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Here’s the Scoop! 03.24.09

Are my Lucky – Rebecca dreams being crushed before my very eyes? Remember there is still much more to Rebecca’s story including a does she have cancer storyline for the Emily look-a-like that has the Q’s and Nikolas wondering just how Rebecca MAY be connected to Emily. Also, there’s that pesky Helena RUMOR. Is Rebecca working for the crazy granny?

Robin and Sonny scenes coming up. As I mentioned yesterday, Sonny MAY be the one who gets through to Robin and convinces the struggling mother to take her anti-depression medication. If you’re a fan of the Robin-Sonny friendship, the scenes SHOULD be good.

Paranoia hits the already Post Partum mom. Robin doesn’t like how close Patrick is getting to Elizabeth and how dependent he and Emma are on the neighbor. Is this where all that Patrick – Elizabeth SCOOP came from? Sometimes SPOILERS get taken a little too far by the fans and we get RUMORS of a hook-up that MAY not be in the cards. But can the fans reaction to a RUMOR give the writers an idea? Will Patrick plant one on Elizabeth? RUMORS have said he will and IF it happens, Elizabeth is said to pull away and remind Patrick that he’s hurt and “acting out” because of it. Kimberly McCullough is going on a three week vacation. Some scenes were pre-taped but Jason Thompson just returned from his vacay so I would ASSUME their scenes MAY lessen a bit. There’s still that RUMORED brush with death and as I asked yesterday, are hallucinations a symptom of Post Partum? What about the “brush with death?” Will Patrick question if it was really an accident? Is that where the Robin attempts suicide RUMORS came from?

Those RUMORED Liason scenes… Are they about what’s going on in Jason’s world? EARLY RUMORS had the former lovers discussing Sam and Spinelli but will Elizabeth confide in Jason about Robin and Patrick and her fears that she’s overstepping?

Is Jason the fourth? We mentioned the super P.I. team of Spinelli, Winnie and Sam and at that time there was some CHATTER that a fourth person MAY be joining in. Is it Jason? RUMORS have the mob enforcer joining the threesome on a “caper.”

When Holly returns… Tracy is not happy. Bobbie sighting? Is this the over 40 part of the spoiler blog? Bobbie SHOULD have some screen time about her grandson. Tracy has a talk with her hubby about scamming her family with his latest sidekick and Holly, well Tracy is not going to like Luke’s ex-lover being in town.

Why is Ethan in Maxie and Lulu’s apartment? Why is Ethan still on my screen? Why? Why? Why? Johnny won’t like Ethan hanging around Lulu and Lulu will not like Maxie getting her flirt on with Ethan. Will Ethan and Lulu kiss? Will Johnny and Lulu end? Will the show that never wrote triangles now have more than ever? RUMORS have JoLu ending, Ethan and Lulu engaging in some fun and Maxie reporting back to Johnny that Lulu has moved on. Here’s to hoping that Ethan is not a Spencer cause YUCK is all that is in my head right now. Incest is not best. OH and Lulu catches her roommate and boyfriend in a lie.

GH in HD. They started filming this week in HD so in about three weeks check out your favorite mobsters in high definition. The cast also started filming on the new sets this week.

Could Ric Lansing be saved? He lands in the hospital and what do Maxie and Johnny have to do with it? RUMOR has it that as it stands now, the character of Ric is being killed off. Lately, GH has been getting some not so great press and the fans are not happy with the current state of the show. Add in that Rick Hearst’s fan club president encouraged fans to write and call in support of both Rick and Greg Vaughan and Ric Lansing COULD be staying in Port Chuck after all. We’ll see what the big man says when he pees on his next tree. But what lands Ric Lansing in a hospital bed? Karma perhaps? RUMORS say Lansing is drugged. Is this when Sonny finds his brother passed out in his wife’s bed? Remember, Ric offers to nail Jason for Rayner but the Fed wants both Sonny and Jason. Then there’s the hit that Ric warns Sonny about and Jason isn’t too keen on trusting Lansing. Is Sonny? Will Jason make a threat?

Alexis getting dusted off… I mentioned last week, maybe two weeks ago that Nancy lee Grahn is taping more. Kristina’s SORAS’ing and rebellious teen story SHOULD get the mom some screen time but it will also be some Sam stuff that has Alexis on our screens more. IF Ric does die, look for Alexis to get the attention she didn’t get when Jerry was presumed dead.

