Jeanne Cooper’s Marge Back to Being “Restless” Again

Now before you ask, no Aunt Maria and Uncles Hogan and Scott aren’t channeling the late James E. Reilly. According to TV Guide, on March 26, The Young and the Restless will dedicate a special show around the hustling hash slinging waitress Marge (Jeanne Cooper). Marge will be exhumed for DNA testing. Kudos to the fab four over at Y&R for showing that young bucks in the industry aren’t the ones that fans are clamoring to see and should be centered upon. Remember folks, do as our Uncle Jamey says: "VOTE WITH YOUR REMOTE," because this is going to be a episode you will not want to miss!

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    I voted with my remote and tuned that crap out. Y&R sucks, at first I thought maybe it was just me but my grandma also stopped watching and people on one of the message boards I post at said the same thing. When I read what you guys write about Y&R I feel like we are watching two different shows. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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    I couldn’t agree more. I don’t think Y&R sucks, but it’s pretty damn close. I’m tired of them dragging out the Katherine amnesia storyline and the storyline between Neil and Tyra is so contrived and forced. Eva Marcille has improved, but her acting is still stilted and tried. They need to either bring back Drucilla if possible or get rid of both Tyra and Karen and bring in someone that is more his own age besides Karen.

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    I love what they are doing on the show…and kudos to Ms. Cooper. My God…tour de-force regardless of what she is given…Yes the African-American storyline sucks…but hell what can u do with a boring character like Neil…? lol…Get some new black blood…someone who isn’t all good…cause we “african-americans” have different shades…

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    “I used to like Days of Our Lives and still watch it faitfully online, but it’s starting to suck too.”

    Starting to suck?! LOL! There’s performers I enjoy on DooL, but Corday, Tomlin and Higley are suffocating that show like a rich old aunt in a nursing home.

    Y & R is far from perfect, although I enjoy it quite a bit most of the time; but I don’t think any show pleases everyone all the time. To each his/her own, I guess. I mean, there seems to be lots of people out there who like ATWT, but I just can’t get into it at all — it hurts my eyes to watch!

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    Fab four? More like four horseman of the apocalypse!! I’m all for equal opportunity, but when you drag out a story 4x longer than it should be, for no reason, you don’t deserve to have a show. Hopefully this show ends, the pointless saga, that they seem to ruin like everything else!

    I love JC, but I am loathe to give this nightmare team any more slack in their ropes.

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    I really disagree about the pacing. I think it has been pretty good. In fact, things that I expect the show to drag out it hasn’t. I expected Jill to fight the DNA test. She said she would but then test was done very quickly. I expected Jill to fight the publishing of the memoir, it happened very quickly too. I thought Billy/Chloe/Lily would hide the baby’s paternity. Nope, Cane found out the truth very quickly. I thought that Pearl stealing the ring from Mrs. C. would drag on and create more complications than it actually did. All in tbe stories seem to be moving at a great speed to me. Sometimes, as in the case of Tyra and Neil, I feel like they might be going a little too quickly.

    I remember the days where Nikki and Lorie would speak for days about “something heavy going down” before anything actually ever happened.

    Is the Marge/Katherine switcheroo a bit hard to swallow? Sure, but it was 20 years ago too.

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    Y&R isn’t as good as it was last fall, but it’s still pretty good – and with OLTL are these the two best daytime soaps on the air right now.

    As for the Katherine storyline: I’m glad when it’s ending. Not because I don’t like Jeanne Cooper or anything. But this story is just a month to long by now. And I don’t think that Annie, Clint and Roger were really that good for this storyline. To be honest: These three maked the worst point.

    But to say that Y&R sucks, that’s just not true. It sucked two years ago! And to that crap what they gave us back then – this is a golden hour of TV what we get there now.

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    All of this with the DNA testing and the long, slow, illogical pacing of Kay’s death/not death is awful, especially in contrast to Kevin’s mental breakdown, which happened in almost the blink of an eye.

    Other stories also seem to go on and on and on, with the same smarmy, unpleasant characters like Victor or Nick or Billy saying the same things over and over.

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    We must not be watching the same show, because Y&R kicks ass on a regular! The Katherine story has been dragging, but it will be wrapping up soon. The Karen/Neil/Tyra story needs to be scrapped, but other than that, it’s appointment TV.

    This show, OLTL, & GL are the only shows out of the 8 putting out consistent quality programming for their mans to enjoy. And, I greatly appreciate that. :)

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    I must vehemently disagree with you, cheesehead19182. Soaps may be a bit down right now, but I don’t believe they are over — not by a long shot. Soaps are a uniquely American art form, and, like all art forms, has its creative ups and downs.

    The soaps crank out 5 eps a week, barring CBS’ March Madness and holiday bowl games, all year long. Under those circumstances, some days are diamonds while others are rocks. It is to be expected. No show can be counted on to be perfect every minute.

    What would replace the soaps anyway? Reality crap? “Cold Case” reruns? No thanks. I’ll just stay with the imperfect soaps and support an industry that I love.

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    WoW, some do not agree that is fine. Y&R is really good! My show GL is kickass right now, and I hear OLTL is good, it is an easy show to follow I just do not care for it but they have some great stories but to me the acting is not that good.

    I think as a whole Soaps are no not what they were in 80’s to even early 2000’s but that aaint a bad thing either I actually think the soaps well the one’s I watch GL, ATWT, Y&R, and DAYs are somewhat trying and telling good stories.

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    I agree with the posters that say YR is overrated right now.

    Yes, MAB came in and gave the show some new life but somewhere along the road it went off course the past few months. No matter how they try to spin the Winters family they are just not interesting without their heart and soul, Drucilla. The Cane, Lily, Billy, Chloe stuff loss interest a long time ago yet they keep dragging it out..same with the Kay storyline. I won’t even comment on this Sharon mental health just seems they are using a mental issue as a reason to turn this character into a hooker and kleptomaniac. Quite disturbing if you ask me.

    They keep pushing Victor as this great romantic lead but I just see him as a nasty 70 year old man who is rude to everyone including his own family.

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    As of now none, I am done with the soaps, I had watched them since ’93 when I was 10 years old. All the soaps have run their course and need to go off, none of them are what they used to be and I dont think anyone really enjoys them anymore. My grandma also stopped watching Y&R this year too. If you can’t keep a long time veiwer like her interested its over.

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    As of now none, I am done with the soaps, I had watched them since ’93 when I was 10 years old. All the soaps have run their course and need to go off, none of them are what they used to be and I dont think anyone really enjoys them anymore. My grandma also stopped watching Y&R this year too. If you can’t keep a long time veiwer like her interested its over.

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