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Here’s the Scoop! 03.16.09

Check out the clip below… Robin locks lips. Will Jason wear a wire? Maxie takes a spin?

Wasn’t Spinelli supposed to find out about the almost sex in the garage? Sometimes RUMORS take a bit to unfold and it looks like Spin will learn that Maxie almost bed her roomies man. Is this when she threatens to sleep with the mob prince? Most likely as this will be Maxie’s reasoning for why Spinelli cannot leave the country.

Jerry sends Jax that DVD?! How can he play his game with Claudia if he unleashes the secret? What will Jax do? RUMORS have him confiding in Olivia and keeping the secret from Carly. Is Olivia how Jax learns Kate knows the truth?

What does Ric want from Claudia? He wants back in with his brother.

Scrubs, Scrubs, Scrubs… They’re not my favorite GH couple but they were really the only couple to root for. Now, they’re screwing with them. Robin’s Post Partum storyline started with promise and somewhere along the way, Guza got lost. Maybe that’s how Robin winds up Rochester. She meets Brad, he’s a carpenter and cute to boot! He asks Robin out on a date, she declines and then re-thinks her answer. Mac is SPOILED to tell Patrick where his wayward niece is sending him straight to Rochester where he witnesses his wife kissing Brad outside of a hotel room. Of course Patrick assumes Robin just slept with the stranger. She doesn’t and returns home to admit to her problems to Patrick but she leaves out the part about the hot stranger. I mentioned a possible Lainey sighting and RUMOR has it she comes to see Robin. Remember there are also RUMORS that Robin will attend a support group for PPD moms with real PPD sufferers in the mix. I wonder what they think of Guza’s PPD storyline.

Patrick and Elizabeth RUMORS… Will they be the next couple? I’m not believing these ones just yet. But there are RUMORS that this MAY be coming so, the SPOILER guru that I am, I must dish. We’ve been talking for a few weeks now that Elizabeth will be Patrick’s confidant and Robin will see Liz as this perfect mom who has it all together. So when more problems arise for Scrubs courtesy of Robin’s PPD, Patrick MAY be spending more time with Elizabeth. One RUMORED scene has Elizabeth holding Emma while Patrick plays with Cameron and Jake. Happy little family?

What’s even crazier than a Patrick and Elizabeth pair up? Matt and Robin! If my memory serves, Luke liked them together when they appeared as a couple in Patrick’s dream episode. In fact, Patrick and Elizabeth were paired up then as well. Are TPTB really stealing something from a fantasy episode or did the fans respond to these “dream” couplings? Strap yourselves in because this addition of FANFIC or SPOILER is going to be a bumpy ride! Here we go… So there are RUMORS out there that Robin MAY hook-up with Matt! WTF? These RUMORS say that Robin thinks Patrick is having an affair with Elizabeth and she goes off and beds his brother, unprotected. In most soap scenarios that means here comes the baby but with Robin it’s here comes the HIV scare. RUMORS/SPOILERS/FANFIC… it says Matt contracts HIV. My two cents…NO NO NO. Let Patrick and Robin work through her PPD. These writers slept through her HIV pregnancy, I have no faith that they can pull off Matt becoming HIV+.

WOW that was a lot of Scrubs drama… let’s dish on someone else.

Spinelli… Is he vacating the regrettably pink room? RUMORS have Spinelli moving out of Jason’s penthouse.

Michael… We SHOULD be seeing his new face soon but he’s not coming out of that coma until April. Late April actually with his story kicking off May Sweeps. Kristina is still slated to be SORAS’d. Kristina will be hell on wheels and desperate for Daddy’s attention.

Ethan… I’m no fan of Ethan and if the LATEST is correct, I will not be a fan of Ethan’s. I said IF they made him a Scorpio, I’d be on board. The LATEST GOSSIP is that he will be Luke’s son and that Anthony Geary was pushing for Ethan to be a Spencer. RUMORS had a possible Tristan Rogers return IF Ethan was to become a Scorpio and now someone else’s return MAY be in question. Basically, this whole Ethan is a Spencer sucks on so many levels. We desperately need another Scorpio. The way the currently write the Spencer kids tells me these writers have no business writing for another one. Also, there would be potential for the character, especially if he and Robin could explore a sibling relationship. It also takes away any possibility of pairing Lulu with Ethan. Furthermore, IF they’re banking Ethan’s success on his scenes with Tony Geary, TPTB better make sure Geary has no vacation plans in the near future.