Michael’s reawakening… Remember Robin SHOULD factor into this story. How will Michael’s story and Robin’s PPD mesh? Michael wakes up late April and his story goes into May as part of Sweeps. Robin’s PPD SHOULD be wrapped up by then.

Jax and his bedside confession. Jax talks to Michael about what he’s learned and what to do with the info. Jax was RUMORED to tell Olivia but is it really Kate he goes to? Will Kate tell Jax that she’s known the truth? Claudia SHOULD figure out that Jax knows.

Carly hasn’t given up… despite what Patrick says, a mother knows her own son.

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  1. Profile photo of KingTV

    It almost sounds as of it is actually making some improvements but I will always be suspicious of everything Guza writes, so tell me when it IS good again and maybe I will DVR one episode to give it a look-see!

  2. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I would want to see Jason teaming up with the PI team..
    It will be a great change to see him in something that his dangerous and not Mob…
    like i would have want him to be a secret agent of the feds working on secret things not just mob………
    I Think That the LIASON scene will be about Robin’s PPD- they are both helping the couple with their troubles, That is why i thought that maybe they are planing to do J&R/Electric Thing…..
    What do You Think Regan?????

  3. Profile photo of LuvSKate

    OK that is a lot to digest. 1) I could care less about Rebecca – she can go screw Lucky or Nic doesn’t mean a thing to me.

    Seabisquit, I mean, Ethan – who cares.

    Jason/Sam/Spin – I like. Winnie – not so much.
    Liz/Jason – I hope Liason fans at least get to see them talk for crying out loud.

    I despise all things Claudia. No further comment necessary.

    Carly – a good mother in the sense she’s never giving up on her son. Bad mother that after all this she’ll let Sonny waltz back into her children’s lives, especially now that he is screwing Elvira, the one who is ultimately responsible for having her son currently lying in a vegetable state.

    Jax turning to Kate – I LOVE! Because quite frankly, Olivia hasn’t earned a freakin minute of airtime and I WANT KATE!!!!!!

    Absolutely LOVE the idea of Ric sticking around – because that renews hopes that one Ms. Ward could too :) PLEASE Soap Gods – just once come through! PLEASE! And, we could get Rate or Kic whatever you wanna call them, after all:)

  4. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Why don’t they have Rayner go after Kate? Who better than to get information from than Sonny’s ex. Sonny would be LIVID seeing Kate out on the town, dressed to the nines, with a Fed, while he’s with Dark-Hair Carly.

  5. Profile photo of LawyerGirl04

    Yes Jamey, it is unseemingly! The only reason they are doing this is to make her vulnerable so she’ll fall for her stalker. They should keep her with Lucky, the only person who’s making her interesting right now. Find someone else for Nik! Free Rebecca!

  6. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Jamey – sort of..I am waiting to see how it plays out, because I find that no matter how great the spoilers are, what ends up on screen doesnt live up to the potential/hype.

    LuvsKate – I totally agree re: Winnie. I think she is a lot of the reason why the JaSam/Spixie stuff is coming off clownish. She should have been created more in the old Riley character’s format….(testing all you long term viewers as to who Riley is LOL)

  7. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    If the breast cancer scare turns out to be a plot orchestrated by Helena that will REALLY be in poor taste. With the way Robin’s Post Toasties storyline is playing out, I am REALLY starting to think GH needs to be like DAYS and stay away from realistic issues that affect a good meant of their viewing audience. These stories are not Guza’s strong suit.

  8. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Yes.. the Rick Hearst may be staying is a bit premature. Write in and call if you want GH to keep this incredible actor.

    I agree Jamey, I’m already not on board with NotEmily, I really have no faith that A. they can write a good cancer s/l, even if it only turns out to be a scare and B. while the original Emily cancer s/l wasn’t as good as Monica’s it still had it’s moments and I fear that those memories will be tarnished.

    Kate… Jax MAY still bounce the whole situation off of Olivia and be careful what you wish for Kate fans, while Jax seems to keep mum, he MAY not be happy with Kate hiding the truth.

    I’m not a fan of Jason becoming a PI.

  9. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Re: Winnie… Sam MAY not be a Spixie fan’s girl. RUMORS have her givng Winnie tips on how to catch a Jackal’s attention and one RUMOR even has Sam givng Winnie a makeover.

  10. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    iF It is true Sam is wrong , she should not help Winni with this thing, She know that Maxi and Spinelli are in good place, Why she is trying to mess it up????

