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Here’s the Scoop! 03.17.09 OH and Happy St. Patty’s Day! Drink it up, if you’re old enough.

As mentioned yesterday in Catching Up With Constance, Helena returns just in time to ruin the opening of the new General Hospital. April 13th is the day and in true Cassadine form, Helena messes with the hospital computers (where’s a Jackal when you need him?) and cuts the power to GH. Helena’s intended target? Nikolas! Granny pops up on the hospital monitors to level a threat against her grandson. But is Helena already messing with Nik? Remember, RUMORS say Rebecca is in town because of Helena and the secret phone calls (we SHOULD be seeing more) are SAID to have Helena on the other end. This Rebecca crap isn’t working for me (I know, between her and Ethan, I sound like a broken record) and the only way it will work for me is if Rebecca is really Emily. I’m sorry; I don’t see the point of the character especially not at the expense of other actors who have been RUMORED to be getting the ax. My question is why are Nikolas and Rebecca holding hands?

Robin and Jason scenes… Just for you Season. Will they be discussing Robin’s woes or Michael’s condition? Most likely both.

More on Scrubs… There was a lot out there yesterday and makes me wonder, why so much Scrubs coming up? Robin’s PPD story SHOULD be coming to an end, in the next couple weeks. At least it will come to some sort of resolution with Robin admitting she has a problem and seeking some sort of help. As mentioned yesterday, Patrick thinks Robin slept with the hot stranger aka Brad and it doesn’t help matters when Robin leaves Brad out of her travel tales when telling her husband where she went when she skipped town. Will she tell Lainey all? RUMORS say no and it MAY be Jason who gets the whole truth. Will Robin’s PPD threaten her life?

The new Kristina… So far I haven’t heard that they have cast the role but the new Kristina SHOULD be perfect on the surface but a little rebel is waiting to break out. RUMORS have said we will see this rebellious teenage girl flirting her way through her father’s men all in the attempt to get daddy’s attention.

Are the Quartermaines actually getting a storyline? RUMORS have Tracy accusing Luke of trying to scam Edward. What’s this all about? I’m not completely sure but there are RUMORS out there that Ethan will try to pull one over on the Q’s. Will Luke want in on the deal? Nikolas and Monica are worried about Rebecca.

So obviously Jerry Jacks is alive. Will Jax tell Carly?

If the ratings aren’t a reflection of the troubles at GH, I don’t know what is. Will this give Frons even more reasons to screw with our show? Most likely. As Daisy pointed out, so far what he’s done has amounted to nothing. The GOSSIP says that Frons has already issued one order and wonders never cease, I actually agree with him. Use Alexis more and it looks like that one is already happening as Nancy Lee Grahn is taping more when the studio re-opens. Frons still wants a Claudia – Sonny pairing but Guza MAY have a time constraint on making that one work. RUMOR has it; he’s banking on Michael to help redeem Claudia. Now, I love Sarah Brown but how many times are they going to try to redeem Claudia?

Liason Fans… Steve said they were filming together and it looks like those scenes SHOULD be airing in early April.

Tally sheet… How many people know that Claudia ordered the hit? Kate, Johnny, Ric, Jax will soon, Olivia will know thanks to Jax and Jerry. Who will be Claudia’s biggest threat? Ric! Will Ric’s plan backfire? Don’t all his plans backfire? With RUMORS of Rick Hearst’s exit, will Ric Lansing die?

CRAZY and RANDOM RUMORS… How will Jason take his demotion? Are JoLu ending even though RUMORS say Spixie is getting their story? The Q’s, Elizabeth, Luke, Alexis and Lucky all have a part in Helena’s return. Jason helps Sam get her P.I. license.

A note from me… If you don’t see some of your faves in the spoilers it’s not because I am deliberately leaving them out. Sometimes these spoiler posts can get a little too repetitive and I really try to avoid that as much as I can. So if the only Kate RUMOR out there is about Megan’s possible exit, I’m not necessarily going to report on Kate. If the only Jason and Sam stuff out there is that they are going to be working together, I’m not going to say it for the hundredth time. I know you all want to read up on your favorite characters and trust me, so do I but sometimes it’s just the same old same old. Unfortunately, being repetitive is somewhat unavoidable as more scoop unfolds.

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  1. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I am really looking forward to the Jason and Robin scenes- I heard it will be good…..
    Not looking to Liason -Cos it will probably be:”Jake has happy and safe life without you, Sucky is a great father you cant be in his life……….”
    I hate that cos’ it’s not true!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Profile photo of Jenny

    Seriously, are you trying to test my Scrubs love with that JnR pic??!! That’s just cruel. LOL!! I was a huge JnR fan. They were just beautiful.

    yeah, I don’t understand why Rebecca/Nik are holding hands, either. I’m glad to hear that NLG is getting more airtime.

    Waiting impatiently for Helena’s return. LOL!!

    Seeing Ric’s face at the end of yesterday’s episode was all kinds of awesome. Man, I love me some Rick Hearst. Wherever he goes, I will follow.

