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Here’s the Scoop! 03.19.09

So what should they call it? If you could name Sam, Spinelli and Winifred’s new P.I. Agency what would you call it? RUMOR has it there may be a fourth character being added into the P.I. mix. Any guesses as to whom? Sam steps up again to help save Spinelli by destroying the evidence against him. Will Agent Rayner catch her?

April is going to be a busy month…Robin’s PPD comes to a head, the hospital re-opens, Helena returns and the new Michael debuts. What’s with all the stuff happening in non-sweeps periods?

This has been mentioned so I’ll address it as our FANFIC or SPOILER of the day… Are TPTB going to shake up the only true couple they have? They’re already doing a number to the Scrubs marriage with Robin’s Post Partum Depression storyline but Elizabeth’s involvement in their struggles has plenty of RUMORS popping up. One of which is of course a Patrick and Elizabeth hook-up. Now, these RUMORS/FANFIC/SPOILERS can have some truth to them with a little too much imagination added in so tread carefully when reading. Remember, Patrick will find Robin in Rochester and see her with Brad in what he believes is an after they did the deed moment. These SPOILERS go onto say that when Robin returns to Port Chuck, she admits to her PPD but leaves the Brad part of the story out of it. Patrick knows his wife is keeping secrets. Will Robin tell Lainey about Brad? RUMORS say yes but here’s where the FANFIC may come in. It SEEMS these RUMORS have been taken a step further with Patrick seeking out his confidante Elizabeth and the pair going a little too far. Will they put the brakes on? The RUMORS say yes but they also say this happens during yet another blackout and the only blackout coming is when Helena returns.

Now, it’s at the GH re-opening party that NEW RUMORS have Patrick being named Chief of Staff of General Hospital. Excuse me? What? Monica just got the COS position and now they’re talking it away?

Casting calls… RUMORS of cast cuts, behind the scene peeps losing their jobs due to the economy and we have RUMORS of a casting call? Shock of all shocks, one of the RUMORED parts is for an older male while the other is in his 30’s. I’m not so sure about these RUMORS because of the mentioned cuts but also because the last thing GH needs is another male character let alone two. However, here’s a bone for the Sam fans, the older male MAY be Sam’s daddy. NOW, with Kelly Vegas bound most of the week, this MAY be a story coming down the road and it’s definitely one the fans have been calling for. Throw in the RUMBLES that Alexis is getting more screen time and this RUMOR has some possibilities.

Speaking of the cast cuts… There are still plenty of RUMORS out there and tons of SPECULATION as to what is exactly going on at Prospect Studios. The latest CHATTER has meetings happening all week while the studio has been dark to bring in the new sets. SUPPOSEDLY, some behind the scenes staff got cut and the RUMORS regarding cast cuts have dulled a bit but they’re still there. Some say Rebecca Herbst is still on contract, has already accepted a pay cut and that she actually signed a one year extension.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Remember the drop that Robin’s condition MAY put her life in danger? RUMORS say she MAY get behind the wheel with a little alcohol in her system. All those RUMORS that have Helena on the other end of Rebecca’s phone (which we really haven’t seen her with lately) now the LATEST is that will hear Granny Cassadine before we actually see her. Other Helena related GOSSIP: Ethan is also on her payroll and she MAY have a business associate in Jerry Jacks.

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    “However, here’s a bone for the Sam fans, the older male MAY be Sam’s daddy. NOW, with Kelly Vegas bound most of the week, this MAY be a story coming down the road and it’s definitely one the fans have been calling for. Throw in the RUMBLES that Alexis is getting more screen time and this RUMOR has some possibilities.”

    Why do a casting call when they have a perfectly good candidate for Sam’s father in Robert Scorpio? The two KMs look so much alike in the face they could really be sisters, and if Sam is supposed to be around 30 years old, Alexis could’ve had a random fling with Robert before he even showed up in Port Charles.

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    Well it can’t be Jason, right? Jason will have his head too far up Sonny’s butt to deal with the PIs. How about Johnny, he might have a liking for Maxie, but I don’t think he enjoys being Kate’s eye-candy.

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    I kind want Jason to become PI- I think it will be cool and less mob….
    Is this means that Spinelli won’t be working with Jason anymore??????

