All My Children’s Ryan and Kendall: Same Song, 700th Verse. Sing It Over, It Only Gets Worse.

As the World Turns may be recycling 2006 scripts, but in the arms race for unoriginality All My Children is going back even further. Apparently Kendall and Ryan are back in fashion again. What could be more exciting then then Ryan and Kendall back together, yet again? I mean seriously. The angst, agony, romance and sorrow of this "iconic couple" – and I use the term so loosely a mac truck could drive right through – will spark the imagination of fans, immediately make All My Children "must watch TV" and save the genre from itself. Ryan the superhero, Kendall the second guesser and Zach the man who never loses are here to save the day! Whoop-de-do-da-day, inspiration abounds! I’m so happy I need to take a prescription drug to calm my excitement.

I know that many General Hospital fans think that it is the worse of the three ABC soaps, but I enjoy it exponentially more than All My Children, even with the mob. Only in the world of soaps do shows such as All My Children and Days of Our Lives have their ratings go up while shows like One Life to Live are hanging on for dear life.  All My Children even beat General Hospital in the ratings. I’ll let everyone draw their own conclusions about what that means, but it says something.

In Other AMC News: Liza Colby is returning to Pine Valley and apparently she earned a law degree from Legal Eagle For Dummies: The Accelerated Degree Program. I’ll bet she even has a certificate to prove it.

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    Technically speaking most law school programs are 3 years long. She’s actually been gone long enough to finish school and pass the bar, but would she realistically have any work experience? In soap time, I guess it doesn’t matter. I think most soap characters finish medical school much quicker than Liza becoming a lawyer (i.e. Lucy ATWT).

    We all knew Ryan would be all over Kendall as soon as Greenlee was gone again. I haven’t like Ryan since the first time they were together. After being forced through two cycles of Greenlee, I really wish he’d leave already. Cameron Mathison needs to get a full-time hosting gig so we can finally be free of Ryan Lavery. Kendall deserves a new man because perennial 3rd choice Aidan (who always loses the girl usually to Ryan or Zach) will have his hands full with psycho Annie.

    I think the ratings don’t really say all that much unless your number 1 Y&R or last place GL. Pretty much the rest of the numbers are the same at around a 2 +/- .1

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    When I heard the ratings, the first thing I said was truly armegedon is upon us. Days and AMC up, GH and OLTL behind AMC. WHAT?? ICAM with you regarding GH and AMC. GH has inconsistent writing but a tremendous cast and complex characters. AMC on the other hand boasts incomprehensibly bad writing and charcters that have turned into cartoon versions of themselves. Moreover, this show has apparently forgotten how to bring back characters or bring in new characters – there is no other explanation for why they feel like they have to have one character that is involved in every single story on the canvas. (I love david, but really?? he is amanda’s baby daddy, mourning Greens, warring with the Martins AND the Chandlers AND the Hubbards, KWAKs new hubby, Kendall’s doctor and the new hospital COS. All we need is for him to buy a few shares of Fusion and have a client-hooker past with Randi and we will be all set.) As a HUGE FORMER Rendall fan, I have to wonder what Pratt is smoking not to understand that the operable word in that sentence is FORMER. That ship sailed the minute Ryass bedded Greenlee and turned into he of the whispering yell or as sonyab calls him I AM THAT GUY. Add to that the fact that poor TK got the Melissa Archer/KeMo treatment when it looked like his contract negotiations were going south…the show is just a mess.

    I stuck with The City, Port Charles, and Loving ALL the way to the bitter end, so when I say I am close to taking it off the DVR you know thats a bad sign.

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    I agree with you on the AMC front. It is really hard to watch, but I still think it is a little better than GH. I am still trying to get over the trash that was the toxic balls storyline. As far as repeating the same storylines, no one beats General Hospital. Frons’ order that Jasam and Clauson be put together Character-Driven storylines be damned has made the show unwatchable. They have thrown Sam into every storyline even when she so obviously does not fit in to the story. Kate has gone insane overnight, very much like Logan did to prop JoLu. The show is just souless.

    The only couple that really is still watchable is Scrubs and if rumors are true it looks like they will be destroyed soon. At least AMC still has characters that I enjoy watching (Amanda, Jessie and Angie, Erica, Adam, JR, etc.) Who does GH have? The saddest part is that GH probably has the most talented cast on ABC. Guza needs to be fired and Pratt deserves a little more time but if he keeps this up, he should be shown the door also.

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    Luke Kerr

    I agree that with all eight soaps ratings don’t matter over all, but within ABC the fact that OLTL beat GH in the fall and now AMC is beating GH makes it a trend and it doesn’t bod well for GH if it continues. GH is supposed to be the ratings flagship on ABC. If it gets beat by OLTL and AMC then things are probably getting reviewed.

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    It’s a sad day when there’s such hearty competition for Worst Soap. For my money, AMC is laughably bad, DAYS is pitiful and boring and GH has no heart or soul, and I actually stopped watching B&B a few weeks ago.

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    Lily Taylor17

    I’m convinced that AMC only beat GH in the ratings because GH is available to watch on line at anytime.
    Sadly, the only one thinking that Ryan can’t be ALONE and always has to have someone is FRONS and Pratt. It sure isn’t the vast majority of the viewers.

    It’s a shame Zendall was destroyed for this. Time to watch Days, I guess. I’m not watching this mess.

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    Apparently, Pratt can’t resist repeating every failed storyline that AMC has ever played. The Ryan/Kendall redux just smacks of desperation and futility. Just how many times must Ryan “choose” Kendall after Greenlee/Annie/(insert any other name) leaves or dies?