The economy… and no I’m not going to talk firings or change in status today. The state of our nation’s economy is said to be making its way into our ABCDaytime storylines.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS…Robin needs time away from her family. Rebecca isn’t happy that Nikolas wants Lucky to back off. Will a close moment between friends have Lucky thinking his brother is trying to get a little payback? The Q’s are fan favorites but they never get a good story. Will we see Edward with Michael? Has Wally Kurth been asked to return?

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  1. Profile photo of crazy4gh

    I know you only report the spoilers/rumors Regan, but boy is this boring. This show is so in the dumps and no way to Patrick and Liz. We need Liason, Liason, Liason!!

  2. Profile photo of justloveskate

    Will LooLoo find out Ethan is her sib before or after she sleeps with him? Maybe when AG goes on his extended summer vaca he will take Ethan with him. One can always hope. How many people will find out about the Claw’s secret before she gets her deserved payback? So much for Jax’s devotion to his wife and stepson. Why is Olivia still in Port Chuck anyway? So they are going to mess with Scrubs too? Matt with HIV? Will this s/l be as compelling and informative as Robin’s HIV pregnancy? Still doesn’t sound like anything worth watching. Rinse Repeat Recycle.

  3. Profile photo of LuvSKate

    Thanks for the update – still haven’t read anything that will prompt me to re-set my dvr. Again, nothing about Kate other than Olivia that back-stabbing, pathetic excuse for a cousin, once again throwing Kate under the bus. What, now she is going to take an interest in the dvd?? Give me a damm break!

    MEGAN WARD – THE ONLY reason I bother to follow this sad excuse for a soap.

  4. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I really hope there won’t be Matt’s HIV S/I- it will be just stupid ,Patrick slept with Robin without protection- they made Emma- And both Emma and Patrick are OK- Please TPTB don’t think that we really stupid..

    Speaking on being stupid – I heard that there is a rumor that they are planing to shift Michael’s paternity to Jason????????
    To make Michael hook up with Kristina……….
    Did you hear anything about it?????
    I really hope not cos’ they will ruin my faith in them…

    Also About Jason- I know that the latest S/I with him and Spinelli was suck…
    I hated the scenes with Winni Maxi JaSam in LA – BUT I don’t want Spinelli away from Jason- Maybe remove him from Jason’s world- But not all- The JaSpin scenes are great and I love their bond- I Don’t want Stone Cold away from the Jakel………..

  5. Profile photo of Jenny

    Re: PROMO
    The only thing I’m looking forward to is Tony Daly…..HOT DAMN!!

    I swear, the Scrubs angst is getting ridiculous.

    Thanks Regan

  6. Profile photo of OldGHFan

    I agree Regan, Ethan better be the son of Robert and Holly – NOT Luke and Holly. Fans will be furious because it will imply Luke & Holly cheated on Laura and Robert respectively when both couples were happily married. Fans will be mad. Luke & Laura fans. Robert & Holly fans. Who does it benefit to have Luke be Ethan’s father? Maybe Guza just likes messin’ with everyone. Idiot.

  7. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    The condom broke when Emma was conceived. They were protected, the protection failed them.

    As for the RUMORS that Jason will become Michael’s bio-dad… IT IS PLAIN STUPID if you ask me. These RUMORS say it’s to facilitate a Michael-Kristina hook-up minus the ewwwww factor. Well NEWSFLASH, Michael and Kristina are not biologically related to begin with and to say they were raised together is laughable. Sorry that has got to be the dumbest RUMOR of late.

  8. Profile photo of justloveskate

    GH Lover – Sonny is not Michael’s biological father. AJ is, so making Jason the father wouldn’t change much. But no matter who his biological father is, he and Kristina were raised as half sibling’s and putting them together would just be sick. Although nothing about this show would surprise me.

  9. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I know that Michael and Kristina are not blood related- I was talking about how sic it will be , they grew up as brother and Sister- so it will be sick – I still remeber the B&B- with Ridge and Bridget, when she started to have feelings for him….
    I was also talking about GH history – Jason never slept with Carly when she conceived Michael -he broke up with her in 96- after the things got serious with Robin!!!!!!