    Regan, Do You want Jason to be the enforcer all is life and Sonny’s dog all all the time????.
    I wanted Jason to be the godfather but he is not , so I would want him to be something else, something that will make him wear suit more often……

  11. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    GH Lover – What gives you the idea that Jason will ever stop wearing his leather jacket? It wouldn’t matter if he was the head of the mob, a Q board member, or a P.I. I think the wardrobe department has about 5 billion of those jackets. They will never go away.

  12. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Hey Regan I forgot to ask do you know if we will see more of Brad????
    As I was saying in Luke’s post I prefer him over Ethan….
    So do You Know if he stay’s??????

    He is not bad guy , he doesn’t know that Robin is married and have a child??
    He is really nice and cute, I really want him to stay.

  13. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I know that he wears only leather Jacket……
    But I would want him to to wear more suits!!!
    He looks so HOT in them………………….
    I can dream, can I ????????

  14. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    No I don’t want Jason as Sonny’s lap dog forever but I also don’t want him to be trapped in some ridiculous PI caper. That’s not Jason Morgan IMO.

    Brad’s ok… there is potential there and I much rather see him than Ethan. He MAY be around a little more. Maybe even traveling to Port Charles to look up Nancy. Remember she told him that was her next stop.

  15. Profile photo of engradypind

    If GH does keep Ric Lansing then they really have to get Jason out of the mob. He would make a great detective and that would open up more story lines. If Jason and Ric are both in the Sonny mob, then Sonny will get far too much airtime playing peacemaker. Stupid!!!!!

    Nobody likes the mob stories. Why do they keep them?

  16. Profile photo of wiccachick_1

    Thank you, thank you for the JoMax info and the big, pretty and hysterical pic of Johnny and a high-heeled Maxie toting an unconscious Ric around! hehe…I hope the spoilers announcing the demise of JoLu are correct and that moves JoMax even further in their story. I’m loving them together STILL!

    I’m excited about the Jason & Robin scenes and the Robin & Sonny scenes coming up. I have always, always loved the dynamic of the three of them. Kimberly shines with Steve and Mo.

  17. Profile photo of Courtney fan4life
    Courtney fan4life

    Forget Jomax I want Spixie! Are they getting togetehr or not.

    And I could care less about Rebecca and Nik. Its sick in my eyes. Hes only with her cause she looks like Emily. YUCK! Stop forcing them down our throats.

  18. Profile photo of crazy4gh

    I hate the ReNikolas s/l, the only good thing about NotEmily being Emily would be she could knock some sense into Jason and Liz’s heads.

    WTF, Jason’s helping the PI’s, once again he has all the time in the world when he’s not with Liz.

    Hey, I don’t care what Jason and Liz talk about. As long as I have them in the same scenes I’ll be beeming from ear to ear!!

  19. Profile photo of maxsmom

    i took GH out of my DVR schedule, i’ll keep up online but tired of ff through 75% of the show.  I like Maxie with Johnny, Liason, Sonny with Jason, if JJ is not possibe then I would take Jacob Young as Lucky but GV has always been too old for the part, NL was never Emily to me, the only recast I have ever loved is LW as Carly, I love SJB but LW is better for who Carly is today.  I’d rather RH leave the show than play out another vendetta against Sonny.  Even if I could get past the idea of 4 women who work part time if that running a Vogue type magazine, Kate like Claudia has been written into a corner and there is nowhere to turn, same for Olivia, if Dante isn’t coming how could she stay in Port Charles, I was the type of single mother Olivia is supposed to be and there is no way I could have been away from my son this long, regardless of age

  20. Profile photo of Guza-Frons-Suck

    This show makes me so angry. Jason will now be a P.I? WTH??? Having a P.I. on this show at all makes no sense when the cops can’t crack a case and Jason solves all the crimes as it is so why is it exactly that we need a detective agency to begin with? and ok just for craps and giggles lets bring in an agency, why can’t it be Lucky and Sam that are the P.I’s? Maybe if he quit the force and “rediscovered” his Spencerness, the ineffective detective could actually maybe become a hero for a change. Plus, Sam and Lucky together were the ONLY time I ever enjoyed these 2 characters. They were HOT! Why can’t Liz and Jason have an adventure together? Emily was her BFF, and Jason’s sister so why can’t they do some digging into Rebeccile’s background? They could definately reconnect, figure out Helena’s behind the whole thing, track down Helena and lo and behold Helena’s had Alan this whole time as a hold over notemily/rebeccile. Now you have the Q’s back togehter and on screen where Jason and have a storyline sort of reconnecting with the Q’s. and then we have Liason back together as a bonus :love: I think i am totally done now, this show is a farce and a shadow of what it once was. 30 years of viewing and I’ve finally had it. It’s not worth high blood pressure.

