Honk 4 Lisa Rinna If You Think She’s Desperate

Heather Locklear may have said no to the new Melrose Place, but Lisa Rinna certainly hasn’t and is pulling out the big guns – Ross the Intern – in her latest attempt to join the upcoming show. I’m beginning to think that if Rinna keeps this kind of stuff up she just might too. The woman has turned herself into a one-woman PR machine for the upcoming show. It may seem like desperation born out of the bad economy or something else, but I’m beginning to believe no one should ever underestimate Rinna.

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    I have friends that work with Lisa Rinna on the tv guide stuff and they say that….well…she is not the nicest person. this makes me laugh cause it looks like the diva is a getting desperate!

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    Maybe Lisa needs to look into a career change and do something else. Because if she can’t get hired then maybe acting isn’t her thing.

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    They should hire her! They can’t get Heather Locklear (though they could maybe consider Make Me A Supermodel’s Amanda, who looks like a much younger version of Locklear), and it’s not like any other decent people are signing up. I’d watch if she were on it.

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    Remember years ago when Sean Young wanted to play Catwoman in “Batman Returns”? She showed up unannounced at director Tim Burton’s office wearing a homemade Catwoman costume. He hid under his desk and have security guards remove her crazy ass.

    I just hope LR doesn’t take it that far with the MP producers. She seems desperate enough to actually do it!

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    How about a Beep if you want her to go away campaign ?

    If the CW gives her a job….

    I mean seriously why not Honk to get Veronica Mars movie green lighted, or honk to feed the hungry or i dont know countless other things but to get some actress a job, i mean I am so sorry that she wasted all of her money on her um ‘work’ but that doesn’t mean you should be this desperate.

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    This is hysterical, love it.

    Scout, Sean Young was hired as Catwomen by Tim Burton and the studio. She was all set to film Batman Returns, but at the last minute they fired her because they got Michelle Pfeiffer who was a bigger name. They claimed Sean Young wasn’t hot enough. Sean Young did dress up as Catwomen at a talk show, I saw this talk show, I just can’t recall who’s show it was, it might have been Letterman. Anyway she was showing she could of done the job and was hot enough, and she did look smoking. I kinda feel bad for Sean Young, very talented woman, very troubled woman now. That whole Tim Burton stuff isn’t true.

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    I think Lisa Rinna is overestimated her celebrity just a tad. I mean, she is NOT a household name and most people driving through Hollywood probably didn’t even know who she was (or care). I know if it were me driving through Hollywood (as I have before), I would not appreciate her antics as navigating that course is problem enough without having some lunatic campaigning for a job.

    I couldn’t help but think this comment from the preview for FX’s new season of RESCUE ME pertains to Lisa:

    When Dennis Leary’s character asks the other guy if he is crazy and he asks: “So I’m not crazy?” And the guy replies: “Oh, you’re crazy. You’re like Margot Kidder, hiding in the bushes kinda crazy.”

    I don’t care much for Lisa Rinna, but it must really sting to be aging like she is and frantically trying to stay in the spotlight. It’s too bad she can’t enjoy her life for what it is.

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    Maybe she can play “Puffy Lips Woman #7″ or “Battle-ax #2″? Either way, someone get Lisa off of the street corner before she is mistaken for a hooker and ends up in a dumpster somewhere.

    How hard can it really be to get on this show? I mean, they hired Ashley Simpson for the lead role!

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    TV Gord

    season1217, that’s how I remember the Batman Returns mess. Annette Bening had it, and when she had to back out, Sean Young wanted it (and practically stalked Tim Burton, who hid behind a desk to avoid her). In the end, Michelle Pfeiffer got it. Young was never in serious contention for a role. Well, maybe as serious as Rinna is for Melrose.

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    TV Gord, season1217, I do recall Annette Bening backing out of the movie (thank god), but I also recall how they said Sean Young lost the role, which she had for like two days because she was out of control with her drinking and was hard to work with.

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    TV Gord

    You may be right, ladyofthelake, I wasn’t following all that closely at the time. My recollection, though, was the out of control drinking was the reason she was fired from Dick Tracy.

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    TV Gord, I think I’ve got the Batman movies confussed. Sean Young was cast in the 1989 Batman film as Vicky Vale, but injured herself and had to back out. Tim Burton promised her a role in the next Batman film, which she never got. Then she went all crazy and dressed up as Catwomen. So you guys were right, my bad. I think I got some of the films she was cast in and kicked out off of confused.

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    Sean Young definitely had her issues. Wasn’t there something out there about her and James Woods and she put disfigured dolls in his mailbox or something. LOL!

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    TV Gord

    ladyofthelake, what you’re describing sounds familiar, too. I suppose I shouldn’t have weighed in on this, because I haven’t seen any of the movies involved, but I remember the stuff about Dick Tracy and that she wasn’t really ever up for the Batman Returns movie, but I think you’re right about the earlier Batman movie.

    Maybe her craziness is contagious…;-)


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