Criminal Minds: Ironic Advertising or Subliminal Message?

When I saw this promotion for CBS’s Criminal Minds during Guiding Light I couldn’t help but chuckle. It made me think of Jeff Branson’s All My Children character Jonathon Lavery. It’s really too bad Criminal Minds doesn’t air on ABC. We would get tons of mileage out of such a promo.

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    Is this a repeat of the show where Jeff Branson played a bar patron, with maybe, two lines? Or, is this a different show we’re talking about?


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    Hey Luke you still can, do not forget that Dinah and Shayne are both criminals. Buring down Police Storage Units and all that good stuff together.

    Dinah well that bitch has done soo much to even name she has killed, blackmailed, gaslighted, and kidnapped just to name a few.

    Well Shayne aint that bad I guess.

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    I will never understand why GL would choose to build a quickie mart…why not a cafe or a tea house? It’s just ridiculous that they are always in a gas station market. Do product placement another way.

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