Caption This: Sweet Nothings

Take your best shot at this Caption This scene between Markko (Jason Tam) and Lola (Camila Banus). As an aside, I still don’t understand why Lola is around.

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    Lola isn’t needed on the show. I am waiting on Markko to man-up and tell Langston what is going on with her cousin. Of course, Lola and Markko will probably sleep together and Lang-Lang will walk in on it…

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    I saw Jason Tam perform @ the BROADWAYWORLD ON ICE benefit a few years ago, he was such a sweetheart, & he had fresh leis flown in from Hawaii for the audience…at his own expense!

    i could just gobble him up!

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    “Markko: “God I wish she was Rex!”


    OMG! Now Marko and Rex would be hot!!!!!!!

    I get the feeling that Fronsie has got his hands on Lola now, ’cause she has gone from innocent girl to ho pretty quickly! He’s got the ho touch!

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    I am not that invested in the teen characters on OLTL as some fans are. I have really enjoyed Kristen Alderson and Brandon Buddy in their story, the whole Hope’s “death” and Cole’s drug addiction are being executed flawlessly. I have watched Starr being born through her bratty, spoiled very young years right though her almost grown-up teen years and Cole has grown on me in the last year or so that I care about them greatly and am invested in everything they do.

    Unfortunately, I cannot say the same thing about Markko and Langston. I did not watch OLTL for a good 10 years before (but an avid viewer throughout the 80’s and early 90’s) last May when I gave up GH for the best ABC soap, so I am not as familiar with how Langston was even introduced or how and why Dorian took such an interest in Langston to let her live with her let alone adopt her. I have no idea where Markko came from or whom he is related to or is he just some guy that she met in school who has become an actual character. If anyone can fill me in, that would be greatly appreciated. I do think they have chemistry but they are obviously second on the teen romance ladder and take a backseat to any story about Starr and Cole. They are supporting characters in “Stole’s” (my own nick-name for them) story, sometime getting a bone thrown at them for character development. As far as Lola, well, I am not fond of the actress per se but I do see how the writers might think that it is time to throw an obstacle into Lang and Mark’s path. Langston has been pretty much ignoring him since Starr’s baby was born so I can see why he would be tempted to taste some other fruit. I think it is all well and good except I just do not care about them as characters and bringing on part Langston’s real family, her uncle and cousin, really did not do anything to rectify that for me. It was a poorly written and plotted story that only dragged them down some more. I still refuse to believe that was A. Martinez as Uncle Ray Montez doing the worst work of his career. He was absolutely one of the best romantic, leading heroes of daytime as Cruz Castillo on “Santa Barbara” and he even gave us a unique persona as “Roy DiLucca” on GH. Not sure why or how he decided to deliver his lines in such a monotone, poorly accented, subdued manner. He was terrible, the story was truly bad and that hardly added anything to the development of Langston or the show as a whole. And I know such little about Markko.

    My point is, that I barely have any care or interest in the 2 of them. I tend to FF thru their scenes together and anything having to do with Lola. Thankfully, they got rid of Vanessa and Ray so I am not sure why they chose to keep Lola around. I think that maybe Starr would’ve turned to Markko during all of this and not Mr. Joplin, her H.S. teacher who must be at least 10 years older then she is. I do not find that realistic at all because most real teachers would never cross that line. The contrivance of him being Dr. Joplin’s son does not work for me either. Starr confiding in Markko could have provided much more of a dramatic, emotional punch to Langston and Cole and it certainly would have been a more organic, character-driven way to go but I know that OLTL does err on the plot driven side sometimes.

    So my caption is: As Lola is kissing Markko’s neck, he is thinking “How do I get out of this crappy story-line? Quick, before she pulls a Dorian special!”

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    Jamey Giddens

    Langston and Markko truly are supporting characters in the "Stole" stoyline—great squish name!—the two of them are basically Cole and Starr’s Greek Chorus. Langston’s parents were killed, so first Blair was going to foster her to prevent her from being separated from Starr, then Dorian decided to do it.

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    I agree that the SKANK needs to get off my man, and #5, Jason is a very talented actor and I don’t see why there should be any assumption that Jason is gay. Whoever he chooses to date is his business, anyway. But, I for one, don’t think it for a second.

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