t know what to say but they probably won’t be a GH if this keeps going the way they doing it.

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    Sorry, I cannot in any way support these three men, if indeed this is true, in their quest at the expense of their fellow actors and the crew. I noticed that daily ratings hit 1.9 three days last week, and while these three are hardly the sole reason that the ratings are falling, they need to take a look at the big picture and realize that ratings are never going to be where they were before, and that means limited money. If they want to continue to pursue steady work in a town where jobs are becoming increasingly hard to come by, then they need to get on board and do what they need to do to preserve the show that’s been VERY good to them over the years. I have no problem with self-preservation, but in this economy, no one is immune to the realities, not even actors.

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    Well, uggghh, I don’t know about this. Despite whether or not you like the characters and the actors that play them, TPTB has made it clear that the show revolves around and relies on those three leading men to carry the show. I don’t know if the show would be able to survive the blow that will result if they are to lose all three.

    They should, however, just suck it up and take a paycut. At least they would still be getting a paycheck and not completely out of a job, like some people.

    And then there is the women. Like daisy said, they would never be able to get away with that. TPTB would can their behinds faster than you can say Vanessa Marcil…I think they would glady trade in Becky, Kimberly, Kelly and maybe even Laura…to get Vanessa. That’s if they could get her. Don’t cha think?

    Anyways, isn’t this all speculation??

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    GH LOVER says

    actually I am in their side!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope that they will will cos’ they are all good and deserve that!!!
    I’m on their side too!!!! Go guys go! :) Do what you can! :)

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    So, Susan Lucci gets her paycheck cut in half but Maurice, Steve and Tony stay the same? There is something definitely wrong with this picture. Seriously, this show needs to get rid of all three of them. IMO, it would totally revive this show. Well, that and getting a new executive producer and head writer!

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    Here’s what I think on first reaction (and it might change as I think about it more and read more comments and opinions.) On first read, I have no problem with SBu and MB banding together to avoid a paycut. Like Daisy said I cant really fault a person for wanting to get paid what they think they are worth. I have a HUGE problem however with TG. If he had it in him to go balls to the walls so to speak, he should have done it for Genie. Honestly this calls into question for me, my sense of the man. I could see not wanting to fight someone elses battles and the desire to hold on to your job, but if you truly are embracing this give me what I want or I’m gone attitude, then he should have done it on behalf of the woman that made him into a daytime icon. Neither MB nor SBu contributed to Tonys success, but Genie sure did.

    Moreover, I honestly think Tony’s contract is bad for the show. Sure IR and KeMo have outs, but neither are gone in a way that detracts from the show. When lets say Jax goes to “visit” his mom in Australia, I dont think to myself, oh there goes Ingo on holiday. But when TG takes Luke on the road again, and for so long, and then has to be hunted down by tracy AGAIN, its makes me think Tony as opposed to Luke. The Luke story that TIIC SHOULD have given us – how a self-professed vagabond/party animal adjusts to post coronary living. Seeing him struggle with his mortality, what he would leave behind as a legacy with his kids, trying to adapt to lifestyle changes – hell maybe even addressing his alcoholism. All that would have been compelling story, but it really couldnt be told because of TG’s vacation schedule.

    That said, where I place my anger is at tptb that have written themselves into a corner where they could not afford to lose either, let alone all three of these actors. The female characters are written as appendages so they just dont have the same clout, the way they would if they were linked to more parts of the canvas.

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    Thank you sonyab1974 I am happy someone with me!!!
    Also I think it is cute , IF IT IS TRUE, That SBU and MB are together on this thing , they are true to their characters……….

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    What are these guys problems?
    Tony isn’t even on the show for the most part.
    Steve got his side business and Maurice should’ve been of the show a long time ago b/c he hasn’t been there in quite some time.
    And knowing how “they” love these guys this is going to happen and well all have to deal.

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    If this is true GH has created their own monsters by catering to these three and bowing at their feet for years. So I have no sympathy for TPTB over there having to deal with it.

    With that being said, who the hell do these three think they are. I say “Don’t let the door hit your a$$ on the way out!” This is what society has come to. All everyone thinks about is ME ME ME and what are you going to give me! Why don’t you three try and get a real job. I give you 10 minutes with my fifth grade students. You will be begging for whatever GH offers you.

