Carolyn Hennesy on her Cougartown Role

As previously reported, General Hospital‘s Carolyn Hennesy has signed on to ABC’s pilot Cougartown and this week she gave readers at E!Online a peek at her character.

Carolyn Hennesy of General Hospital has joined the cast of Courteney Cox and Bill Lawrence’s new show Cougartown. Carolyn tells us, "I work in the same real estate office that [Courteney] does. I’m very ladylike and conservative, and then at night it’s literally like Jekyll and Hyde. The claws come out, and the men have to go into hiding—the young men are all very afraid."

Cougartown stars Friends alum Courteney Cox-Arquette.

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  1. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    Well, I wish all the actors luck and god for her on getting the pilot. But I gotta say, this pilot sounds terrible and will most likely get picked up because of Courtney Fox. It’ll probably stick around, since ABC keeps all it’s bad shows and get’s rid of their good ones.

    GH might be a train wreck, it’s GH’s turn I guess, that doesn’t mean it won’t get better. If GL can get better, than all the soaps can.

  2. Profile photo of Megabby

    have you even seen the promos or the pilot to judge before it’s even aired?
    this show is not what people think it is.
    give it the benefit of the doubt before please.

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