    Do You think that they are doing the LIASON thing with Patrick and Elizabeth????
    SEX IN BLACKOUT WHEN THERE IS LIZ -ONLY WITH JASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    ConqueringBlue I think I luv you! LOL Seriously I have been saying it should be Robert Scorpio for months now. You are right that the KM’s look quite a bit alike, but I will take it one step further – what a great way to eventually get Jason out of the mob without getting him out. Robert could pull strings to use the WSB as a trump card to the FBI turning Jason – come to the WSB and we will drop any charges. Their gentleman’s agreement would be that SOnny would be left alone as long as he provides any security intel he hears and continues to keep guns out of the PC harbor. TPTB could still write action adventure but not have it always be our bad guys fighting worse guys. And my goodness Helena’s head would explode at the thought of a Cassadine-Scorpio child. It SHOULD be Robert…but if its not, then they should either make it Sean Donnely or Jeff Webber – someone tied to the canvas.

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    disillusioned GH fan

    Regan, I’ve been seeing some rumors and gossip that TPTB have approached Jonathan Jackson yet again to revive the character of Lucky Spencer. I’m really getting a strong sense that Greg Vaughn is not making TPTB all that happy in his role as Lucky. Even if Jonathan says no, eyt again, I have this feeling Vaughn’s days are numbered?!?

    The COS storyline is confusing me, I don’t get how Monica is COS, but all of a sudden won’t be?? I guess I’m with you on that one… it doesn’t jive or flow with the current way things are.

    I’ve also seen some rumors that Kimberly (Robin) may be leaving GH to focus on other projects… I wonder if the shakeup in their storyline has anything to do with this possible, down the road departure, if at all true?

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    Regan Cellura

    JJ Rumors… I’m pretty sure we’ve discussed them at some point in these spoiler blogs. He was approached he said no. TPTB are no that fond of GV from what the GOSSIP mill says. I hear neither is TG.

    Kim Mc… She had expressed an interest in directing. NS3 was SUPPOSED to be her opportunity to do so. With that stalled, there were RUMORS that she MAY head east to direct a few episodes of OLTL. Again, all RUMORS but she has expressed an interest in other things.

    COS… I’m not so sure I believe this one. But we shall see.

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    To insert Elizabeth into the Scrubs problems is to open war on the actress and character. Why would TPTB do that? Unless to discredit Elizabeth. Any thoughts Regan?

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    Regan Cellura

    As an Elizabeth fan, I can see why some may think that. I understand Elizabeth being a friend to Robin and Patrick, they’re neighbors and co-workers. I don’t see how the FANFIC/RUMOR mentioned today will bode well for the character of Elizabeth or Patrick for that matter.

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    Lets see –

    Robin — ZzZZz Sorry I dont care anymore, maybe once she is over her psyco multiple personality hating her child phase i will get to like Robin again, but not right now, they are destroying her imo and that just sucks lol.

    P.I.’s –

    Ummmmmmmm well it could be worse i guess …maybe lol.

    And my daily "Please get rid/ Recast Ethan!" rant can be placed here :) lol.

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    Hi Regan ,I really wouldn`t like a Patrick and Liz pairing it just makes her look like the biggest whore on the showand I `m so disapointed that Guza is writing Robin this way again for the thrid time ,Everytime we think we are going to get a ggood storyline for Kimberly Guza alway f*** up for her .Why can`t he write anymore about women`s issues because right now he sucks big time.

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    I actually wouldn’t mind an Elizabeth and Patrick pairing as long it’s nothing long term. I may be the only one, but I find the PPD storyline to be one of the only interesting things on the show right now. It’s one of the only non mob-related stories and it deals with something women actually go through in real life. Now granted, not many of them run off and leave their families to go to bars in the middle of the day, but I can see why Robin is so messed up right now. I’d rather watch an Electrick (as their few fans are calling them) and Scrubs triangle than the stupid Claudia and Sonny story, the Nikelodeon quality Winnie and Spinelli story, or the most atrocious of them all, the Ethan/Lulu/Luke/Tracy/Lucky story. And, most importantly I’d rather see Elizabeth with Patrick than back in an insta-pairing with Lucky. Keep Lucky and NotEmily together, they actually have chemistry unlike Stalker Nic and NotEmily. Although, I must admit I liked Lucky and Nic fighting on the docks the other day, that was actually interesting and woke me up.

