What Is Alexis Davis Thinking?

I know I just posted the "Bill Lewis, Dog Whisperer," but I couldn’t help but ask: “What is Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) thinking?”

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    Damn Hosabeth just walked by and boy does that skank reek! I am not sure if its just the smell of desperation pouring off of her or if she just smells sweaty from running all over town again looking for some guy to give her pity sex. Poor robin, she better keep an eye on Patrick, because living next to the Easy Bake Oven of Port Charles is damn risky – why do you think the house came so CHEAP!

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    Alexis: Who the hell letting Frons and Guza get away with some much crap that it is embarrassing to actually be on here. This show is a joke and I wish I can get out of my contract and go to another show.

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    “I deserve so much more than listening to creepy stalker boy and chatting it up on the docks with a woman whom they never should have made my daughter! They are wasting my talent on this show and after Diane’s pilot gets picked up I will have no one to match me in scenes anymore!”

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    “Why am I only used to prop my daughter who slept with my husband and then had the nerve to blame it on me, and get angry with me for not telling her that I saw them going at it on the floor of my house”

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    Why am I still wearing these silly glasses after all this time. They were cool back when Stefan was around but styles have changed. I’m surprised Diane will even be seen with me! I know I am a high powered District Attorney who pulls in a six figure salary but for some reason I just can’t spare a few bucks for a new pair. Even the grocery store “cheaters” would look better!

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