  10. Profile photo of purplebraids

    Hi Regan love your spoilers will most of them and The powers that be think we want a Micheal and Kristina hookup they must be losing their damn minds as will as ratings they want shock and you won`t get ratings with that only good writing can give them that .I hope that Scrubs can work things out because they to and I`m rooting for them and I don`t want a Patrick and Liz pairing or a Robin and Matt pairing either can Liz just be a friend for once instead of a bed buddy .Having Robin sleep with Matt is just so sick and wrong on Guza part because he can`t write a good storyline to buy pait shoes with really look at how he has written Robin`s PPD storyline it`s all over the place .Guza needs to give Matt a storyline of his own it`s way over due for that. Ethan being Luke and Holly`s son is just so wrong he should be Robert`s not Luke`s it give Kimbery some great stuff to play and that way maybe I will start to like him or least try anyway ,I hope Ned is coming back and he has Brooklyn with because they so need .And Olivia , Winnie can get off my screen.

  11. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Michael and Kristiana would be hot, PSYCHE. I hope not. This is not B&B, where incestuous and swapping mates are the normal, like Sonny’s mates. Guza and Frons would be involve with the idea of relatives hooking up. I really hate this show.

  12. Profile photo of justloveskate

    Pairing Michael and Kristina is just plain sick and perverted. I know they are not blood related, but Sonny did adopt Michael making them half siblings by adoption AND they both grew up “knowing” they are siblings even if they didn’t see much of each other. Sick Sick Sick!!!!
    Now if they want to re-connect them as siblings with common ground and interests, that would be different.

  13. Profile photo of WTH GH
    WTH GH

    I can’t believe that they are trying to break up Robin and Patrick already! They had so much angst leading up to them getting married and now they’ve been married for 5 minutes and they want us to believe that either one of them would throw it all away. Can we for once just have a real soap story that involves real love? The writers would be destroying the character of Robin if they continue down this crazy path. How about for a change Scrubs works things out together, they actually bond as a family and this ends up bringing them closer? I think they can provide enough angst between them in their job setting instead of breaking up a couple that fought so hard to be together. Why have Patrick change his philandering ways and realize that a family was what he really wanted and why have Robin even tell him that Emma was his if you were just going to break them up the moment that they looked like they could possibly be happy! I’m so sick of GH at this point that I’m not sure what to do. I use to love this soap and really get pulled into the characters stories. Now I find myself just deleting the show off of my DVR w/o even watching it. If they break up Scrubs and put him w/ Liz, who doesn’t want to be w/ Jason b/c his life is “too dangerous” but seems to have no problem sleeping w/ whatever guy needs her shoulder to cry on. I’m so sick of this lazy ass writing. If any of these ridiculous Scrubs rumors come true I am done w/ GH. I ‘m tired of having my intelligence insulted on a daily basis. I know it’s just a soap but damn we are watching b/c we are invested in the story, it’s just too bad that the writers are not invested in us. Sorry for the rant but I had to get this off my chest.

  14. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    It kinda makes sense that Kristina would be hell on wheels and after daddys attention. Alexis is a mess of a mother and she’s so over protected of her when it comes to Sonny, but Alxis can have sex with crazy Jerry in the house. Like I said, Alexis is a mess of a mother, they all are on GH. Sonny is a mess of a father to, nobody is a good parent on GH except for Liz and Patrick and they always write everybody saying Carly is a great mom but that’s a lie and we all know it, lol. Kristina is the child Sonny see’s the less of, she’s probably jealous and wants daddy’s attention that goes to her brothers. This could be good if they don’t have her hitting on Jason or become a shrew who gets nocked up. They gotta cast a good up and coming actress, not to old and nobody that was on Gilmore Girls please.

  15. Profile photo of GenHospFan95

    So they are going to switch Robin and Patrick’s characters. Have Robin become a philandering ass and Patrick become the steadfast one. WTG Guza.

    Robin was so afraid of spreading HIV she would barely sleep with Jason or Patrick and now she is just going to have unprotected sex with Matt.

    I hate GUZA.

  16. Profile photo of pxlbarrel

    Every day, I hope to hear a spoiler that the Quartermaines will be written for and every day, I’m disappointed. It’ll soon be 3 months since they threw us Q fans a bone (Alan and Monica at Christmas). 3 months since we last saw Stuart. It’s almost as if TPTB are thumbing their nose at us…like offering candy to a child and then snatching it back before he/she can grab it.

    It’s downright disheartening for this Q fan.

  17. Profile photo of GossipGirl

    Don’t people watch soaps to get away from real life? Who wants to see GH characters suffer through an economy crisis. I don’t want to see Kate asking the government for a bailout to save her magazine. Or Sonny to actually import coffee because killing people doesn’t pay as well as it used to. Or Spinelli losing his internet connection because he forgot to pay the bill.

  18. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I am beyond frustrated, I cant even tell you. I am really at the edge with this show, and as most of you know, I have tried to remain positive. I get that tptb think the men are more valuable than the women, but must they destroy every woman on the show?