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    Why any woman would audition for this show is beyond me. Guza has been using this show to perpetuate his distorted views of women to the point of near cancellation,and Frons still won’t take his nose out of this imagination-less douche bag’s ass. I am a dreamer, and will hold tight that one day my dream storyline will happen. You know the one where Robert Scorpio,and Sean Donnelly return to PC with Anna to help Luke and Mac get all the greasy gangsters out of the town their families reside in. Jason can be a PI or a security guard at the haunted star for all I care just as long as I dont have to watch anymore homo-erotic love story of Jason and Sonny. Not that i’m against homo-erotic love stories, but I believe it is a testiment to the disaster of the GH machine that they can manage to make Steve Burton,and Maurice Benard look unattractive.It just seems so simple to me that you almost have to believe it’s an inside job to destroy this show. All you hae to do is cut out about 85% of the gangster crap,keep Jason and Sam apart romantically,bring back ANY Scorpio,and make Tony Geary work more than 3/mo at a time.(God that was hard saying something bad about TG, but i’m at the point where i’m like fuck it people are gonna have to get real about saving this show,and disappearing mid-sentence 3 times a year is no longer cute.)It might also help if MB looked like he gave a rats ass what he was saying anymore.Saying things loud does not make the scene more emotional,as a matter of fact it comes off kind of emotionally,and verbally abusive.Oh now there i’ve gone again and wasted 5 minutes griping about a show that TIIC don’t give a crap about fixing.I’ve been slowing mourning the loss of my favorite show.It is a slow process,and sometimes I read things on here that set me off all over again.Thnx for letting me vent.I know that everybody does not agree with my ideas,but you gotta admit it sounds more interesting than anything we’re seeing,or reading about this show.

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    Thanks Regan for the spoilers not liking them but thanks. So they have made everyone love Sam now so they have to make us want to hate Elizabeth because they have no story for us? Why not give us Liason back and we can all be happy, having our couple back and having Elizabeth having a real story with the man she loves instead of shoving her off on a married man? Again, the writters are not writting the characters the way they are suppose to, they are so far out, it’s a joke.

    Even the whole Robin PPD is stupid. I have never heard of anyone having it and freaking out by cheating on their husbands, they really should have done more research when telling a story about a real condition. I had it after my first son, I was just very depressed but I didn’t go out and cheat on my husband nor did I even want to look at another man.

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    I think I’m just about ready to kick the GH habit — for good. I’ve watched on and off for years, but more and more I’m watching GL, which is making GH look like a cable access puppet show.

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    Regan Cellura

    SCOOP… Does Rebecca have cancer? Michael moves his hand giving Carly hope. Robin doesn’t want to take meds to help her depression. A woman needs treatment after crashing her car with her child inside. Is Robin on the docks when something dire happens? When Robin returns from Rochester she admits there is something wrong but doesn’t necessarily say she has PPD. Robin takes off again! Lainey comes over for "lunch" not really a patient-doctor thing and while Robin MAY be sharing her troubles with her friend, it looks like she clams up at some point. When she runs this time, is it to Jason? Elizabeth isn’t the only one Patrick is confiding in… he also asks Carly some questions about her PPD and Robin is not happy to find that out.

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    Regan Cellura

    From SOD: On Monday, March 30, Rebecca accepts Nikolas’s offer of help…. On Tuesday, March 31, Carly has renewed hope for the future, Maxie flirts with Ethan, much to Lulu’s annoyance, and Rebecca makes a mysterious call. "We’ll be learning a lot more about Rebecca in the coming weeks," teases portrayer Natalia Livingston.

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    Unfortunately, all of our complaints and wishful story ideas are just going to waste. I think (and I already have over a year ago and do not miss it one bit) that we, as fans collectively, should stop watching the show. Let’s have GH plummet to the bottom of the ratings and then, only then, maybe Frons will listen, fire Guza, Phelps and get this show back to form. Hire competent known soap writers or new talent that loves the genre like Sri Rao. Something has to give. This show cannot continue being the convoluted, horrible written, cheaply produced piece of crap that is has spiraled downwards to for the last 5 years. The only way to save GH is stop watching it… TODAY! That’s my GH stimulus plan.

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    So you would rather they bring in someone totally new and unrelated to the canvas than have then bring back the wonderful Tristan Rogers? I dont get that at all. Clearly at some point (and probably sooner rather than later) we WILL be getting a story on Sam’s father – NLG is on contract, so they are paying her NOT to work when they dont use her – this is a way to give story to 2 of the shows leading ladies. IF they intend to tell this story, I would hope that it would lead us to someone with ties to the canvas, otherwise its just another newbie hogging airtime. There are only but so many it can be – for example her father cant be Jimmy Lee Holt because that would make her and Jason related. If you rule out the Cassadines and the Q’s, who else does that leave?

