Real Andrews: New York Bound?

Remember Taggert? Real Andrews portrayed the tough as nails Port Charles police officer on General Hospital that was constantly a thorn in Sonny’s side and gave Jason Morgan his "anger boy" nickname. According to Andrews himself, he is New York bound to the set of One Life to Live. The actor updated his twitter profile twice today:

Going to New York with Son to audition for "one life to live"

All done with the auditionthanks for your well wishes in Ggos hands now on my way home oh by the way the best part is time with my son

Of course I had to check with my girl Tina to get the scoop and see just what role Real could be auditioning for. The RUMORS have two possible characters. One would be a new cop hitting Llanview to replace the exiting Antonio and Talia (Kamar de los Reyes and BethAnn Bonner) or he may have auditioned to play Rachel’s boyfriend.

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    Luke Kerr

    Interesting development. Let’s hope that if he were to join as a cop they write him better than Taggart was written on GH. Otherwise we’re going to have John – the staring superhero – McBain and Taggart the obsessive blusterer 2.0. 

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    I wouldn’t even mind if Taggert was brought back but on OLTL.
    Here is an idea to mind history. Bring back the character Joshua West-Hall. Whom adopted by Ed and Carla Hall. They could also bring back Ellen Holly as his adoptive mother.

    Now that would bring something to show.

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