Alicia Leigh Willis Auditioned For Guiding Light

Could Alicia Leigh Willis be headed for Springfield? Soap Opera Source is reporting that the former General Hospital star recently auditioned for a role on Guiding Light.

Do you want Alicia Leigh Willis to join Guiding Light?

Alicia Leigh Willis Auditioned For Guiding Light

  • No! Alicia Leigh Willis needs to stay far away from Guiding Light and daytime. (27%, 132 Votes)
  • As long as she doesn't go to my favorite soap I don't care. (21%, 102 Votes)
  • Yes! I love Alicia Leigh Willis. (38%, 184 Votes)
  • I can take her an leave her. (14%, 63 Votes)

Total Voters: 481


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35 Responses

  1. Profile photo of myworld

    I do not know the actress well, but I can see her as Marah. Now can this young lady act? How did she do on GH?

    I just hope she is not Michelle Bauer I can not see her as Michelle

  2. Profile photo of Static09

    No no no! She cannot be Michelle! I loved Michelle! And well, ALW’s character was and still is my most hated character on GH. Personally, I don’t want her anywhere near Springfield.

  3. Profile photo of myworld

    Damn that baad huh? I looked at some scenes from her on youtube on GH she was ok, she looks really young, but I guess she is ok. I just found out she was on the LWORD I need to look those clips up.

  4. Profile photo of ohwowreally

    i liked her as courtney on GH….i guess alot of others didn’t b/c they paired her with jason and many ppl were hoping for a liason pairing then and the fact that they used her to come between Nem, which upset that fanbase…to me it just seemed like the writers didn’t know what to do with her after the jason pairing, so they just threw her with random ppl in random s/l’s. I was a huge jason/courtney fan when they were together lol

  5. Profile photo of appleofmyi

    I hated her when she played Courtney on GH. I don’t she would fit in on GL. Nothing against her but she seems more like B&B material or DAYS even. Do not let this girl near GL!

  6. Profile photo of Static09

    She was more natural on The L Word than she was on GH. So maybe it was the show. There were a few acting and delivery tics of hers I didn’t enjoy on GH. I felt she had anti-chemistry with pretty much everybody on GH.

  7. Profile photo of dellygrim

    I was ok with her on GH but wasn’t really drawn to the character. I could see her more as Marah than Michelle but I don’t think that’s a good idea either. They should make Marah more fiery than they have in the past. She should be more her mothers daughter. Lauren Woodland (ex Brittany Hodges Y&R) is my 1st choice.

    For Michelle I think ALW could do an ok job but IMO her portrayal probably wouldn’t be worth bringing back the character. She’d probably be an improvement over NSA’s Michelle who always bored me to tears and sent me running for Port Charles. I’d like to see Sabine Singh (though I think that’s highly unlikely) or Beth Ann Bonner as Michelle.

    ALW could come on as Lara’s ghost or flashbacks. that would be fine.

  8. Profile photo of gush900

    I think right now gl is the place to be for actors.If Alicia is castas marah might she set her sights on her former flame her moms husband jeffrey o’neil

  9. Profile photo of Set

    I love Alicia! She was what got me to start watching GH. Don’t judge. I was 20 and she was a hot little blond on the tv in the middle of the night (ah, the joys of youth and soapnet).

    That being said, I don’t love her enough to watch a show I have no interest in. Even as my interest in the show she got me hooked on is at an all time low. And they’re on at the same time. Huh.

  10. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    I didn’t like Courtney, but Alicia is solid. She is miles ahead of Caitlin or Bonnie in that she can actually carry a storyline. She’s a vet. She was also on Another World as Ally Fowler and made Courtney one of GH’s most popular characters. I don’t want her for Michelle, but I could see her as a decent Marah. She would be that last "dead behind the eyes" girl. Did I mention I love Ashley and Jordan from Pine Valley Podcast? :p

  11. Profile photo of myworld

    Ok I went on youtube and saw the scenes with Courtney and AJ and it was good I liked her falling for A.J., Sonny trying to convince her to stop stripping, and Courtney pulling a gun on A.J. also her finding out her father was alive. good scenes?