    Side note-Felt good to get that bit of a rant out.

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    Well, uggghh, I don’t know about this. Despite whether or not you like the characters and the actors that play them, TPTB has made it clear that the show revolves around and relies on those three leading men to carry the show. I don’t know if the show would be able to survive the blow that will result if they are to lose all three.

    On a strong, well-made show, this should not be an issue. GH existed long before Sonny and Jason, and Luke’s role has been so diminished that he really should not make an impact one way or another at this point. The show should be able to go on and thrive without them.

    Unfortunately, right now GH is nowhere near resembling a strong, well-made show.

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    Regan Cellura

    I understand not wanting to take a pay cut but with the industry and the economy the way it is these guys should be happy they have a job.  I watch GH for Jason, Sonny and Luke but I also watch for Elizabeth, Nikolas, Lucky, Spinelli, Maxie, The Q’s, Robin, Patrick…. They’re not the holy trinity IMO. They are front and center because TPTB and writers CHOOSE to put them there. The fans have asked for more balance and while we sometimes get brief glimpses, it never sticks. How about originality? Never happens. HOLY HELL if they must be the main three at least give me something worth watching. Give them material that fits their bill aka paycheck.

    I am so disappointed in what’s been on my screen, what I hear and read. 

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    Jamey Giddens

    If this is true, Tony should thank is lucky stars Steve and Maurice have his back, because he hasn’t carried the kind of weight they do in years. His only clout is nostalgia. "GH FIRES LUKE SPENCER" would be a PR nightmare.

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    Lets not forget that Sonny and Jason are strong because the fans LOVE THEM!!!
    Maybe not now because lets face it: the storylines are stupid even storylines with them!!
    But in the last few years the fans always supported Jason and Soony!!

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    Regan Cellura

    Part of that recurring just like being on contract is that some of our faves who MAY be downgraded to recurring will still appear in the opening credits. Traditionally, recurring actors were not shown.

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    Luke Kerr

    AMC Beat GH in the ratings last week. If this is true then AMC is proving that a much worse show (in quality) can beat GH with all three of these guys on screen then it doesn’t say much for the industry, GH or AMC…

    Then again, why am I not surprised that AMC beat GH…Days ratings have went up or at least not lost ground under Higley….We are living in a parallel universe.

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    Wouldn’t it be nice if ABC recognized the people who could save them a whole lot of money and possibly gain a whole lot of viewers – the idiots pulling the strings – Guza and Fronz.

    Whatever, about them forming an alliance. Yeah, wouldn’t it be nice if Tony or Maurice stood up for one of their female counterparts, Genie or Megan Ward (who has been thrown under the bus like no other – aughhh!)?? Hmmm, guess that is why there is only one I have respect for and I have never called myself a Jason fan but I like SB for coming out and publically voicing his displeasure for the direction they were headed and in betraying all the fans that were to believe Liason was end game.

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    I really hope that tptb aren’t strong armed into keeping those three idiots….Jason and Sonny are on the show way too often….I’d have no problem if they were to leave…..another problem is that if this works, tptb are going to have to save money elsewhere, meaning that other actors (read: the FEMALES) are going to be forced into taking pay cuts, going on recurring and maybe even leaving…..what MB, SB and TG are doing is not only stupid, it’s selfish as well…

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    I’m so sick of these whiney bitches. Ugh!!!! On the other hand, TPTB have themselves to blame for this mess. It’s like trying to raise your children when they’re already grown. It’s too late, now. The damage is done. Either give them what they want or fire them.

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    disillusioned GH fan

    As if the joining forces has any real meaning to it. Without Genie Francis, Tony just kind of swings in the wind unless the writers can find something for him to do. Well, it’s not even that Genie is gone, it’s that the Spencers are no longer one of the front burner families… so really, as much as I enjoy Luke Spencer, his relevance to GH waned long ago.

    If I had to lose Tony to get rid of Maurice and Steve, I am all for that. There are so many other talented and well liked cast members that GH would do just fine for what it is these days.

    It doesn’t matter who is on contract, who is recurring, who’s being snubbed from being let back in, who’s being axed…. as long as the writers and daytime management continue to be rewarded for poor work output, then nothings going to change.

    Maybe part of the reason we have come to dislike Sonny and Jason so much, Isn’t that they are the leading men, but because they are given crap to act with and that in turn has turned us against them.

