Sam McCall and Special Agent Rayner, The Next Big GH Couple?

The other day Regan was telling me that one of the rumors out there is that Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) may try to seduce Special Agent Rayner (Mark Pinter) to save Spinelli (Bradford Anderson). Which got me thinking, if this actually happened, could these two be General Hospital’s next big money couple? Sam has been paired with Sonny, Jason, Jax, Ric and Lucky, but maybe the problem all these years is that she wasn’t with a powerful enough man? Rainer fits that description perfectly, considering he’s the long arm of the law.

Are Sam and Special Agent Rayner GH’s next big couple?

Sam McCall and Special Agent Rayner, The Next Big GH Couple?

  • No! Agent Rainer is too old for Sam. (41%, 295 Votes)
  • As long as Sam showered before sleeping with someone else, they might be the next big couple. (39%, 284 Votes)
  • Yes! They have undeniable sexual chemistry. (20%, 142 Votes)

Total Voters: 721


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  1. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Ya know, I cant even get in a lather about what is obviously another bash sam thread. In the end, Sam is still front burner and her portrayer remains a highly valued member of the cast by fans and tptb. Meanwhile, Lizard looks like she will either by backburnered (ReH moved to recurring or low-ball contract) AND/OR she will once again be a lying, backstabbing be-yotch when she gets her groove on with her best friends drunken hubby.

    All I can say is of the trifecta of suck, one went off a cliff (greenme), one may be close to leaving the show (Lizard) and that just leaves one to go (nora). I figure I am at 1 1/2 out of 3!

  2. Profile photo of blackjack21

    know what? if he treats her great and showers her with the love and respect that fizzled in other relationships, why not?

    please be kind people there’s still alot of sam love out there.

  3. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    I like Agent Raynor so I picked option B , he still has to get his freak and if Spam is willing to give it up than I say go for it just as long as she showers…LOL

  4. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Good point blackjack! All I want for Sam is a guy that loves and appreciates her! And we all know KeMo has chem with everyone, so that’s not a problem :)

    But I really would like a Rayner/Alexis pairing. I know we’ve already got lots of newbies, but I *adore* Mark Pinter and I’d love to see him stick around.

  5. Profile photo of BigDede

    Where is the Liz hate coming from? Luke didn’t even mention her!

    I still believe, truly believe that the character of Sam should be on OLTL. Let her go up against Blair for John. I can picture her and Todd mixing it up. I want to see her go up against Natalie also.

  6. Profile photo of elbugten

    BigDede please keep Sam McCall FAR AWAY from my beloved Llanview! It’s bad enough that most plots eventually involve John McBrood, but if Sam were to move to Llanview, Fronsie would insist on pairing them together and the two would eat the entire show. Instead, move John McBrood to GH. It’s easy; he used to work for the FBI so he knows Raymer. PCPD needs a good cop to show them how it’s done.

    Oh, yes, back to the original question: I’d rather see Rayner w/ Alexis. I love Mark Pinter, and I see chemistry there w/ him and NLG.

  7. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I can picture her and Todd mixing it up

    AAAHHH!!! BigDede, if you meant “mixing it up” as in, she punches him in the face repeatedly, then I’m all for it. But if you mean it as in romance/sex – HECK NO!!! Keep that horrible rapist away from my girl, lol!

  8. Profile photo of BigDede

    I can see Sam getting hurt by Todd and getting revenge. Sam is GREAT at getting revenge. Or Sam could pretend to love Todd and steal his money and leave Todd broke so he tries to go after Sam to get his money back.

    Also yes, Frons would insist on Sam and John being paired together and they might not have that great chemistry they had on Port Charles since he isn’t a vampire/rock star and she isn’t as bad of a girl as she was on that show. But I can see them flirting and fighting.

  9. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Where is the Lizard hate coming from? This entire thread was to give the Lizard folks a chance to say things like “he has a penis, therefore he has all that Sam requires” so how about Where is all the Sam hate coming from?

    This post is simply an opporutnity, or should I say another opportunity to insinuate Sam is a tramp. Meanwhile Lizard is oogling Patrick and making herself oh so available and supportive and she is going to support him until he is in her bed. I think its far more likely that we will see a true Piz sex scene than a Raynor/Sam sex scene.