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    Why is Elizabeth always made to look like the bad guy

    It takes two to get your freak on… she is not going after anyone’s man and the men sure as hell are not putting up a fight when they do sleep with her


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    As I said I do not want Liz to sleep with someone in a blackout !!!!!!!!!!!
    The only one she can sleep with is JASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Electrick or Jactrick!! LOL I guess I am sticking with Piz! LOL

    And yes I do blame Lizard more than Patrick if they sleep together – not just because this is SOP for her (remember she slept with Emily’s ex) and not just because I loathe Lizard in general. If I am distraught and I go to a friend, I expect that friend to be the non-emotional voice of reason. If it happens as spoiled, Patrick will be in an emotional tailspin and will be lashing out – which doesnt excuse bad behavior but it certainly explains it. Whats the explanation for Lizard – I want to comfort him? Cant she do that without sex? She’s drunk. She’s lonely? She’s horny? I dont know how they write this without her looking terrible.

    As for Sam’s dad – if the writers are going ahead with a WTD story and Team Lizard doesnt want her daddy to be Robert, who should the daddy turn out to be?

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    The agency of Sam, Spin, and Winn sounds catchy.

    Ugh, we have to sit thru Robin’s PPD another couple weeks? I really feel for the character but enough already.

    I can’t see Elizabeth jumping in the sack with Patrick. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but looking back she would jump into bed after a crisis of her own, not someone else’s. I’m only reading friendship and coworker/neighborly help as Liz’s reason for helping out Patrick AND Robin.

  23. Profile photo of kgbmc

    I agree GH could learn something from GL these days.

    GL is moving quickly these days, telling stories of characters we are invested in and bringing back characters we once loved. I feel like if I miss a day of GL I may miss something.

    GH has the ingredients and actors to do the same but are not doing it. Stories drag on and go nowhere. Like so many of you, I am beyond disappointed. GH was always my favorite and now it is the last one I watch each night.

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    Oh don’t get me wrong EET I definitely want Robert/T. Rogers to come back. I want him and Holly reunited because she is his real true love…but I won’t quibble (no need to slam me on this I know I am in the minority on that point lol).

    What I don’t want is Sam linked in any way shape or form to Robert Scorpio. Nope, nada, no way…just no! Sam is in everything bless her heart but just not this…

  25. Profile photo of OldGHFan

    What’s funny is that EricasEvilTwin doesn’t want Ethan to be the son of Robert and Holly (because only Anna can have his child!!) but she’s all for Sam being Robert child. Hmmmm….interesting.

  26. Profile photo of toytoy74

    Making Sam Roberts daughter discredits his relationship with Anna.Do you expect me to believe he married this woman twice and never mention a long lost daughter?The idea of a ‘I had no idea I was her father’ storyline in the hands of Frons and Guza THE PORT CHARLES HISTORY KILLING MACHINE MAKES ME WANNA PUKE!I’m no expert,but when you have PPD aren’t you too out of sorts to keep up with multiple lies,medical charts,and comatose children that aren’t yours?I would believe this storyline more if they were being lazy and decided to give Robin the Llandview disease of multiple personality disorder.Of course I know that PPD comes in many forms , all i’m saying is isn’t it a co-ink-y-dink that the Fruza machines version of PPD is a lying child abandoning slut?JMO

  27. Profile photo of maxsmom

    How much time before we give up? Guza and Frons have hijacked GH and they are not listening. These spoilers sound like it’s going to get worse before it gets better. I enjoy this site more than the show.

  28. Profile photo of lopsided_cinderella

    I dont want Sam and Robert to be linked in anyway all! And i would like to see patrick and liz have a one night stand , only to get Robin and Jasons asses in gear! Robin is starting to piss me off with her made up life. yes i get she has PPD but I know people who have had PPD , And i think Robins Problems go deeper then her PPD. If Patrick and Liz where to sleep togther it would be both of there faults . If not more Patricks IMO .

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    What’s funny is that EricasEvilTwin doesn’t want Ethan to be the son of Robert and Holly (because only Anna can have his child!!) but she’s all for Sam being Robert child. Hmmmm….interesting.

    OldGHFan: How is that “funny”?? It would be a much better story to have him be Sam’s father. Firstly, Ethan is a newbie no one cares about and Holly is only going to be around for a little while. So to me, there’s limited story there. Plus, how many times can we see ‘newbie son suddenly appears in male character’s life’ (Diego/Lo, Logan/Scotty, Matt/Noah – eventually Dante/Sonny) I mean, enough already with that, lol!

