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Here’s the Scoop! 03.20.09

These scoops can be a struggle, especially when you’re not happy with the show. Oh well here’s what’s out there…oh and it’s friday so ask away.

More Scrubs… With the fans torn over how good or bad Robin’s post partum depression storyline is, is there too much Scrubs lately? There’s the kiss with Brad coming, the admittance of a problem and then what? A nanny, a helpful neighbor/friend oh and the shrink friend who comes over to “talk.” Throw in Kimberly McCullough’s vacation (three weeks) and one has to wonder, all this time devoted to Scrubs with one half of the pairing taking a vacay for three weeks will the story just sort of drop off our screens for a bit or are those OLD RUMORS true? Will Robin go away for treatment? Remember those RUMORS that had Patrick admitting Robin to Shadybrook? Was the story adjusted a bit to accommodate the vacation? I know Kim Mc delayed her vacation time originally for her co-star Jason Thompson. Robin will be telling Patrick most of the truth about her time in Rochester. She’ll tell him about her fake identity and lying about not being married or having a baby. When Lainey comes over, she can’t tell her friend what her troubles are and this SHOULD be when she once again takes off. Jason and Robin fans, this is where your scenes come in.

From the comments yesterday… Does Rebecca have cancer? Michael moves his hand giving Carly hope. Robin doesn’t want to take meds to help her depression. A woman needs treatment after crashing her car with her child inside. Is Robin on the docks when something dire happens? When Robin returns from Rochester she admits there is something wrong but doesn’t necessarily say she has PPD. Robin takes off again! Lainey comes over for "lunch" not really a patient-doctor thing and while Robin MAY be sharing her troubles with her friend, it looks like she clams up at some point. When she runs this time, is it to Jason? Elizabeth isn’t the only one Patrick is confiding in… he also asks Carly some questions about her PPD and Robin is not happy to find that out.

NotEmily/Rebecca… Will she have cancer? SPOILERS have Rebecca finding a lump in her breast requiring her to have a mammogram and biopsy. That hand holding pic of NEM, it’s while Rebecca is awaiting the results of her tests. Nikolas offers to wait with her and she accepts. Of course this will bring back memories for Nikolas about Emily’s own battle with breast cancer as well as fueling his suspicions further about Rebecca’s possible connections to his dead fiancé. More dueling brothers coming and apparently, Nikolas and Lucky aren’t above having it out in the middle of a hospital. Classy. It’s after the scuffle with his brother that Nikolas overhears Rebecca’s plight and offers to wait with her.

Jason agrees to wear a wire to the mob summit and Johnny agrees to attend. Did this already happen? I’m a day behind on my GH… Jason SHOULD be sabotaging the wire as we all know what a good little lackey Jason is.

Will Jax tell Carly the truth?
He’ll “struggle” with deciding on what to tell his wife but so far all I got is that he tells her Jerry is still alive. Alive and returning to PC next month. Jax MAY be sitting bedside and confessing the truth to his comatose stepson. So Claudia confessed to Michael, Jax discusses his dilemma … aren’t there stories about coma patients remembering what people tell them? And remember, Michael has brain activity as we’ve seen as well as that hand moving soon.

We need another tally as I left Nikolas off the original list… Thanks to the poster who reminded me. Claudia in her stab induced delusion admitted to Nikolas that she put out the hit that put the bullet in Michael’s head. Nikolas, Johnny, Jerry, Kate and Ric currently know. Jax finds out then tells Olivia. The residents of Port Chuck need a crash course in secret keeping.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Kate wants Olivia to spill to Sonny but which secret I wonder? One CRAZY RUMOR has Brandon Barash leaving GH. This CRAZY RUMOR goes on to say that Johnny takes the fall for Michael’s shooting. Jerry’s return has Claudia’s secret blowing up. Will Michael’s “return” facilitate Dante’s arrival? Will Sam be her own client? Nikolas and Monica discuss their concern for Rebecca. NotEmily’s mysterious phone calls start back up.

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  1. Profile photo of jbo2231

    Happy Friday Regan!

    I am with you 100%, this show has become really disappointing! Guza should probably call Carlivati and ask him for some tips because he desperately needs them!

    Thanks for keeping us up to date, your spoilers help me to decide if its worth watching!