  10. Profile photo of Johnathon

    @ topic–

    No I dont want them to be together, sam deserves someone better imo.

    @EET –

    *Sigh* I think you are right, why does Liz have to make kissy face with Patrick? Can’t she go make Kissy face with her cop that never solves a crime ex-husband? So what if it will drive him back to the drugs, just lets move forward and not destroy couples PLEASE -.-, but its Guza and Frons so the good must die lol.

    I wish i could have seen GH when it was GOOD :(.

  11. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    The thread is about Sam and Rayner (by the way, I love the rhyme of no brainer) because that is the spoiler. The rumor is that she will attempt to con him and play “kissy face” with him. That is what she does and is good at. It was what she did with Jerry. It isn’t out of character. Is the thread slamming her just because it mentions her current storyline? I have to laugh at the Sam defense because her fans want posts about her but don’t want anything negative. Is that even possible?

  12. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Well, actually it’s under “Crazy and Random Rumors” so to say it’s a “spoiler” sueboo is a bit misleading :) And yes, it is possible to post things about Sam that aren’t negative – her fans do it all the time :)

  13. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I agree, Sueboo, this was in the spoilers and I give this as much weight as the time when you insisted that we were wrong to protest all the hate heaps on Sam for the “spoiled” Jerry/Sam sex that never happened. There is a reason why Regan warns us which ones are definates and which ones to take with a grain of salt.

    But hey, I guess Team Sam should let you all poke your fun, since thats all Team Lizard has left – that and Robin’s sloppy seconds BWAHAHAHAHAHA.

  14. Profile photo of jasamlila

    I hate that All u LIZ fans always make Sam out to be such a slut when Liz Has been with most the Sam guys as Sam for one. Liz is not perfect like u want everyone to think. I glad she’s actually taking care of the kids now instead off chasing Jason around.Miss I”M not sure who fathered my kids.

  15. Profile photo of ConqueringBlue

    Can’t really picture Sam with Agent Rayner, but would like to see him and Alexis together. I just don’t want him to end up being a shady FBI Agent, I’d like to actually see him as the “good guy”. We’ve already seen Alexis paired with both Ric and Jerry, who were both kind of like scum in the end, then of course there was Sonny. I hate how they make all the police and feds out to be slimey and evil, while hitman Jason is the hero.

  16. Profile photo of lvnjasliz

    If not agent Rayner, I was all for a Sam seduces Edward storyline, but in all honesty, I’m still waiting for Sam to lose everything and everyone and pay for her past crimes. I’ve been dying for a broke Sam gets evicted from her apartment, can’t find a job because she abandoned all oppurtunities handed to her to better herself and make herself more marketable, and eventually we see her turn back to prostitution to survive, and see her keep it her little secret. Then and only then can Sam be Redeemed and perhaps even gain my sympathies. But she still hasn’t lost anything, or paid for any crime she has ever committeed, so to me she can not change until she stops getting away with her cr ap.

  17. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    lvnjasliz, no offense, but the only people that would like that story are people that hate Sam. Sam fans would *hate* it, lol! And I think the time for her to pay for what she’s done has come and gone. She’s going to be like everyone else on the show and pretty much get away with her crimes. As a Sam fan, I actually did want Nik and Alexis to find out about what she did and I wanted them to be totally disgusted (but still love her.) I wanted her to hit rock bottom, forcing her to re-evaluate who she is and who she wants to be – that would have been a great story.

    However, a prostitution story is NOT what I want to see. There would be no reason for it, and the show is already misogynistic, so why add to that? I’m assuming when you say “back to prostitution” you’re talking about when she conned men out of money. Now that’s not prostitution that’s a “con” but even so, she was in a different phase of her life. Young, uneducated, taking care of her brother, all alone. It was wrong, but understandable. But now, she would have absolutely no reason to do that… There are much better stories for women on soaps than Prostitution Stories.

  18. Profile photo of soapoperafan

    :) :) I totally agree with GHlover. That is what I was going to say too. There were lots of sparks between Alexis and Raynor. I know Mark has family on the east Coast and that his wife has been ill but I want GH to keep him around. This is his best role since Grant Harrison on AW. Victoria Wyndham where are you?

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