  21. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    SCOOP… First Michael, then Kristina and now Morgan is getting a SORAS…

    M&M Flirting coming.

    There is reportedly an Emmy info update in SID. RUMBLINGS say that info is incorrect.

  22. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I Think that they need to Change Jason’s job , the enforcer is getting really stupid, and boring and look the same
    When they started the all FBI thing I wanted that this story will take Jason to become a agent who is like Robert and Anna…..
    This could have been such a good story line…….

    I want Brad in Pc- he can be with Kate,Olivia and who knows , but he has such a good potential, and he is not mob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Look at me I am excited about a male character who is not Jason LOL

  23. Profile photo of curacaoman

    Maxie got Spinelli to stay in town by declaring her undying love and stating she cannot live without him. Now she hits on Johnny every chance she gets and is “getting her flirt on” with Teethan. Who writes this crap? Oh, that’s right, GUZA with the blessing of FRONS! Ugh!

  24. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    I saw a rumor out there about Jason seeing Liz with Patrick, getting upset and rebounding back to Sam, but when Liz comes to see him and explains all that is going between Robin and Patrick he feels bad for jumping to the wrong conclusion

    This has to be a rumor for one because it makes some sense. My biggest problem with the writing after the break-up is that they removed two people who share a child from each other’s lives completely. Why not have the angst of Jason maybe seeing Liz getting close to someone else and it hurting him to the core because in the end he was the one who pushed her away when he could of been happy. Why wouldn’t Liz still find the need to reach out to a person she has trusted for years. I never got the need to try and make us forget that Liason or Jake existed.

    I am also in the boat of those who mention that if Sam helps Winnie try and win over Spin, it will be a smack in the face to Maxie, and very un-BFF

  25. Profile photo of Johnathon

    I dont know about Stan..

    Monica’s drinking — She got better thanks to the 18month rehab (LOL)

    Jason’s ‘damaged hands– He went to the special doctor and got all better

    I think IF Ethan is going to stick around then they have to recast him, because this actor is not likable in anyway.

    Also @Jamey — I agree about the Cancer storyline being in poor taste, but its Guza, so if something was in good taste i would kinda be shocked lol.

  26. Profile photo of Jenba

    The mere idea of a murdering mob enforcer like Jason joining a PI ageny is beyond ludicrous and, if it were to go down, shows just how far GH has really gone off the rails IMO. Make him a businessman, have him turn coffee importer, whatever. But him upholding the law and making the PCPD and FBI look even worse in Guza land? Give me a freakin’ break. Seeing Spinelli in a military uniform and Sam steal an FBI agent’s badge was enough to send me over the edge and leave a scathing voice mail on the comment line.

    And, please,somebody give KS a donut. I’m seriously worried about that girl. She looks like a bobblehead in all these pics because her body is so small compared to her head/hair.

  27. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Ethan should do both Maxie and Lulu, Spin should go to PI business with Sam and Jason, Luke should be his old self again, Ric and Kate should hook up and throw it in Sonny and Claudia’s faces, Robin and Patrick should reunite and Robin gets help, ASAP.

    Michael should get back at Carly and Sonny for the life they cause him. The Qs should get Michael into their lives again. NotEmily should just hook up with NIk and Lucky and be done with it. And Olivia and Mac should have hot sex on the police table.

  28. Profile photo of LovesDog

    “Seabisquit, I mean, Ethan – who cares.”

    LuvSKate, you rock. LOL! Ethan is a dumb character who should be written off immediately.

    Liz needs to mind her own. Let Patrick and Robin deal with their own problems.

    So what if Liz and Jason share scenes, they are done.

  29. Profile photo of Guza-Frons-Suck

    Do we really need to recast “Mr. Ed?” can’t we just forget this entire storyline ever existed? I mean it’s not like that hasn’t been done before, let’s see. . . whatever happened to Stan? Monica’s drinking story? Jason’s “permanently” damaged hands i could go on, anyone else?

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