    There was a time I liked Jason and Sonny, but that was back in the late 90’s, since then.. I only watch GH when D.C. gives me a solid enough reason too. (which Isn’t often, because GH is crappola on a stick!!!)

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    I would miss SB, but the rest can go.

    What am I saying? I stopped watching this soap 3 months ago.

    They should fire all three of these fools and hire Daniel Goddard, since Y&R doesn’t know what the hell to do with him. Let him bring sexy back over there. I am sick of that tired mob isht!

  33. Profile photo of Maura227

    I agree with what a lot of people have said.. I don’t mind Maurice and Steve forming an alliance.. Should they accept SOME pay cut yes probably..I mean the whole country is suffering and they can make something in their contract so they can do endorsements and get extra $$ if need be..

    However..Tony Geary.. enough is enough.. seriously who the F does he think he is? The character of Luke is a freakin joke these days.. he didn’t have the cojones to stand up and say he’d leave if they didn’t give Genie a contract but when his $$ is on the line he’ll form an alliance w/ SB and MB? Screw that.. Mo and Steve are better off ditching him.. send Luke off to Paris chasing Laura and Tony can go to Europe permanently for all I care.. I’m sick of his vacations.. Ingo’s are semi ridiculous but his are INSANE and it’s just offensive to the fans and to ABC in general.. I get he is a daytime icon I really do but so is Susan Lucci and she works a good 11 months a year and she was around BEFORE luke and laura…so suck it up Geary… we’re all sick of your nonsense

    MB and SB..ehh I’d fight for them a bit


  34. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Maura I am glad your sense of it was similiar to mine about tg vs. mb and Sbu.

    Heres another aspect, I wonder if the 3 realize what this will do to their long term personal appeal as word of this spreads. I dont know that TG gives a flip, he probably has a good bit banked and he’s not exactly a young guy any more, but SBU is not that old, he wants to carry his soap fans to other projects and to his monavie sales etc. – at a time when everyone is trying to make do with less, it might not set well with fans long term if they start to see him as a primadonna. MB is somewhere in the middle, not really near enough to think retirement, but he’s been in it so long, he probably could live on what he has made.

    Though I guess this story puts an end to the speculation about whether or not SBU would want to re-sign.

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    GH LOVER says Thank you sonyab1974 I am happy someone with me!!!
    You’re welcome! : )

    Also I think it is cute , IF IT IS TRUE, That SBU and MB are together on this thing , they are true to their characters……….
    Hahahahaha true. :)

  36. Profile photo of katclaws

    Is there any possibility that these guys will use their “influence” with tiic to help keep their fellow actors from slowly getting axed? Like maybe get the storylines that they know will make the fans happy & get GH back from the edge? Or am I just being naive?

    ITA about IR & TG….The way they keep leaving, they mess up the continuity in s/l’s. Then again, if GH had any good s/l’s, I’d still be watching.

  37. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    My first thought is that if these three men have enough clout to bargain with TPTB over money, I would rather they use said clout to bargain for fresh writers. I am betting this entire thread would have a completely different tone from the fans if the message was that the actors were refusing to sign until Guza and crew were replaced with someone with talent.

    Having said that, these are rumors and crucifying three actors over rumors just isn’t my thing.
    Contract negotiations are supposed to be private. Susan Lucci’s paycut was leaked to send a message and that was completely inappropriate. If this story is true, it was leaked to swing fan support away from the actors and towards TIIC. There are a lot of fans that are losing their jobs everyday and might not want to read about pretty boy actors who want to protect their cushy lifestyles.

    The other part of this that strkes me is that I have read on this website that Maurice Benard signed a contract in the Fall. Isn’t that correct? Wasn’t it for multiple years? Anthony Geary also has already signed. The Friends pact only worked because the six actors all started on the same day in Season 1. They were all negotiating at the same time and decided it was best to negotiate together. They saved the show from having to bargain with each of them individually and protected their friendships and egos from one being worth more than the others. It was really a win for all sides.

    Steve Burton is the only one of the three that doesn’t have a firm deal. How can joint bargaining or a pact work for them? He won’t sign unless he gets the same deal as the other two? Uh, they already signed. Right? I don’t understand their pact. There is something fishy here.

