Grading Gossip Girl

OMFG I don’t know if I should be pleased or pissed with Gossip Girl. I’ve been going through Gossip Girl withdrawals since the last new episode, but after last night’s episode I’m frustrated. Blair (Leighton Meester) was awesome as always. Serena (Blake Lively) is enchanted with yet another pointless male character. Nate (Chase Crawford) is as boring as ever. Taylor Momsen’s Jenny continues to be given worthless plot points, such as delivering letters, when we all know Jenny could be as great a character as Blair. I won’t even dignify Vanessa (Jessica Szohr) with a comment. Dan (Penn Badgley) is still clueless.

Then there is Chuck (Ed Westick). Speaking for myself, I think that almost every storyline the character has received this season has been absolutely abysmal. In addition to botching the Blair and Chuck connection, the only storyline he received of some merit was the battle over Bass Industries and that didn’t last nearly long enough.

Now the previews for next week’s episode implies a Blair and Nate hookup, among other things? I’m beginning to wonder if Gossip Girl is suffering from a sophomore slump.

What grade do you give this season of Gossip Girl? 

Grading Gossip Girl

  • F (9%, 11 Votes)
  • D (9%, 12 Votes)
  • C (33%, 42 Votes)
  • B (31%, 40 Votes)
  • A (18%, 22 Votes)

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  1. Profile photo of ConqueringBlue

    Season 2 started out fairly promising, and quickly kept going downhill. I think JS suffers from the same ADD that Frons and ABC Daytime suffers from, going from one new character to the next, one new storyline to the next, quickly dropping storylines, etc. And, just as with the OC, he seems to forget that his best storylines flourish when he sticks to the main characters. Season 2 of the OC was one hot mess, because he tried bringing in FOUR new characters that no one cared about and hooked them up with all the main characters. But as a result, the new characters didn’t really catch on, most of them were pretty bland, and people started tuning out really quickly. There is so much storyline potential in Jenny, but she’s been shoved to the backburner in favor of annoying pairings like Serena and that awful Aaron, or Dan and his slutty teacher. I don’t like Jenny as the do-gooder who is there to randomly give her brother advice, or lend Eleanor a dress. Jenny is best when she is a bratty teen who is arguing with her dad. Speaking of her dad, where is the story for Rufus and Lily? That also has seemed to disappear. And what about the Jenny/Nate/Vanessa triangle? That lasted all of two episodes, then it was abruptly dropped.

    Don’t get me started on what has happened to Chuck Bass. This current storyline with his father’s secret society is a major snoozer. The only character who has still been her bitchy best is Blair. But again, she’s always most delightful when she’s sparring with Chuck, and she hasn’t had even one scene with him in many many episodes! I understand making people wait for them to hook up, but why must that mean that they are completely out of each other’s orbit? Especially when fans are clamouring for them to interact, even if they aren’t technically a couple.

    Let’s hope next week’s episode picks up a bit, because I’m starting to get really aggravated, and a bit bored.

  2. Profile photo of Jenny

    I give it a ‘B’, so far. However, last night’s epi was all over the place. In true GG style, s/l that started 2 episodes ago, got wrapped up last night. Although I can’t stand Dan, that little teacher scandal made him 10% interesting. Well, now that that’s over, he’s back to being 100% lame.
    Vanessa makes my teeth hurt. They really had something going with Nate/Jenny. That’s a shame.
    ITA with you about Chuck. His s/l have been weak this season.
    I don’t know what to say about the guys that they stick with Serena.
    I can’t bring myself to talk about a possible Nate/Blair redux. Just ridiculous.

    ^^ITA about The OC. Season 1 was great. However, once they ventured off from the main characters they lost focus.

  3. Profile photo of samrocks

    The last two minutes of the episode were by far the most interesting, and that sucks. After just a few episodes of this season, I felt compelled to go out and rent the entire first season and watch it all in about two days. This stuff? Meh.

    I totally agree that the teacher affair was the ONLY thing that made Dan even remotely interesting. I use Serena’s scenes to take bathroom breaks and catch up on my email. Nate who?

    As for Blair…you mean to tell me that 1) she is actually going to LOSE Yale, and 2) I can’t get a single flippin’ Chair interaction to save my life!?!?! I hope this is just a temporary slump, but without Chuck and Blair at the forefront, my attention is waning.

  4. Profile photo of kateyz

    I think I could actually really like Nate/Vanessa, if they ever had an interesting storyline besides always doing the “we don’t have anything in commmon” stuff.
    And Chuck’s secret society storyline is completely ridiculous and has nothing to do with any of the other main characters, which shouldn’t be. Why can’t they find a story for him that ties him to the others?

  5. Profile photo of ghaddict

    I gave it a C….while, like you Luke, I was in major withdrawals, this latest episode was just way to sloppily done for me to really get into it….I don’t think the production crew has a handle on how to pace the show just yet…however the last few minutes were awesome and I can’t wait for next week….

    P.S. Serena is only interesting when she’s being a bitch….her being all sweet is really a bore….

  6. Profile photo of BigDede

    Everything that director was saying about Nate’s acting I kept thinking, that’s is so true about the real actor. Heck Vanessa and Nate even break up and make up boring. Serena, boring. Never put Serena and Vanessa in a scene together. It’s like watching two sleeping pills.

    Sick of Judgemental Dan and his 15 year old teacher. Didn’t care about them and when Dan kissed the back of her wrist, I swear, I threw a book at my tv. SHE IS NO ELLEN! I love Age of Innocence. I have read the book twice and watch the movie everytime it came on. That scene made me hate Dan even more.

    I can’t believe that stupid storyline they had for Chuck but if that storyline was just a way to make Chuck realize who he is suppose to be with than I’m all for it. Still pissed Blair didn’t get her revenge on that stupid teacher. So what if everyone hates you Blair, get your revenge! No Lily or Eric. Guess Lily didn’t want to see Serena in the play. And I’m surprised Eric wasn’t helping Jenny with the clothes. So Jenny doesn’t want to be rich again?

  7. Profile photo of deedeedynamite

    I hate the character of Vanessa. Whomever is writing this crap has completely skewed her character. I strongly suggest that they read the actual books. It would have helped *before* they cast some of these characters, but hey, better late than never.

  8. Profile photo of soapfan2008

    ITA with most of you! The show was doing well this season up to and including In the Realm of the Basses. It began to lose its way with Gone with the Will, which instead of being about Jack/Blair/Chuck like the promo suggested, it was about Chuck, some coke and some hookers.

    It’s only gotten worse from there. Even if Chuck and Blair aren’t together, I would like some acknowledgement that they still love each other.

    The nanny storyline was pointless. I wasn’t interested in this episode until the last five minutes when Serena finds Blair at the bar. Hopefully next week will be better.

    I don’t get why they’re redoing the Nate/Blair/Chuck triangle though. Chace has good chemistry with both Blake and Taylor so they should put Nate with Serena or Jenny.

    If Blair has to be in a love triangle, I think Carter/Blair/Chuck would be more interesting.

    As for Vanessa, who I usually find annoying also, they can have her be with Dan.

  9. Profile photo of Dariclone

    I gave this episode a C. I’ve been dying for a new episode, but this one was just average, something this show *hasn’t* been for a long, long time. I don’t even know what it was, but this episode was just dull.
    I love Blake Lively and even she seemed to be phoning her performance in.

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