Don Diamont’s Bill Spencer Jr. “Likely Paired” With Donna

Can I call it, or can I call it? I tried to tell all of y’all who got happy thinking the arrival of Don Diamont (ex-Brad, The Young and the Restless) to The Bold and the Beautiful’s canvas might actually mean Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke), Hunter Tylo (Taylor) or Lesli Kay (Felicia) would get a decent leading man that Diamont would no doubt be pawned off on one of the soap’s less-than-leading ladies. I predicted Diamont’s Bill Spencer Jr. would be destined for one of the two younger Logan sisters, and guess where Diamont tells TV Guide‘s Michael Logan, Bill is heading first? Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis)! 

But back to B&B. Diamont says Bill will likely be paired with curvy bubblehead Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis). However, this near-incestuous soap really needs new male blood, so look for him to spread his sexual charms widely."

Seriously, Donna is the worst character in the history of The Bold and the Beautiful. When is Brad Bell going to stop shoving her down our throats? Also, why don’t they just hang furniture on Lesli Kay‘s arms already?

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    Seriously, what did Lesli Kay do to never get a storyline or a man? She is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses on daytime and she is being wasted on that stupid show.

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    Jillian Bowe

    WHY IN THE NAME OF BILL AND LEE BELL WHY!?! I was trying to say some hail marys for Lesli Kay but this is just another travesty in the House of Brad Bell….

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    When I initially read Don Diamont’s interview in TV Guide, I was sickened. WHY must Bill Spencer, Jr. be paired with Donna, a horrible character who has little to no rooting value. This will hurt the likeability and, therefore, viability of Don’s character. I was convinced that the shambles (B&B) I have patiently watched for the past several months included the producers and writers biding their (and our) time as they hammered out these HORRID “story-lines” while preparing to introduce us to a resurgent “The Bold & the Beautiful” with the addition of Don, the short term reintroduction of Joanna Johnson and the addition of Martha Byrne to the writing team. However, I am forever optimistic when it comes to daytime dramas. Therefore, I will have to give the show the benefit of the doubt and tune in to see what they do.

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    Simply because Donna has more history with the Spencer men than most when apart from Stephenie – No one in the right mind will set anyone with Hag so Donna is the first Victim. Since she is a former model and the Spencer have a publishing Industry she and Jr might meet through that angle.

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    I know the past Donna has history with the Spencer, but I hate Donna now and hope that it would be for Lesli Kay’s Felicia, who definitely needs a s/l and a love interest, ASAP. Donna is a big flop, Brad, and people hate her and no one cares about her so get rid of her and pair him with Felicia.

    PS, I would of love if Pam would of went crazy and kill Donna on site.

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    FREE LESLI KAY! Send her to Y&R or somewhere else she’d actually get to be onscreen. Why is Donna so popular? The only new man I’d like to see around her is Marcus’ father. That at least would be logical, if maybe Marcus went looking for him. Lesli Kay and Don Diamont would be a hot couple on B&B.

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    Melvins mom

    Well, you can add me to the list of those wanting DD to be paired with Lesli Kay. I am so tired of the Logan women on that show that I can barely tolerate much more. Oh, well, I guess we’re supposed to feel sorry for Donna’s “honey bear” when the time comes for him to discover Donna’s betrayal. It’s sad when even Don Diamont’s arrival, which one would think would spark some excitement to view upcoming shows, ends up frustrating more viewers because he’ll be sucked into the Donna/Brooke/Katie orbit.

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    Luke Kerr

    Send Lesli Kay to Y&R and put her in a hot triangle with Michael and Lauren as the seductress who tries to steal Michael away. What was Lauren and Felicia’s history back in the day?

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    Darren Lomas

    If this actually happens I will puke. Enough with the Donna/Katie nonsense… nobody cares. Shoving them down our throats even more is not going to help…

    Maybe she will slather honey on him too…

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    Oh damn I was actually anticipating Diamont coming to BB and was ready to set the DVR. What does Lesli Kay have to do to finally get a man or a storyline on this show?!

    On the bright side maybe the tryst will last 5 minutes..long enough to break up Donna and Eric. Then they can move Bill Jr to a suitable leading lady like Lesli Kay or Hunter Tylo. We can only hope because I don’t understand Brad Bell’s infatuation with the Logan women.

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    Lesly Kay may have been good on ATWT but her character on B&B is stupid. A whining 50+ woman who meddels in her parent’s love life and who had a hand in Stephanie’s rape of Brooke after doing her mother’s dirty work and spying on Brooke.
    She has ZERO chemistry with the men on the show while Jennifer Gareis proved she can hold her own even against Stephanie. Donna Logan was also the one who took down Bill Spencer, so pairing her with Bill Jr is a move in the right direction.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Lesly Kay may have been good on ATWT but her character on B&B is stupid.
    That’s the writer’s fault, not the actresses, and as for stupid characters, Donna calls a man "honey bear" and uses sweetener as a sex toy. Plus…Gareis can’t act.

    She has ZERO chemistry with the men on the show
    Kay is so hot she even has chemistry with they guys who play her brother! She had amazing chemistry with Jack Wagner and Brandon Beemer. She even had chemistry with the men from Y&R during her crossover, and again. she can act! Gareis can’t.

    while Jennifer Gareis proved she can hold her own even against Stephanie
    I must have missed this episode.

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    Jamey, you are correct, Jennifer can’t act and I am so sick of Donna I wish Pam would of kill her already. DD should be pair with Felicia and not the HO-Gan and repair the legacy show Bill and Lee Bell wrote.

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    I’m sick and tired of Donna too. But something good might come out of her hooking up with this new guy, what’s his name? Bill. Get this, Donna cheats on Eric with Bill, Eric sees her as the mistake which he made and gets Donna the hell out of his life. Back with Stephanie? Hmmmm… I don’t know, and i really don’t care, just anyone but Donna, plus I don’t think he can handle Stephanie any way. So Bill then loses Donna and finds someone else more eligible, Donna tries to get Eric back, ummm ah ha, no. She’s so devastated from being used that she goes back to West Bumbleduck or wherever the hell she sprung from, she can take or leave with Marcus unless Marcus gets a new love interest cause Steffy does not deserve him. Rick can go and hide under a rock for all I care. Someone needs to kill him. I still think he should’ve died and left Phoebe alive. Somehow I still refuse to believe that Phoebe is dead, yes, i did see the episode, but gosh…

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