Happy 22nd Birthday B&B

March 23rd, 1987, was the day The Bold and the Beautiful started on its crazy journey. For the last twenty-two years it’s been good, it’s been bad and it’s been cheesy. A saving grace for the show are scenes pitting Stephanie (Susan Flannery) and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) against each other. Check out the clip above for their flashbacks during the 5,000th episode. 

After the jump there are a few more classic B&B moments.   

Remember when dasdardly Prince Omar stole Taylor’s presumed-dead body from the hospital and replaced it with a wax dummy? Turns out she’d been in a coma for years in Omar’s care. Ridge could barely believe his eyes when he saw her lips found out she was alive. This is the moment Morticia and Gomez reunited (fittingly, in a cemetery):

Of course, Brooke was thrilled to see her old chum:

If you haven’t seen this hilarious spoof before, check out which soap star Ridge digs up in his quest to find Taylor:

Finally, Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) daydreams what it would be like to run Forrester Creations:

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    Happy Birthday, B&B! I hope you find your way back.

    Thanks for the clips, Darren. Specially love the first one. That was classic B&B. That was why I used to love that show so much!

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    Happy B-DAY, B&B, Please Brad, Get this mess of a soap back on its feet by getting rid of Donna, Marcus, and Katie, backburner Rick, STeffy, Brooke, and Ridge, get Felicia and Thorne and Stephanie a good s/l and new love interest, hook Bill with Felicia or Taylor, SORAS Alexandra and bring hell to Thorne and bring back Eric III for Rick and the Forresters to deal with and have a rivalry between Jackie M and Forrester Creations.

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