  38. Profile photo of monamis

    awesome insight sueboo. I sure learned a lot. This site is Daytime confidential, but I wonder who’s dropping the goods, and who has something to gain from it?

    I hope they get insider info on when Bob Guza’s contract is up. Thats funny, he sounds like a mob guy.

  39. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Thank you sonyab1974 I am happy that we are together on this thing!!!
    Also Thank you sueboo, I also had the same thought!!
    What if TPTB said that to make us the fans hate the three..
    And MB and TG already signed a contract, so why it is up now……..

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    Jamey Giddens

    Sueboo, the way the ABC-wide pay cuts are working is that as each actor comes up on their cycle, whether it be 13, 26 or 52 weeks, the network has an out. These three all have the 52 week cycles from what I gather, meaning the show can’t just cut them at 13 weeks like they can most stars, or they can, but they would have to pay them out their guarantees. If they all got together, it’s more as a show of solidarity, I am speculating. But it could be a situation where Maurice and Steve say "If you eff with Tony when his cycle ends, we’ll walk at the end of ours". Again, just speculation, because this isn’t DC’s scoop, but Nelson’s sources have been right about GH so far. We’re hearing a lot of the same stuff. Maurice and Steve have reportedly been negotiating in tandem for years. Look back at the disasters that led to Genie’s first exit, Sarah Brown’s first exit, Tam leaving and Vanessa not staying past five months. All talked about wanting more relaxed schedules on par with the men. Jill Phelps runs an All-Boys-Club.

  41. Profile photo of Soap_Stud

    It’s hilarious to me that soaps, including GH, are dropping veteran actors to save a few $$, yet turn around and bring back old faves to try and lure fans back to the show! This makes no sense to me! If you don’t have money to keep Jackie Zeman on contract, then how can you afford to bring Emma Samms back? I say get rid of a few of the mob related characters and get back to the Q’s!

  42. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    Jamey – Thank you for your response. That makes sense. I still think that GH is leaking the contract negotiations in an effort to possibly build up some hard feelings among the rest of the cast. There seems to be a lot of negative comments on this thread about sexism. That could be the response TPTB were looking for. Sure, it would have been nice if Tony Geary had stood by Genie Francis. I love her. Perhaps, he tried and it didn’t work out or he didn’t think of it at the time. Who knows?

    It strikes me as a smart move on the part of these three actors to band together. The network has planted them front and center and placed a higher value on them. They should try to take advantage of that. They have families and mortgages. If trying to find the money to pay these actors leads to the network needing to cut costs behind the scenes, so be it. The network dug their own grave when they made the choice to build a show around all mob. It isn’t these actors responsibility to negotiate for every female on the show.

  43. Profile photo of catsmeow

    Omg…I guess no one out there has anything better to do than to bash people for doing their jobs, reading a script, regardless of how banal it might be, or if they have to do things that they believe their character wouldn’t do (since most of them know their character better than some of the writers..) etc. I too liked Tony Geary better when he was with Genie, didn’t we all? But MOVE ON! It’s a freakin’ soap opera, its not real life. I enjoy it as much as everyone else here (well, maybe not as much as some of you whose lives seem to revolve around Port Charles…) but I think the show would suck without the three of these guys (though I really hate the stupid storyline with the Ethan-teeth character). I for one think its a great day just to look at Steve Burton or Ingo (Laura Wright is so lucky!). But the one that really brightens my day is Bradford Anderson. Damien and Maxie remind me of the old Underdog cartoons. Maxie is the perfect Polly and Spinelli the best saver of the day. (Look it up youngsters…)

    So get a life, enjoy the show and quit your b’in about people who are lucky enough to be making a living doing what they enjoy, but still understand that its a job and should get paid for it. I’m sure the long hours being somebody else, being recognized for being someone else, and having to use the same stupid accents and stuff gets really old. If I could change one thing it would be to quit bringing back people in completely different roles with completely different personalities (and way too much makeup, she looks like she has matching black eyes) to fill a void left by the same actress (Natalia Livingston). Its just plain stupid. Maybe she and Ethan could run off together. I’d rather they bring Emily back from the dead than have her play this other character.

  44. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    GH Lover- I’m pretty new to this board, but from what I can see your comments are the closest to mimicking exactly what I would say on most if not all topics. : )

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