    However if Robert were Sam’s father, that would mean lots of Robert/Alexis stuff which would be GREAT on so many levels, plus Scorpio/Cassadine stuff, plus Sam isn’t a newbie and she actually has a strong fanbase that want to see this story played out.

  30. Profile photo of liason4real

    If the only way for a romantic JaSam is to throw Liz and Patrick under the bus, I can see Frons going for it. Fans threw a fit at the thought of LNL666 redo, having Jason walk in on Liz/Patrick going at it will cause JaSam to go romantic. I would rather Jason and Robin became jealous of Patrick’s friendship with Liz and nothing else. Monica should be COS, not Patrick.

  31. Profile photo of season1217

    What is the age difference between Robin and Sam? Aren’t they supposed to be around the same age. If Alexis had Sam when she was an underage teenager then that would make Robert a statutory rapist.

  32. Profile photo of OldGHFan

    Daisy, I think it’s funny because EricasEvilTwin didn’t want Ethan to be Robert’s because Anna was the only one who should be a mother to his child. In other words, she didn’t want HOLLY to be the mother of Robert’s child. But it’s just fine if Alexis is the mother of Robert’s child because apparently Alexis isn’t as threatening to the R&A relationship as Holly is. :)

  33. Profile photo of toytoy74

    you should record,tivo,or dvr gh. then after about a month has gone by and you realize that you’ve watched a hour twenty minutes of interesting dialogue,and then you feel more justified in tuning out of a show you have a misguided loyalty to(i am of course speaking of myself)I agree with the poster who said this site was more interesting than the show. I have read better storylines from people commenting on their lunch hour then TIIC have come up with in ten years. I think the reason we all get so pissed off is because this show has….
    Tony Geary
    Nancy Lee Grahn
    Ric Hearst
    Sarah Brown
    Kristen Storms, and could have…..

    Finola Hughes
    Tristan Rogers
    Genie Francis(until quite recently)
    Robin Christopher
    Jackie Zeman
    Ron Hale(on a consistent basis) and
    Sebastian Roche……
    if TIIC would get their heads out of their asses.

    These are STELLAR actors that have proven repeatedly(and on different soaps) that if you write them the right dialogue will knock it out of the park every time. The reason there is no heart in their performances anymore is because they are just as exhausted from repeating themselves as we are listening to them do it. Now don’t get it twisted i’m not making excuses for them(especially not with MB,SB,or TG salaries)but it is an explanation.As for RObins PPD storyline…How can she portray it properly when the show clearly doesn’t understand the disease they are covering.

  34. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    OldGHFan: Oh, okay! I didn’t realize it was an Anna/Robert/Holly thing… I guess I’m in the minority because I wouldn’t mind if Robert had a child with someone besides Anna or Holly.

    Season: Are you trying to bring logic into a discussion about GH? What are you thinking?

  35. Profile photo of kgbmc

    Jason and Robin makes more sense to me than Jasam. Elizabeth and Patrick are just a way to throw some character under the bus, I am just not certain which one(s).

  36. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    OldGH – when I am wrong, I am wrong. You got me! :8) I hate the idea of a Robert Holly baby and probably in the throws of my Robert Anna love I said NO ONE. And I meant it…unless its alexis…. LOL. I am 100% guilty of being inconsistent on that one. All I can say is OOPS

    I guess I just know that Ethan being Robert and Holly’s ALMOST gives her some sort of parity with Anna and me NO LIKEY! LOL Whereas Alexis was with someone briefly, so a child, even one as awesome as Sam, wouldnt necessarily be a challenge to Anna’s A1 status. As for the age thing, Robert left Anna right after Robin was conceived because he found out she was a double agent, so its not a problem for Robin and Sam to be roughly the same age. I dont know how old Robert is compared to Alexis. I think we could fudge it a little – that Robert was 24 and Alexis was nearly 18. If we can buy Kristina is now 15 and Michael 17, whats a little play.

    And yes, I want it to be Sam and not Ethan. Ethan is a newbie and I cant seem them bringing on two expensive actors to support his story (TR and ES) If they brought TR as SAM’s father, I think it gives a lot more substance to play other than the big reveal. He would HATE Sam’s choices and that would cause conflict. But Sam is more action adventure and in that respect a lot more like Robert – how would that play with Robin. It gives us a legit avenue for Jason to do something more than just mob, assuming we are in fact going to get JaSam. And any actor on the show benefits in terms of story and airtime whenever their story somehow intersects with Jason or Sonny, thats just the reality of GH.

    But okay, if not Robert, how about Sean – he is younger. What about Jeff webber? As much as I am for it being Robert, I am AGAINST it being some random, non historical character.

