Rebecca Budig Books Guest Gig on How I Met Your Mother

Fans hoping to get a chance to meet Rebecca Budig on this weekend’s Rock the Soap Cruise are in for a bit of a let down. The recently-departed All My Children star couldn’t make her hubby Bob Guiney‘s cruise because she landed a guest gig on the hit CBS comedy How I Met Your Mother, according to cruise-side sources.

"Rebecca feels bad about missing the cruise, but this is a great gig for her," says the source.

Budig will reportedly be playing a love interest for the show’s lead character.

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    Hopefully it’s not with Barney’s character because he’s meant to be with Robin. So, Ted’s the only one left. I hope she’s not the mother tho. uugh.

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    TV Gord

    I don’t think there’s any chance that she’s the mother, but I DO think RB has he comedy-chops to pull off a really nice appearance on this show! She may not have had much to work with in her recent (regrettable) return, but think back to some of her scenes with Josh Duhamel! I have some scenes on tape of the two of them that are LOL-funny! I can’t wait to see her on How I Met Your Mother!

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    I wish Rebecca luck. It would be a great “Kiss my ass!” moment to ABC if she gained popularity on a hit prime time show. The way they ruined Greenlee was criminal.

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