EastEnders Wedding Promo

The highly anticipated wedding between Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor) and Archie Mitchell (Larry Lamb) is almost here.Will the wedding actually happen, or will Archie’s secrets finally be revealed? Tune in on April 2nd to find out.

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    Oh what a great promo!!! I am so looking forward to the wedding. Archie is one of the best Love to Hate characters *ever*!!! I can’t wait until he gets what’s coming to him :)

    Thanks for posting this John!!

  2. Profile photo of Johnathon

    No problem Daisy :)

    I LOVE EastEnders Promos they are never just a bunch of scenes they go out of the way to make each one unique and worth while.

    I absolutely LOVE to Hate Archie Lol.

    Part of me really hopes that Suzy will come in right before the I Do’s and say she is pregnant or something awesome like that.

    I HATE how he controls Peggy and makes her act like a child, she is awesome and amazingly pretty and the way Archie makes her dress like she is from the 1920’s is just wrong lol.

    I really hope Peggy gets back to being a strong woman because I don’t like the ‘weak’ Peggy lol

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    John, you read my mind!! Well partially anyway, lol. I was thinking about how much I want Suzy to show up at the wedding to tell Peggy everything she knows! But I didn’t even consider her being pregnant – good thinking John!!

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    LOL well i was trying to think “How could she really expose Archie” and what better way then a bun in the oven? LOL

    I guess Janine might be able to break it up as well but I want Suzy back lol.

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