    Lizard, yes, its typically her getting comfort and not giving it, but she also is a character that doesnt like being alone and she doesnt have a problem being with someone her friend had a major thing with. Robin wasnt that long gone from Jason when Lizard starting flirting with him. Emily wasnt over with Zander all that long when Lizard slept with him. Lizard was trying to buddy up to sam and then still bedded Jason.

  37. Profile photo of pisces

    Lol, Spinelli’s angels; that’s cute. But I don’t see Maxie leaving Crimson to be a PI. She’s too worried about breaking a nail to actually get her hands dirty, unless her “essential person” (did I mension how tired I am of that phrase?) is in danger. I would love to see Spinelli do something without help or without someone trying to constantly protect him. He would have more confidence, and consequentially need less protection from himself, if more people believed in him. I think that’s most of his problem. People don’t believe in him the way he wants them to, so he doesn’t believe in himself.

    I think Maxie could only hinder the PI business because she would always be trying to keep Spinelli from doing what he needs to do, or she would try to help him and end up making him feel like less of a man than he already does. She seems to be really good at that, whether or not that’s what she intends to do.

  38. Profile photo of pxlbarrel

    Such interesting suggestions as to who could be Sam’s father. LOL

    Personally, I can’t see Robert as the father for simply the fact that I never got the impression that he was much of a womanizer, especially during the years between Holly and Anna (the second time round). When he was with Holly he was devoted to her and afterwards, he was back in Port Charles and we saw who he went out with… so I can’t see how Alexis would be there somewhere. I also find it hard to believe that Robert would get involved with anybody in the Cassidine family, not even if they supposed to be the “cousin” as opposed to an actual Cassidine. Robert was going after them during the Ice Princess stuff so if we even go back there, it’s too far fetched. It’s a interesting suggestion but doesn’t logistically with the past or imho, Robert’s character.

    Sean on the other hand was known as a womanizer before marrying Tiffany. He already has a son that he didn’t know about until he showed up at Mac’s club one day (talk about coincidence)….so it’s quite possible he’s got more kids hanging about. Although, they explained back then that Connor’s mother was a very special person to Sean. (Aren’t they all? LOL)

    Although it’s a good idea to have this new character linked to the past, I’m not sure how you do it believably. Alexis was a brand new minted character when she was introduced to the show. Her only ties were the Cassidines. She was a lawyer in NYC before Stefan dragged her to Port Charles. She should have absolutely no prior ties to Port Chuck.

  39. Profile photo of pisces

    About stopping watching the show to make the ratings plummet, I will watch faithfully as long as Spinelli is on. But I do understand your frustration.

    Sam as Robert’s daughter? I don’t buy it. I can’t explain why, but it just doesn’t feel right. I really don’t know who I want her father to be. I don’t really care if it’s a newbie, but it would be nice if it were someone on canvass.

    Who is Jimmy Lee and how would his being Sam’s father make her and Jason related?

  40. Profile photo of OldGHFan

    Thanks EricasEvilTwin for admitting your “dislike” for Robert and Holly being Ethan’s parents. But I for one would LOVE it and I think Robert and Holly fans deserve it. R&H were the #1 couple on the #1 soap for almost 3 years and they were happily married. Then out of nowhere comes Anna Devane and kid in tow. What happened to our kid?!? (They actually were going to get one but Biance Ferguson who played Claudia got pregnant in real and GM nixed it). Robert and Anna fans want to think Holly never existed – but she did – and Robert was madly in love with her. We Robert and Holly fans have had the whole “Robert and Anna should be together because they have a child” shoved in our faces for years. Robert and Anna weren’t even a couple that long – and not a good one at that (JMO). So, after all these years, if Guza is throwing these Robert and Holly fans a bone by making Ethan their son, I’m going to take it. We deserve it. :)

  41. Profile photo of tennisgirl1

    First time commenter… have been enjoying reading these for a month or so now.

    EET… Jeff Webber? From all the comments I have read from you, would you really want Sam to be Elizabeth’s sister? LOL

  42. Profile photo of season1217

    Who is Jimmy Lee and how would his being Sam’s father make her and Jason related?

    Jimmy Lee is Edward Quartermaine’s illegitmate son making his Jason’s uncle. So if Sam is his daughter that would make Jason her cousin. Which would work fine on Guiding Light. Although, Jimmy Lee did marry his cousin on this show.

