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    Something about the DNA test on One Life to LIve puzzles me — the hair in Starr’s locket came from the dead baby — Jessica’s. Are they using it to compare to Jessica or Starr or Chloe? The hair in the locket will not match Starr or Chloe since it was retrieved AFTER the baby was found dead…

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    I’m not really happy how this storyline is going either. I just think that maybe Zach and Kendall need a break from heartache, don’t you? I mean they were the best couple on AMC for a long time. They have been through really tough times and survived it, and now you want to put Kendall and Ryan back together? “BOOO”. Ryan made his decision when he realized he was in love with Greenlee, and now all of the sudden since she is dead, hes inlove with kendall? It just makes me not want to watch the whole Ryan, Kendall, Zach and Reese part of the show, but who can do that? Ive tried!

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    ONe Life To Live looks great, but I have to agree with KMRDaytime. if they’re using “Starr’s” baby’s hair to detemine which baby is which it certainly won’t work.
    I’m glad they showed something other than that Ryan/Kendall/Zach mess for AMC. I’m actually enjoying the battle for Little A’s custody, sort of.

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    I am also enjoying the whole lil A battle, but…I dont think I would be very happy if that horrible David Hayward got custody!!! I mean look what he did to “his wife”, OMGoodness come on! Don’t do that to the story!

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