Darin Brooks’ Blue Mountain State Series Picked Up

Back in December Jamey blogged about Darin Brooks landing the pilot Blue Mountain State. Now comes word from The Hollywood Reporter that the show has received a 12-episode order.

Produced by Lionsgate TV and Robbins’ Varsity Pictures, "Mountain" is in the vein of Animal House. The series follows three incoming freshmen (Darin Brooks, Chris Romano, Sam Jones III) who attend Midwestern football powerhouse Blue Mountain State and quickly must adapt to college life while juggling football, women, classes and nonstop hazing.

"Blue Mountain State contains four key ingredients to being a guy: football, partying, women and hazing," said Kevin Kay, president of the male-centric Spike TV.

Added Lionsgate TV president Kevin Beggs, "It’s a show that doesn’t pull any punches — it’s just all-out funny."

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  1. Profile photo of Johnathon

    Congrats to him :)

    Now here is a question, do we think he will pull double duty and shoot both? I mean its only a 12 episode order so it could happen.

    If DAYS loses Darin I feel really really bad for the people left watching lol.

  2. Profile photo of Scout

    “…who is Max going to do?!”

    LOL, Jillian, ain’t it the truth? Melanie’s going to be the only one left, but she’s his sister, not his niece, so she’s safe for now — unless TIIC retcon them not to be related.

    Peronsally, I think Max and Chelsea should ride off into the sunset together and be done with it.

    Poor Max has been chem-tested a jillion times (Chelsea, Abby, Mimi, Stephanie #1, Morgan, Stephanie #2, Chelsea again…am I missing anyone?) since DB came on the show and I think he’s best with Chelsea.

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