  43. Profile photo of diallo41

    ” R&H were the #1 couple on the #1 soap for almost 3 years and they were happily married. Then out of nowhere comes Anna Devane and kid in tow. What happened to our kid?!? (They actually were going to get one but Biance Ferguson who played Claudia got pregnant in real and GM nixed it). Robert and Anna fans want to think Holly never existed – but she did – and Robert was madly in love with her. We Robert and Holly fans have had the whole “Robert and Anna should be together because they have a child” shoved in our faces for years. Robert and Anna weren’t even a couple that long – and not a good one at that (JMO). So, after all these years, if Guza is throwing these Robert and Holly fans a bone by making Ethan their son, I’m going to take it. We deserve it.”

    OldGHFan…. you are my newest best friend Thanks for bringing the ROBERT and Holly love. Holly is the only other woman allowed to pop out of nowhere with a love child for Robert.

  44. Profile photo of diallo41

    “I do believe Emily was banging the pirate the same nite Liz was with Zander”

    I do believe you are correct LiasonAddict. I found it hard then and now to feel sorr for Emily. Now Zander I felt bad for since Emily tossed him asside for the Prince and Liz was just getting comfort action.

  45. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Oh boy, playing the devils advocate leaves me having to back up my own play too much LOL.

    I fessed about the robert anna thing didnt I? But I plead NOT GUILTY on the Zander thing…I SAID ” Emily wasnt over with Zander ALL THAT LONG when Lizard slept with him. ” Not emily was still with him or still in love with him. Am I really the only woman on here that thinks its icky to date your close friends major ex-es(or in the case of scrubs your friend’s CURRENT)? Which isnt just my position because of how much I loathe Lizard. Heck I like Rebecca and Lucky (I love Lucky), but honestly it is kind of a jerky thing to do to Nik. Not keen on Lulu, love Maxie, still think its not cool that Maxie is “playing chicken” with Johnny, no matter how much chem they have. I dont have a big problem with it if they two women arent close or if the relationship was casual/short but more than that, its a turn-off.

    Holly and Robert – again clearing up the record here, no dislike, just not love like I do Anna and Robert. I also loved Duke and Anna. Holly and Robert are kind of like Robin and Jason – I loved them when they were together, I love the characters individually but now that there’s been JaSam I wouldnt want JandR together – I wouldnt hate it, just would still want JaSam. Same deal. And no, I never wanted Anna and Robert together because they had a kid, I just sort of felt like their story was unfinished and the way it was played like they had a huge love that didnt die. I mean how romantic was it that she kept that scar on for years to atone for what she had done. I wanted to see Robert and Anna play out.

    Now to my gal SuperSam

    I could like Sean as the daddy. I thought Robert could have been with Alexis in the post Anna days and then got called away on a next assignment. It would have to be rooted in some explanation why he didnt know the cassadine name – maybe he was doing something in the area and met Alexis, since she went by Davis. It COULD be done. Jeff webber, back me up Regan, have I not said on a number of occassions that Jeff would be an interesting choice, IN SPITE of my Lizard loathing?? Dont make me look up the posts LOL. Somebody?? Anybody?? Testify for a sister LOL. I just think it should be someone from the shows history and not just randomness. The advantage to making it a sean or a robert is the wsb/action adventure side. I really would love for them to think about a way to get Jason in stories that werent JUST mob. Its one reason I like the PI possibilities.

  46. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Yeah EET, you have suggested Jeff Webber as a possibility for Sam’s dad. I remember it very clearly, and I loved the idea!! Sam and Liz as sisters is hilarious to me, lol. Plus it would give Liz an onscreen family member which is needed, imo.

    Even though I’m not a fan of Liz’s, the idea of her and Sam being related has always amused me. For a long time I wanted Steven Webber to come back to the show and to fall in love with Sam. Liz and Sam as sisters-in-law? – Oh that could be great :)

  47. Profile photo of diallo41

    EET — please don’t get me started on that fake scar Anna wore. What a crock that was…

    By the by, you are not the only one with the not with the BF ex man rule. But not for nothing, how exactly is it more troubling to you than the age old rule “Daughter don’t sleep with your mother’s husband on the floor of her house rule”.

  48. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Well I’d say she was over Zander by the time she nailed Nikolas on the living room floor. And while I’m not a fan of the bed hopping either, it’s a soap and that’s par for the course unfortunately.

