Heather Locklear Says No To Melrose Return

Despite reports that Heather Locklear was close to signing on for the new Melrose Place, Entertainment Weekly is reporting that she has turned down the opportunity. EW quotes a source close to the situation:
There wasn’t a way to bring her back that made sense.

With Ashlee Simpson-Wentz already cast on Melrose redux, and Locklear out, things are not looking too promising from where I’m sitting. 

One former star desperate to get a role is Lisa Rinna. We Love Soaps has a snap of her with a huge "Honk 4 Lisa Rinna on the new Melrose Place!" sign around her neck. Apparently, she was out campaigning on the real Melrose Place, Los Angeles, yesterday.    

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    MP reboot NEEDS Heather. I mean seriously, first no Mischa now no Heather??!!I was looking forward to this..Ok: here’s my suggestion…bring back Laura Leighton, Daphne Zuniga and Lisa Rinna…and just in time for November sweeps…Here comes Heather as the surprise new addition to the show

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    How in the hell can they do a Melrose re-make without Amanda Woodward?!

    Any good scribe could have thought of a way to bring her back. I bet you Chuck Pratt has a laundry list.

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