  2. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I don’t Think he is leaving………
    Also Regan yesterday episode had agent no brainer coming to jason and telling him that they want a man inside and that man is him=Jason – I think today we will see why Jason did wear the wire………………….
    Also I love seeing Alexis in the past few episodes she was on fire- why don’t they use her more?????
    I want to see Alexis and Agent no brainer and hook up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I do Think that they are using Scrubs PPD S/I to Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I also can’t wait for Jason and Robin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I Know he will be the one who helps her , he always did and he always will…..

    Why can’t I have Jason in my life?????????????????????

  4. Profile photo of roe0824

    Thanks Regan, thank goodness it’s Friday considering it’s spring, NY had some snowflakes this morning.

    Which brings me to me conclusion, snow on the first day of spring, GH stinks, I must be dreaming. Wake me up Regan when the real GH is on!It must have all been my dream right a great show could not have crumbled this badly if it was all not but my dream?

  5. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    SCOOP… Winnie resigns from the FBI just in time to become a P.I.? Jason uses Ric… he mixes it up with Lansing at the mob summit so that Ric’s drink shorts out the wire Jason is wearing. Rayner ain’t happy but his spirits may be lifted when Ric offers to get him the goods on Jason. Rayner wants Jason and Sonny. Claudia tells Johnny that Ric is blackmailing her. Why is Ric passed out in Claudia’s bedroom and why does Sonny always have a near miss when Claudia’s hiding something? Sam pulls an Elizabeth and uses Rayner’s ID to get to the Feds files on Spin.

  6. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Ugh, Jason is the one *everyone* turns too – I’m over it!

    “Agent No Brainer” – That’s hilarious, lol!! And yeah, I would really like Alexis and No Brainer together :love:

    I can’t for the life of me understand why GH always has a million people finding out about a secret, and still letting everything drag on. I guess they’re trying to build tension, but it doesn’t work, imo. I think it’s much better if only a couple of people know – that way the stakes are higher – and when the secret comes out you basically get the whole town reacting to it. Recently on RH a few of Delia’s secrets came out and it was so much fun getting everyone’s reaction (shown over the course of a couple of episodes.) Not on GH. By the time a Big Secret is Revealed, it’s old news to most of the characters.

  7. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    You Go Jason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Looking to the scenes when he ruins the wire with Rick’s help!!!

    I just heard the name agent no brainer and liked it- it is good name and if he works with Rick it is right for him………………

  8. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    That’s what I love about OLTL Daisy. While they have their secrets, they don’t seem to sit on them quite as much. At least their stories move along while GH’s stay so stagnant.

  9. Profile photo of lopsided_cinderella

    I really dont want Brandon to leave . But I can see why he might want to the way they have be writing him is really bad, If they only way to keep him away from Maxie is for him to leave then i’m all for it. Gh already have like 1 million “secrets” we dont need anymore. How low do you think the rateing will have to go before they fire guza?

  10. Profile photo of Jenny

    I’m looking forward to the JnR scene. Nostalgia is the only thing that keeps me connected to this crapfest. That’s just sad. LOL!!

    Thanks Regan

  11. Profile photo of doodleynoodle

    Thank you for the Scoop! Looks as boring as watching live today is…:(

    I haven’t been watching much so I’m surprised at how horrific the writing is right now. I knew I wasn’t interested in the stories but OMG the words…yap, yap, yap…wah, wah, wah…Charlie Brown’s teacher has better dialogue.

    Times like these make me long for the days of Pickle Lila and Richard Simmons. You can laugh but it was way more fun and infinitely more interesting than this lame excuse for a soap called General Hospital in March 2009.

    I want Liason. :(

  12. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    *Off Topic* Sorry this is OT Regan, but I thought it was interesting. I just saw some Nielsen Ratings from March 1994, and it just blew me away. (Each point represents 931,000 homes):
    Y&R: 9.1
    AMC: 6.5
    B&B: 6.1
    GH: 6.0
    ATWT: 5.8
    GL: 5.7
    OLTL: 5.5
    DAYS: 5.1
    AW: 3.3
    Loving: 2.8

    *got this from SoapsWEB (they posted pics from an old soap mag that included these ratings.)