  49. Profile photo of diallo41

    Jeff webber as Sam’s dad would have been a good twist maybe a year and a half ago because it would it would have fueled even more the friction between Sam and Liz. Especially since Liz was always the odd man out in her family with Sarah being the good sister. Having Jeff gush all over same would have caused both her eyebrows to snark. Today it wouldn’t make sense because the tide has turned…

  50. Profile photo of pxlbarrel

    I have a problem with people who have no ties to one another who after being on the show for a while, we discover that they met up years ago to have a baby. Why? I have a hard time believing that they all converge on Port Charles after 30 years and admit a love affair out of the blue.

    Alexis and Jeff Webber? Where is the tie? Uh…I find it too much of a coincidence to believe that such a union would be possible. And wouldn’t Alexis know that Jeff has ties to Elizabeth, Audrey, and even Monica … and she’s never mentioned it?? That would also mean that she should have known who Monica was (and kept this all a secret) when Alexis was introduced into the show…as Monica’s attorney. There’s too much baggage in making Jeff Sam’s father.

    Then again, we were supposed to believe all that crap about the toxic balls…

  51. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I agree, jeff as the dad would have been better back then, but I still think its better than it being someone totally random – and by that I dont mean that Jeff necessarily has to be played by RDA, but that the character isnt new. I wouldnt like her dad to be Agent Raynor’s boss who just happens to show up in town or something dumb like that.

    Loved the scar, loved anna. Sorry

    Was not a fan of SIC either. Never said Sam was anything close to being justified in that instance – however I will add that Sam and Alexis at that point in their relationship were not at all close and certainly nowhere near as close as Lizard and Robin are. And yes, bedhopping is par for the course on a show, but Lizard and really Maxie are the main ones that sleep with their friend’s former or current partners. For example, Robin was with Stone, Jason and now Patrick. None of those guys were with Emily or lizard or any of robins other buds first. Carly’s mess is always dating the guy’s friends, family or nemesis but again no overlap with her friends – well except Jax with Courtney and that really doesnt count since Courtney was dead before CarJax happened. Its not how the character of Lizard SHOULD be written but unfortunately it seems it is how they are going and I hate that they could be going that route with Maxie too. I just think its icky and now that I am thinking about it, I seem to recall that when Lizard told Em about hooking up with Zander she was expecting her to be upset about it and was relieved when she said she was cool with it. So really, at the time of the hook up Lizard thought it was a violation of the friend code.

  52. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    pxlbarrel: Well, if Alexis and Jeff hooked up 30 years ago, somewhere far away from Port Charles, why would Alexis just assume it’s the same Jeff Webber? Plus, how long has it been since anyone has even mentioned Jeff Webber’s name? And why would anyone ever mention his name to Alexis? It’s not unreasonable to think that Alexis doesn’t know anything about Liz’s father…did we ever even find out who her mother is?

    I don’t know as much about the show as you, so I could definitely be missing something, but I don’t think it would be that far out…

  53. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Pxlbarrel – just caught your post. The only way I think it works is if the person didnt use their real name and if they havent met in PC. So for example, it shouldnt be someone like Noah because Alexis has interacted with him. I dont think Alexis has ever crossed paths with Sean on screen. Robert? I didnt think she had. Jeff hasnt been around in years so def. not there. And honestly I am willing to fudge a little if it provides more ties for Sam to the canvas, esp. on the non-mob front. Lizard or Robin being a half sister would be interesting.

  54. Profile photo of HopeFloats

    This picture makes me sad because of what they have done to Spixie this week. I want it to be fixed. As someone said earlier – Maxie flirts with Ethan. Please make it stop.

    I would love for Maxie to be the fourth person in the PI group. She and Spinelli had fun adventures in the Jackal PI stories last year.

    As for Scrubs, or almost any GH story, I don’t understand why TPTB think that we want to see constant misery. I realize that things have angst and are not to be always happy, happy, joy, joy, but it would be nice to see a couple have periods of happiness, including periods without infidelity.

  55. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I guess they will solve all the crimes instead of the inept police:

    Nancy Drew
    and the Scooby Doo Crew
    is what I’ve seen most around
    the web is what they call them

    there has been other names too
    but I won’t even get into this there is
    no need. They speak for themselves

  56. Profile photo of engradypind

    Toytoy74, your comment was exactly on-target. GH is being destroyed from within by Guza, Frons, and some less than stellar acting by certain members of the cast. Story lines that disappear midway through resolution, airtime saturation by certain characters, and the obvious disrespect shown by those in charge toward the viewers are just a few of the problems (and perhaps even easy fixes) of the show.

    I am really having trouble staying with the show even a few times a week. I just can’t and don’t care what happens to the characters any more. Obviously neither do the idiots in charge.

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