Rebecca And The Brothers Grim


NotEmily (Natalia Livingston) seems to be working her voodoo charms and feminine wiles on brothers Lucky (Greg Vaughan) and Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher), whether she intends to or not. Our own Regan likes Rebecca and Lucky and if it gives Vaughan a storyline I don’t mind. Personally, I’m not particularly fond of either coupling. Why couldn’t they have just brought her back as Emily?

Which pairing do you like best?


Rebecca And The Brothers Grim

  • Nikolas and Rebecca (24%, 197 Votes)
  • Lucky and Rebecca (76%, 625 Votes)

Total Voters: 822


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  1. Profile photo of Johnathon

    I am with Sueboo here, i chose neither.

    Rebecaly or NotEmily or whatever we are calling her this week just needs to be Emily and let us move on.

    I am all for a real storyling for Lucky, but i dont like this storyline lol.

    Also this is GH so are we really going to get a actual “Romance” one way or the other? LOL

    I mean its not like any of the three are in the Mob or named Sonny -.-.

    Edit: but if i have to pick out of those two i guess Lucky because the guy needs a storyline lol.

  2. Profile photo of LawyerGirl04

    Rebecca and Lucky all the way, even though it’s pretty obvious that’s not where they are going with this. Maybe they should listen to the fans for once. Pretty much everyone isn’t fond of this character but can tolerate her when she’s with Lucky. They’ll put her with Nik because that’s what they brought her back for, they got rid of Claire and set it up for Nem 3.0 so I can’t see them not following through with that.

  3. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    I just have to clarify. I chose neither but what I really wish is that robo-Emily just went away. I was never a true Emily fan. She was just alright for me. (Wow, that was very AI Randy of me) I don’t think Natalia was actually gone long enough for her to return as another character or as Emily. What was the point of her leaving? She was dead on the floor for weeks and then a tumor for months. It is just too weird. Time and distance would make this rivalry more believable. Are these two brothers really going to throw down over a look alike for the love of Nik’s life and Lucky’s childhood bestie?

    I would have preferred Lucky stay with Sam and that is saying something for me. I would rather Nik stayed with Nadine. I don’t think either couple was given much of a romance. It takes time for fans to buy into a couple. GH just puts them together and breaks them up. It is very “Wham Bam thank you Ma-am”. Gh has just burnt me out on buying into a couple.

    Why can’t we ever have a “none of the above” choice in these polls?

  4. Profile photo of Courtney fan4life
    Courtney fan4life

    NEITHER! I just hate Rebecca and Embore the same at this point.

    Ill go with Lucky because Nik is a stlaker and I would find it sick with him ONLY being with her cause she looks like his THANKFULLY dead wife.

  5. Profile photo of HopeFloats

    If I have to pick one, I pick Rebecca and Lucky.

    I wish GH didn’t kill off characters and then bring the actors back as someone else. Either bring in a new person or don’t kill off the character. SJB will always be Carly no matter how often they call her Claudia. Same thing with Rebecca.

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