    Ryan has become little more than a festering penis that needs constant and immediate soothing from the nearest married woman. The only thing more insulting than having Kendall experience “grief sex” yet again, is the idea of Ryan crawling into bed after the death of his latest true love or other bad news. Seems like Ryan has some serious abandonment issues that his short-lived therapy sessions didn’t cure.

    Damn, and to think that AMC gave Pratt Executive Producer power. No wonder we haven’t seen anything original since his arrival. He has approval and control over his own crap. Will this madness end before Pratt destroys every single character on the show?

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    This is my first post, but I had to comment. Zach, Kendall and Team Slater is the only reason I once tuned into All My Children. Obviously, with the recent regression of both established characters I haven’t watched since the Slater’s love making. That Monday show garnered a 2.4 rating. Friday’s show of that week earned a 1.9 rating, so I cannot fathom why those in charge continue to throw nonsensical plot points at the show’s popular pairing only to effect the ratings negatively. Alicia Minshew, Thorsten Kaye and their pairing consistantly take top spots in polls, yet each writer tries harder than the last to destroy them, why? I refuse to watch characters I know be trashed for less popular ones. Zach and Kendall Slater belong together and when they are reunited working on their marriage against lying, manipulative interlopers, I may tune in again.

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    I don’t watch GH–but it’s hard to imagine that it is worse than AMC. I mean, Kendall and Ryan jumping into bed as soon as they get home from a morgue?? What a turn on. There’s nothing like the smell of embalming fluid to get those juices flowing.

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    I watch all three shows.. just got into OLTL this year bc of how God awful AMC and GH have been.. OLTL is by FAR better than either show right now.. and this is from a DIEHARD GH fan..
    Both are torture to get through..If it weren’t for Thorsten Kaye and Michael E. Knight I wouldn’t bother with AMC anymore.. Ever since the departure of Alexa Havins and Sabine Singh it’s just pitiful.. Rendall again? gag me
    On the GH front.. I love spinnelli..hate this storyline.. Hate the robin junk but I haven’t been a fan of Robin since she ran around playing holier than thou with Michael’s paternity..JoLu..boring.. uhh what else is there on that show right now? anything.. oh CarJax.. they’re ok..
    OLTL is telling STORIES..Shane’s Leukemia, Matthew’s being crippled, Marty/Cole’s relationship, Todd and his kids, Blair being stabbed, the baby swap… it goes on and on and it’s never dull..these are well written stories unlike GH and AMC which are character driven (actor driven) stories.. I long for the days when Ricky Martin (dis)graced our tvs as Miguel and Lucky was a rebellious kid.. *sigh*

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    I watch all three ABC shows too, although these days “watch” for me is such a strong word. I guess you’d say “follow” would be more correct with AMC. I can’t remember the last time I sat down and watched an entire episode. Wait, yes I can, Eileen Hurley’s tribute episode in December. GH was watchable during the Toxic Balls s/l (God help me) but has reverted to being relatively S.S.D.D. unwatchable once again. Only OLTL is must-see soap for me. Can’t understand why TPTB insist on what couples they want us to like on AMC and GH, and why they’re ignoring the outcry from polls that want to see Zendall and Liason, not to mention Jake and Amanda and Spixie. Give me those four couples in s/l’s that haven’t already been done ad nauseum and I promise I’ll watch full episodes again! Until then, you can find me in Llanview where the stories are compelling and the characters are recognizable people that I care about.

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    Jamey Giddens

    The View is still posting record ratings now that it’s online, so GH won’t be able to claim that one. I think it’s the fact that the show killed so many popular pairings at once. Skate, Liason, LuSam, Ric and Claudia, etc. 

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    I totally agree on the Rendall front- dull, dull, dull. I’m a *huge* fan but this past week was the first week that I felt he and Alicia Minshew “owned” the show and, believe it or not, I absolutly couldn’t stand it!
    I found myself talking to my family and doing other things during all the Rendall scenes and only really watching during the paltry bits of the show I am enjoying.

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    I cannot believe that the writers and producers of AMC are so out of touch with how the viewers feel about Ryan. On the message board they call him “Ryass”! You would think that the powers that be would tune into all the blogs and message boards where people are screaming about the way this has gone and then get a clue.
    The only way to get through to their thick heads is to quit watching the show. I’ve watched it since 1970 when I was 12 and have watched it through thick and thin. The only thing that has saved me is the ability to forward through scenes and people I don’t like. The minute Ryan pops up with his mouth hanging open, my finger’s on the control. Now that he and senseless Kendall are back together, and I quote her, “I just need to know what this is!”, I am about ready to dump the show after all these years.

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    Ratings were up for 1 week, and that was a week in some big markets there was no school because of weather.

    Ratings actually do matter in the long run, ratings generate ad revenue.

    By the end of that week, AMC was back down to 1.9 on a Friday. It was Monday’s show that made the overall rating go up

    Not exactly something for AMC to want to brag about.

    The Ryan/Kendall stuff is one of the worst storylines to come about so far, and that says alot given this is Pratt.

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    I totally agree. Ryan is blaming everyone for Greenlee’s death but he should really look in the mirror. He’s the one that told GL that the wedding was off and misinformed her about Zack and Reese…knowing that GL would have to find out the truth…as far as him and Kendall that is a sick way to greive for someone that the both of them claim they love….they should really lose Ryan..maybe he should have been the one to get driven off the road…and where’s his daughter….it’s like she doesn’t exist it’s bad enough emma’s mom is crazy now her dad has lost it too…

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