    So lets see, their main female leads and semi-leads…adding in the spoilers with what we have seen in the last two years…

    in Alpha Order

    Alexis keeps her daughters away from their “dangerous” fathers but then has sex with the murderous creep that held her eldest daughter hostage and injected her nephew with a deadly toxin that may have led to his brain tumor.

    Carly has grief sex behind her hubbys back

    Claudia orders a hit that gets a boy shot in the head and then beds his father

    Lizard sleeps with her best friends husband while said friend is sick and risks her kids lives to chase a sexual relationship with a mob hitman

    Rebecca is new, but may be partly responsible for the damage and death caused by the toxic balls

    Robin has unprotected sex with her husband’s brother and as a result he may contract AIDS and die, plus she neglects her daughter

    Sam allows the kidnapping of an infant and carries out a plot to frighten a mother and her children with faux gunmen in the park

    So exactly WHICH one of these women are we suppose to root for? Personally I root for most of them because I like the actresses enough and I put a lot of this in context of the historical writing for the characters, but really I am almost at the point where I cant watch them destroy anyone else.

    Team Sam – we were miserable watching what tptb did to our gal and then having to take it on the chin on message boards, but slowly it seems in the last two years like its been this way for almost all of the female characters and getting worse. And the ones that arent written as downright cruel and/or heartless are written as strap-hangers, sychophants, doormats, idiotic or just plain background noise.

    And sadly its not even the worst soap on abc. OLTL is slightly better, esp. in terms of the writing, but who wants to watch a show where one child is mourning her baby, one kids is a drug addicted mess, one kid is battling cancer, and one kid is paralyzed. It makes me want to sit in the corner and cry. Then there is AMC -which is nearly unwatchable in its entirety.

    OMG sorry for the rant, but I was so disgusted with what may happen, that I couldnt even begin to address it this morning.

  19. Profile photo of pxlbarrel

    There’s a problem if you hook Kristina and Michael up. Biologically there isn’t problem but psychologically, it’s just wrong. There’s no switch that you turn off that feeling that the boy sitting next to you is no longer your brother but some hot stud to jump. Ewww…it’s just wrong.

  20. Profile photo of curacaoman

    All I can say to this is DOWNER! And in this economy who wants to watch a downer? We need some lightness!
    Why do all good couples have to be ruined, people think outside the bow!

  21. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I’m with you EET. What the heck have they done to the women on the show? You know, I always say that they’re treated like props, but I think you described it much better the other day when you called them appendages to the men. I’m so sick of this crap! When are they going to realize that their formula is not working?

    You know when Frons started making changes to the show, I was glad. Not because of the supposed JaSam stuff, but because the show has been tanking (ratings-wise and creatively) for years. I felt like there did need to be some major changes and I felt a new direction was definitely needed. But besides a few changes to the cast and some partner swapping, what else has changed??

  22. Profile photo of lel

    I don’t buy most of those Patrick/Robin spoilers. Scrubs are a proven couple with a solid fan base and while I get that Guza’s idea of fun is putting both to the test, I don’t believe it’s over for Scrubs especially for these unproven marginally popular pairings.

    For the record, these spoiler are boring. Spinelli, Ethan, Michael, Claudia…does anyone care? I don’t!

  23. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I dont think its necessarily over for Scrubs, but mostly because we have seen that tptb assume that a pairing is still worth rooting for no matter what they do to one another. Seriously, they wouldnt have to “redeem” all these women if they would stop writing them this way in the first place. I dont want Robin to be “redeemed” for giving Matt HIV and I dont want Lizard to be “redeemed” for sleeping with her best friends husband – I want them not to do those things in the first place! I know, SHOCKING CONCEPT. (and yes, I know I joke about Piz and there is part of me that thinks its totally in character for Lizard to do such a thing, but more than I want the character exposed for her true ways, I want the SHOW to improve and I dont think Lizard sleeping with Patrick helps the show at all.

  24. Profile photo of maxiefan09

    Is everyone forgetting that Alexis barely allowed Kristina around Sonny and his children with Carley? Obviously we all know that Sonny is not Michael’s biological father. But everyone needs to remember that Kristina rarely interacted with her REAL brother (Morgan), much less her step-brother Michael.

    GH needs some changes; the current storylines are getting OLD!

  25. Profile photo of Vaidute1988

    Yes i heard about that but this is only a fan-fic, because Michaels is AJ’s son and not Sonny;s so for the Gusa to write the hook up for Kristina and Michael there is no problem.

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