DC #376: Performer of the Week

On today’s Performer of the Week episode of Daytime Confidential Luke, Mike, Jamey, Regan and Jillian choose the actors and actresses who they believe did an outstanding job during the previous week. 

The DC gang also give their honorable mentions and talk about those who they believe deserve dishonorable mentions. Find out which One Life to Live actor Luke thinks phoned it in and is dissapointed in.

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16 Responses

  1. Profile photo of Frons-n-GuzaSuck

    Luke, I agree with you about the TSJ scenes but after watching them for a second time I realized that the scenes were the writers and/or directors fault. It was obvious after viewing it for a second time that they wanted to increase the suspense by making Todd look like he may have been the culprit in Blair’s stabbing. I’m pretty sure they told Trevor to play that scene cold and stoic like a murderer to amp up the drama. As far as him not wanting to do scenes with Blair I have never seen him intentionally phone it in as an agenda so he doesn’t have to do T & B scenes. Besides, I think he likes working with KDP but just doesnt want to have a romantic relationship with Blair and neither does she.

  2. Profile photo of BrattyNatty

    Esther was one of the best of the week? Lady are you crazy, this woman is an horrific actress. Hell to the gnaw, on that one.

    Farah Fath, loved her as Mimi, absolutely hate Geegee. I have to admit she was alot better finding out about Shane, but she was hardly one of the best performers of the week. She was adaquate, up until the end she was horrible when she knocked the folders of the counter and the lines she tried to deliver then. Overall she’s sucking badly as Geegee.

  3. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Kate Linder gave a great performance as Esther. She yelled at Jill, who I beginning to hate lately. So she is my performer of the week. Dishonorable mentions are Brad Bell. He is a bad writer for B&B and needs to be disbarred from the show.

  4. Profile photo of east.west

    Poor Judith lol, but anywho sorry Regan I know that your opinion on Farah, but I have to respectfully disagree. I’ll be good and just say for me her scenes were very unwatchable. And ITA w/Jamey that Alley Mills was phenomenal. This is the first time since she initially premiered that I like her performances. And ITA about Emily & Greg.

  5. Profile photo of BigDede

    :D Esther, I love it. I thought she was having a seizure when she started screaming at Jill. That part had me rolling.

    I was so hoping someone mentioned Nikki. Luke was right, I had chills during that scene. I was about to cry but I was watching with my grandma so I didn’t want her to see me get so affected. That scene reminded me of when Sharon learned Brad had died. The way their faces showed all those emotions.

    Wish I still watched GH to see LW’s acting but after they have destroyed Liason just to showcase one of the Bratz dolls was the last straw for me.

    Have y’all ever done a show about how a show tries to make one person a star (like Sam) and the ratings fall?

  6. Profile photo of GossipGirl

    I’ll agree with you Regan! I like Farah Fath and thought she was great this week from dealing with her psychotic slutty sister to finding out about Shane’s cancer.

    Of couse I agree with Greg Rikaart and Emily O’Brien as POW! Loved when Jana went off on Gloria! And when Hilary B. Smith go off on Cole and Marty was amazing!

    Even though she is in a convoluted storyline, I think Tamara Braun was amazing portraying being blind. She had great scenes with Angie, Kendall and Brot.

  7. Profile photo of traceylee9

    Just real quick i want to give my proformer of the week:
    Susan Flanery, when she slaped Rick NOT once but twice
    and was ready to go again…Awesome….how she can pull out such good acting (as Jamey points out week after week)on B&B is beyond me. Does she write her own lines? and Greg rickart…go boy…thats it…

  8. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    Traceylee that was damn HOT HOT HOT!!! When Stephanie did that mess I hit rewind on my DVR so many times the button was stuck for a bit. That was funny and I wonder if Flannery improvised that because that gal playing Steffy really did look shocked.

  9. Profile photo of monamis

    ITA w/Jamey! Where does all this revisiting history get us in the end? Y&R is becoming the Oceans 13 of soaps. All inside joke, and no plot or character development for that matter.

    Was it really worth it to bring buffoons like Clint back, just to wink and nod and say, I remember? Kevin’s story deserved a better villain worthy of GR’s portrayal.

    I wonder deep down, how many viewers secretly long for the LML days, where innovative storylines (even if plot driven) were introduced. You may not have liked the lack of historical accuracy, but it brought new viewers like me into the fold and those stories were must see tv.

    LML and MAB would make great collaborators, both history and great writing are needed for soaps to find a way forward.

    For future notice, if you want a nod to the brilliant history of this soap, instead of buffoons like Clint, go find these people:

    1. Drucilla Winters
    2. Malcolm Winters
    3. Nate Hastings Jr.
    4. Damon Porter
    5. Mamie Barbers
    6. Kyle Abbott/Keno Abbott – deadbeat Jacks kids
    7. Brad Carlton
    8. Nina
    9. Cricket

  10. Profile photo of SoapSnob

    THE Performer of the Week of March 9 was Susan Flannery on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” When Stephanie slapped Rick, TWICE, and then verbally assaulted him – “You have alienated every single person who has ever loved you.” – you truly felt the power of Ms. Flannery’s performance. B&B is currently mired in bad, directionless writing. Though Susan Flannery very obviously recognizes that, she BRINGS IT in EVERY scene she is in. Bravo, Susan! Bravo!

  11. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    I must of miss that. I turned off B&B because it is soo bad. But I am youtubing the episode when Stephanie slap Rick and he deserves it. I get that his dad and mom are bad parents, but I am so sick of the spoiled and selfish jerk, even though Kyle Lowder is great with KKL and Susan Flanney, I glad that Stephanie try to knock some sense into him. I hope that it gets better, but I doubt it.

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