Battle of the Ex ABC Soap Stars: Nathan Fillion vs. Eva LaRue

Current and former soap stars were all over the place during Monday night TV (more posts coming on those appearances), but now ABC’s Castle is taking on CBS’s veteran procedural CSI: Miami. Both shows feature former ABC soap stars. Nathan Fillion (ex-Joey Buchanan, One Life to Live) stars on Castle while All My Children’s Eva LaRue (ex-Maria Grey) has been solving crimes on CSI: Miami since 2005. The question now becomes can Castle give ABC the procedural it so desperately craves or will it be sliced and diced by CSI: Miami?

As a rule I rarely watch most "classic" procedurals such as CSI or Law and Order. In fact I loathe most of them. I blame such shows, along with reality television as a genre, for the decline of great sitcoms and serialized dramas. Though I will admit to watching CSI: Miami as a time slot last resort when nothing else is on.

On the other hand, I’ve always enjoyed less cliche crime dramas like BONESThe Closer and now Castle because they have a twist or hook that isn’t procedural related. With Boston Legal no more I am ecstatic to have a show like Castle to watch on Monday nights. For me it isn’t even a question of Castle or CSI: Miami.

Which show starring a former ABC soap star are you tuning in for?

Battle of the Ex ABC Soap Stars: Nathan Fillion vs. Eva LaRue

  • CSI: Miami (27%, 93 Votes)
  • Castle (73%, 246 Votes)

Total Voters: 339


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  1. Profile photo of petitejolie

    I’m also a fan of Bones and I have been watching Castle, but I don’t think it’ll make it. CSI: Miami is the most popular show in the world right now. ABC does the soapy dramas better while CBS does the procedural. Castle does skew more female, but it’s not holding on to enough of the Dancing with the Stars lead in.

  2. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    I really hope you’re wrong because I’m really enjoying Castle. We’ll see how it does this week and hopefully it will retain a higher percentage. The thing about ABC is that it’s been out of the procedural game for so long that people aren’t used to looking for them on ABC. If ABC is able to get BONES ratings (it’s solid but not breakout) out of Castle hopefully it will keep it around.  

  3. Profile photo of petitejolie

    The ratings for Bones and Castle are pretty close at around 10 million. Granted it’s only been one airing of Castle, but it did lose half of the Dancing numbers. Bones has been a solid performer for Fox in whatever time slot they stick it in, so right now we don’t need to worry about cancellation.

  4. Profile photo of elbugten

    I’m enjoying Castle, although I wish it weren’t on opposite NBC’s Medium. Medium and ER are the only two NBC shows I watch, but this week Medium was a repeat so I switched over to Castle. I caught last Monday’s episode during the repeat Saturday night and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I like the comedy mixed in with the murder mysteries. It’s “Murder She Wrote” meets “Moonlighting” with a little “CSI NY” thrown in for good measure. I like Nathan Fillion and Susan Sullivan (ex-Maggie, Falcon Crest) is great as his actress Mom.

    BTW, did you catch the OLTL reference? Castle said something about Daytime drama and then said that he got the plot from his first book from watching OLTL. What a nice wink to the audience!

  5. Profile photo of season1217

    See, I wouldn’t classify Law & Order as a “classic” procedural. No show does the “twist” better than Law & Order to me. In some cases the guilty man or woman goes free.

  6. Profile photo of SusieQ

    I don’t watch a lot of crime shows either – basically Bones and the original CSI, but I do enjoy Castle. Nathan Fillion is hot and he makes me laugh, plus the show is well written – what more could I want? lol!

  7. Profile photo of catsmeow

    I have not watched Castle even though I l-o-v-e Nathan and really missed him when he left OLTL. But I may start as CSI:Miami has gotten to be more about how many ways can we show women’s breasts, hips, and various other body parts and get away with a modicum of story line. The story lines are becoming trite, with way too many over the top gadgets and unbelievable computerized mumbo-jumbo. I understand it’s television, but last nights episode was so far out there I don’t know who’s doing the hack writing job. I still prefer the original CSI as they don’t run around like vigilante’s with guns, run off to foreign countries and take on 6 guys with uzis (and kill them all) or make putting on their sunglasses a showstopper. Last but not least, who did the hack job on Eva’s hair? She’s always been a beautiful woman who showed class without having to be hanging out of her top or trying to look 25. Someone needs to tell her she looks older with the stupid hair cut that was probably supposed to make her look younger and no CSI in the WORLD would wear white tight pants and shirt and STILETTOS to a crime scene and then have to climb a ladder. I watch tv to be entertained and have my reality suspended but this is ridiculous. The producers need to remember that the audience is primarily women and most of us don’t want to see half naked women in our prime time crime show. Unless you want to throw in a few half naked men (but please not Horatio…)

  8. Profile photo of petitejolie

    CSI: Miami won the ratings last night, but there was good news for Castle. It pretty much matched its numbers for the previous week, so that’s always a good sign.

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