    What kills me is Loving’s 2.8 (a year and a half later the show would be cancelled). 2.8 would be considered decent now :(

  13. Profile photo of maxsmom

    It’s coming around but I still havent DVR OLTL since the T&M rape round 2. Of course almost anything looks good compared with GH. Guza’s reliance on SCRUBS is so ridiculous they were at the hospital 24 hours a day while NS was running. This is with late term pregnant HIV positive Robin. I am about ten years older than Robin but that kind of workload would cripple a 20yrold

  14. Profile photo of toytoy74

    I had to laugh when one poster pointed out how many people in PC knew about Claudia’s involvement in Michael’s shooting. It reminded me of the secrest that Jason was Jakes dad. Everybody but Lucky knew by the time it came out,but yet we were still suppose to be on the edge of our seat with anticipation. Or how about the reveal that AJ was Michael’s father. How many people in PC knew before he did? Guza will never understand that the appeal of the reveal is seeing every characters face upon finding out. If we’ve seen one person a day find out for a year it kind of kills it when the last doofus in town finds out.

  15. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Dinah please stop calling Sarah Brown names. Call Claudia anything you like, but its really unnecessary to attack the ACTRESS playing the PART. I highly doubt Megan feels that way about her co-worker.

  16. Profile photo of toytoy74

    Megan Ward is the business…true.Somebody should start a SAVE THE TALENT AT GH page on facebook or something.If you were wondering what talent that needs saving I am refering to….

    Leslie Charleson
    Jackie Zeman
    Ron Hale
    Nancy Lee Grahn
    Ric Hearst
    Rebecca Hearbst
    Jane Elliott

    I also love these actors,but do not believe their jobs are in jeopardy

    Kimberly McCullough
    Jason Patrick
    Steve Burton
    Kirsten Storms
    Kelly Monocco(just not romantically with Steve Burton)
    Ingo Radamacher
    Laura Wright
    Maurice Benard(circa anything before the last two years,or anything with Kate)
    Agent Raynor

    In essence what I am saying is get rid of

    All things mob related
    Spinnelli worshipping Jason(he freakin’ called him ‘his master’ yesterday…ick!)
    Sonny yelling at people
    Sam and Jason II
    Johnny and Lulu
    Johnny and Claudia…ewwww!
    Three month vacation clauses on a consistent basis
    Women being shot
    Children suffering
    ‘Event’ Storylines


  17. Profile photo of samrocks

    Dinah, please don’t think I am picking on you for voicing your opinions but…

    Your slamming of SJB is getting *SO* old. You need to back off. ShrewLu is one of several characters I would love to see fall off a cliff – and I am quite vocal about this, but I would *not* use these boards to personally bash JULIE MARIE BERMAN solely because HER CHARACTER broke up Dillon and Georgie.

    If the only reason you watched GH was for SKate, then I would much rather you just QUIT WATCHING (and reading spoilers) than constantly call the actress foul names.

    It is personally offensive and makes you look petty and immature, IMO.

    Call my fave “Sham,” “Scram,” “Sam McCall, Penis Inspector,” etc. all you want and I’ll take it in stride, lol – *characters* are fair game. However, if you began calling KeMo names like B****, Wh***, etc., then I would argue you have crossed the line.

    To recap: BACK THE HECK OFF SARAH BROWN (please).

  18. Profile photo of HopeFloats

    I would be sorry to see BB leave because I liked him in the fledgling Jolu and Spixie friendship. It’s too bad that TPTB didn’t value that friendship. GH needs more friends. Anyways, I agree with the poster above. If the only way to keep Johnny away from Maxie is for BB to leave, then I am all for it.

    I like the idea of seeing more Monica. I also like that we see more Mac with Robin’s PPD storyline.

    Regan, do you have any idea of how they are going ahead with the Spixie storyline? I loved Friday’s episode from last week. This Friday’s was great because Spixie and Maxie were back to themselves. I just don’t get these WTH scenes in the middle of the week. It was like we were watching two different shows. I wish that they would just go forward with this storyline and not mess with it. It is too good for that.

  19. Profile photo of samrocks

    Babydoll, if you think the spoilers are boring, I wouldn’t recommend watching the show, lol. The only thing more boring than watching these days is watching in real-time. Yikes!

  20. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Lucky and Nikolas SHOULD have their fight, Nikolas goes to a hospital board meeting and when he gets out of the meeting he overhears Rebecca talking with the doc. I’m not sure where Lucky goes after the fight.

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