Is Rick Hearst Headed Back to The Young and the Restless?

Is General Hospital‘s woefully-underused Rick Hearst angling to return to The Young and the Restless? That’s what TV Guide Canada‘s Nelson Branco is hearing. I can’t imagine how Hearst would return to Y&R for anything more than a short-term guest stint as a ghost or figment of Sharon’s imagination, since his character, Matt Clark is dead. Matt pulled out his own breathing tube to frame Nick for his murder and unlike other soaps like DAYS, or GH, generally on Y&R (generally meaning unless you’re Sheila Carter) once you’re dead, your dead. Oh well, stranger things have happened!

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    I’d say *if* RH returned to Y&R, it would most likely be as a different character. Not only is Matt dead (and as you pointed out, back from the dead isn’t typical of Y&R), but Matt was a complete psycho. If he did turn up alive somehow, it would still have to be a short-term stint since the character has limited storyline potential. Yeah, different character, for sure…

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    I would definitely love RH to go to Y&R,and even though *new character* *old actor* stunts usually drive me batty, I’d forgive it in this case. Not as good as him back as Alan-Michael, but better than nothing.

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    I want him back as Alan Micheal. Maybe he could pull a Crystal Chappell. Who knows if GL has even contacted him or not?

    Y&R already have alot of leading men and strong actors, we over at GL only really have Deas and Grant. I love Robert Newman and Ron Roains but we need Hearst. He is a Bauer ad Spaulding kill two birds with one stone.

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    I agree with “myworld” – any show would be lucky to have him, but “GL” would be the best place in my opinion. But, as Nelson and even Jamey have pointed out, the move back east must be the biggest hurdle. C’mon Ellen – cut some cast and make room for this guy!

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    OMG! I have been posting everywhere for Ric Herbst to go back to Young and the Restless.

    It would be easy to do since Matt Clark got plastic surgery to look like that. That wasn’t Matt Clark’s real face. So Ric Herbst could go to Y&R as a new character who Sharon and Nick are freaked out by since he looks so much like Matt Clark’s new face.

    Now bring on Becky Herbst!

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    I honestly don’t see any room for Rick Hearst on YR. They hardly write for some of the characters they have over there now especially since Billy Miller is the new flavor of the month. It’s a shame Neil, Paul, JT, Michael, Daniel and Adam are not shown nearly enough and long time character Brad was already killed off.

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    Could he come back as the guy whose face he used? Matt came back with a new face and was thus able to hide in plain sight. Maybe Matt stole someone else’s identity – didn’t he come back as Carter somebody? – well what if the REAL Carter came to Genoa City? It could play into history as well as keep Matt Clark dead.

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    I like Ric Hearst but the last thing we need is a new character getting lots of airtime which would push actors like Christian Le Blanc, Doug Davidson, etc even farther away from a storyline.

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    With Sharon’s mental health deteriorating, it would be easy to bring Matt Clark back to haunt her. I like Daniel Goddard, but wouldn’t Rick devour the role of Cane? He has that Phillip Chancellor vibe about him. Plus, Billy Miller + Rick Hearst= Kane & Able 2009!

    Speaking of dueling brothers, I would get rid of my entire porn collection to see him back at GL… :bigsmile:

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    I agree with SoapGod! I think I’ve even said this in other threads. This would be so easy to do for Y&R.

    I would also LOVE to see him back on GL, but that tapes in NY and his family is in LA, so I really don’t see that happening.

    However, B&B would be okay too. Whip Jones never got the story he deserved.

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