Daytime Superstar Judi Evans Talks to We Love Soaps

From Guiding Light to Days of Our Lives to Another World to Days of Our Lives to Days of Our Lives again, Judi Evans has won herself millions of soap fans, thanks to her gritty, realistic portrayals of everywomen. We Love SoapsRoger Newcomb recently caught up with the Emmy-winner for a revealing chat. Check it out here.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Like I said on the comment line OLTL needs to hire her as Gigi and Stacy’s not-so dead mom and while there at it hire Tom Eplin to play their dad.
    Okay, YOU are a GENIUS!!!!!!!

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    Off the topic, but that dress would’ve been a better choice to wear to the Emmys last yr. than the Vegas costume she wore.
    I can totally see her as Gigi & Stacy’s mom.

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