    I do not watch GH but are those the stories they still tell on that show? If so I may need to check it out.

    After seeing her from start to finish on youtube and a brief scene of her work on L word, i think she is better suited for Marah than Michelle. Marah needs to be a Bitch and while i did not see that in any of the stuff I saw from her on youtube, Jeff Branson was a welcome surprise. So maybe she can play the roles.

    Anything would be better than Catlin and Bonnie.

  12. Profile photo of McD720

    I agree with Jamey. Absolutely couldn’t stand Courtney but Alicia is a decent actress. I guess the question is Marah or Michelle?

    Marah I suppose would be ok but I just don’t see her as Reva and Josh’s daughter but you never know – so between the two roles that is likely the better fit.

    If they cast her as Michelle on the other hand – I will not be happy. I want Danny and Michelle back in Springfield badly cause I really love them but I don’t want Alicia playing Michelle.

  13. Profile photo of LovesDog

    Alicia is decent. She shouldn’t be doing soaps any more. She should be focusing on prime time. She has a future there. Times must be hard for actors also.

  14. Profile photo of THEBEST

    I could get jiggy with her as Marah, but not my Michelle Bauer Santos! The show needs to wait for Nancy St. Alban to drop that bun in the oven and get her back…

  15. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    Courtney was one of those characters that came on and was everywhere from day one. I hate it when they do that. Why can’t they figure out that it turns fans against the character. Let us warm up to them. Leave us wanting a bit more and not wanting to kill the newbie. I was so happy when they killed Courtney and it had nothing to do with her being paired with Jason and everything to do with her swallowing up the entire show.

    I can’t see her as Cassie because she seems too young. I can see her as Marah. I just stopped taping GL yesterday. I spent too much time fast forwarding to waste the time. I may have to check it out if she joins the show just to see if she would be less annoying in a new role.

  16. Profile photo of MattWeiss

    I think she’d be best as nuMarah, or if they wanted to bring back Lara from the dead.

    She’s a little young to be Harley or Cassie (though that doesn’t stop casting directors these days, remember nuAlan Michael).

    And egads NO, I hope they don’t bring back Nancy St. Alban as Michelle. We already had to live through that once. Please don’t make me relive the horror!

  17. Profile photo of SusieQ

    Alicia’s alright but I don’t really see her as Michelle so I hope she’s not reading for her. If they want an ex-ABC soaper to be a recast Michelle why don’t they give Erin Hershey Presley a call – that girl would rock that part and somebody really needs to hire her ASAP!

  18. Profile photo of dellygrim

    And egads NO, I hope they don’t bring back Nancy St. Alban as Michelle. We already had to live through that once. Please don’t make me relive the horror!

    I’m with you on that one. I’d rather Chewy Judy Chapman take over the role of Michelle.

  19. Profile photo of troymcclure

    Apparently Michelle will be back with an edge so maybe she could fit.

    I am glad we won’t have to re-live Michelle Bauer, professional soccer mom anymore, the horror!

  20. Profile photo of east.west

    I didn’t really care for her, until the end when she was Courtney on GH and there’s other ppl I would rather see in the roles of Marah and Michelle, but Alicia is a decent actress. So whatever.

    Voted I can take or leave her.

  21. Profile photo of Carol2

    She’s all wrong for Michelle. Michelle was already ruined when they cast a very cold actress in the part.

    She’s better suited for Marah. Marah is supposed to have a hard edge.

    I liked her on AW. GH, no.

  22. Profile photo of soapfan2010

    YES!!! I’d love for Alicia to come back to daytime. Loved her on GH but GH is so tired now so I’m all for her staying away from that show.

    I’d start watching Guiding Light if she was on.

  23. Profile photo of terrifictam

    Loved her on General Hospital!!

    I don’t really watch GL frequently so I would prefer her to go on a different show. Better yet Alicia should keep trying to land primetime gigs since Soaps are really suffereing from budget cuts these days.

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