This Week’s DAYS…Eh, It Wasn’t Half Bad

Shhh. Don’t tell anyone, but I actually enjoyed parts of this week’s episodes of Days of Our Lives. Thanks to Alison Sweeney being back full-time as Sami, the climax of the Nicole/Mia baby switch saga with Mia returning (and sparking nice chemistry with Will) and Tony learning everything, the soap wasn’t half bad.

Thaao Penghlis reminded me just why he earned the Emmy nomination last year. This man has been wasted playing happy, helpful Uncle Tony. Penghlis is at his best on DAYS when he is playing Tony a morally conflicted antihero, capable of unspeakable acts, yet still possessing a heart and sense of familial loyalty. I got chills when Tony whispered into Nicole’s (Arianne Zucker) ear that he knew the baby wasn’t hers. Too bad this soap only writes well for vets when they are on their way out.

Don’t misunderstand me, the show was far from perfect. Jay Kenneth Johnson really needs to stop the chest-thumping as Philip. Seriously, it looks silly. He looks like a kid playing dress up in daddy’s suit. Seeing him storm into the DiMera compound yelling "TONY! TONY DIMERA!" was embarassing, and I’m a fan of the actor. Johnson is better suited to be a romantic cad than some power mad businessman. Why can’t DAYS bring back Wally Kurth as Justin Kiriakis to head up Titan? Speaking of Titan, why is a publisher of glossy magazines getting into biofuels? Oh well, I’ve learned you can’t expect to much from this show in terms of actually making some semblance of sense. I’ll just be happy it wasn’t absolute Roman Water Torture to watch it.

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    Why can’t DAYS bring back Wally Kurth as Justin Kiriakis to head up Titan?

    Because the show is trying to get rid of all the actors that are over 40?

    I just watched today’s episode, and I like it when the darker side of Tony comes out too – I loved seeing him torture Nicole! :)

    But I have to say, I see no chem between Mia and Will – in fact, they’re rather painful to watch.

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    Wait the show wrote for Steve/Kayla when they were goign out? I will admit i liked the John and Marlena exit up until the final episode.

    Now I tuned in to the episode where Philip was screaming "Tony DIMERAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" and then i turned the t.v. to GL lol.

    I love Days, I miss it, I want to tune back in, i really REALLY do but thats okay, i am going to keep waiting in peace until DAYS improves and atleast some of the storylines are watchable and then I will probably be a few months behind as i marathon my way to catch back up LOL.

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    I also have to admit that Days wasn’t half bad this week. The scenes between Nicole & Tony were sinfully delicious. Mia & Will were kinda cute together. I’m ALMOST ready to but it back on my DVR after a 2 month sabbatical. If I can sit (FF) through AMC, B&B, and GH, then I can give Salem another go ’round.

    PS: They want a hot teen triangle?
    Bring on Mia’s baby daddy A.K.A. John Thomas Brady, and the games can really begin… ;)

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    Thaao Penghlis has always been capable of giving good performances. But for some reason, DAYS hired him back only to write for him for about six months and then they backburnered him. The material had always been there for Tony/Andre…but the “greater minds” at DAYS thinks that a babblefest between Will and Mia or a scrump session with Dan and Chloe or a whinefest with Melanie is more what viewers want to see. I’m ready for Tony to buy the farm now so I can quit DAYS and be out of my misery. I hate what this soap has turned into.

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