    Thanks Regan

  3. Profile photo of blackjack21

    thanks regan you rock

    when jason comforted robin about stacy the 1st season of gh:ns – all my love of this couple jumped up and bit me in the butt all over again! when two actors can make you cry after a 2 minute scene – that is chemistry. anything to have them interacting has me excited.

    here’s a question: why must claudia be redeemed? i loved her bada** ways and attitude when she hit town. repeatedly making her vulnerable is destroying her. no one does wounded and hurt like sjb, but i like hard as nails vixens just as much. i mean look at the furor helena is stirring by returning – there is one unapologetic character that causes excitement and not a drop of vulnerability or excuses about her.

    if what you posted yesterday about ethan being luke’s i have to ask, does everyone but me hate greg vaughn? i feel like that gets crapped on more than a field of heffers.

  4. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Ya know blackjack… I was going to pose the same question. Why does Claudia need redemption? Why can’t she be a Faith – like character? Fans actually loved Faith.

    Greg Vaughn… I like him and my roomie loves him. (any brief appearance on old school 90210 and you’re an A+ in her book) The writers SUPPOSEDLY do not care for GV and some will tell you that neither does AG. They’re all fans of JJ and RUMOR has it, yet another offer was extended to the original Lucky and he said no.

  5. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    LOL Crazy4gh…The wheels are working overtime after i read that, but I will be civil today

    Usually Liason scenes would get me excited but after being disappointed over and over I think I’m kind of numb now

  6. Profile photo of blackjack21

    you’re right, regan. i forgot about faith – i adored her! i think soaps forget that they are supposed to have bad guys, but gh has confused bad with good so who knows.

    thanks for the gv love. i feel like he’s been crapped on ever since he got the role. next thing you know ethan will be the “real” lucky who’s been with helena just like emily. i love jj too, but he’s not coming back, get over it gh and show the character and actor some love.

  7. Profile photo of BbyBoi06

    Kate & Ric would be hotness to the umpteenth. I would actually be able to like Claudia as a villian. Just bada** and unapologetic, kind of how I wish they would write Sam, but oh well, I guess PI is alright. Love Robin & Jason’s continual friendship. So refreshing to have Exes coexisting, especially these two.

    Not much to look forward to, but for me theres always some gold(i.e. Helena, JaSam, JoMax, Liz, Scrubs, CarJax) in the mud that is GH nowadays.

    Thanks for the spoilers Regan!

    BtW….Am I alone in being intrigued by Robin & Brad. Hot Fire :love:

  8. Profile photo of MandaPanda1331

    Do not get my hopes up about Liason! I agree with the above, it will probably be more of “Jake is better off”. Especially with the whole Michael storyline, I was hoping there would be some talk about them considering they called off their engagement after he was shot.

    I really hope that with Helena coming back, they can use a lot more of the cast as they used to. It sounds like they may.

  9. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    I have Claudia trying to kill Sonny and succeeding so that we don’t have to put up with the mumbling idiot any longer. It will make me love Claudia even more. And let Ric and Kate have sex on the Crimson table.:)

  10. Profile photo of Scout

    I’d like to see Ric bite the dust only so Rick Hearst could find a soap to actually utilize his talents. GH is wasting him like crazy!

  11. Profile photo of mamalo

    How many people know that Claudia ordered the hit? About as many as know that Jason is Jake’s father. Another one of the worst-kept secrets in town.

  12. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Thanks for the mention Regan! Well, I like the sound of Alexis/NLG getting more screentime! I just wish we could get more mother/daughter stuff between Alexis and Sam, but I won’t hold my breathe.

    blackjack21, I’m with you. If we have to have Claudia, I would much rather her be a serious bad *ss that takes on the big boys. They could believably do that with the character, and I have a feeling fans might prefer her that way. But I think TPTB have fallen in love with her and just simply don’t want fans to “hate” her (even if it’s a Love To Hate kind of thing.)

  13. Profile photo of JasonMorganIsAHottie

    Helena returns to the canvas…I sure hope she returns just to torture Claudia’s a$$…ever since she moved in to the Sperminator’s manse, she bores me. :evil:


    It’s about freakin time! Can you tell my hopes are up????

  14. Profile photo of Grimm

    My speculation:
    REBECCA/HELENA: We are getting some variation of the story that was rumored to be planned when Courtney died. Or a retread of what Helena did with Katherine. It was rumored that Alicia Leigh Willis was going to return for a stint as a Courtney doppelganger or Courntey resurrected by Cassidine science. With Rebecca I think we have a woman who was disfigured by a fire (thus her frantic “Don’t let me burn” screams during the recent hospital crisis) who was found by Helena and given Emily’s face and then dispatched to Port Charles. Alternatively, she could be a resurrected Emily but I think the former is more likely than the latter.

  15. Profile photo of Maximista23

    :party: Well did everyone forget that Nicholas knows too…Remember awhile ago when she was hurt and stayed at his house and he told his secret using drugs to help him see Emily and she told him about michaels shooting….

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