Colin Egglesfield Joins Melrose Place Redux

The bond between All My Children and all things Melrose Place just got a little bit stronger. According to The Hollywood Reporter,Colin Egglesfield (ex-Josh Madden) is joining the cast of the new Melrose Place on The CW.

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    Good for him.

    I sure do miss him as part of Erica’s family he should be there right now.

    My fav. Josh moments: When Kendall and Josh were getting so close at one time. And when Josh crashed a plane on purpose to be with Babe that was great too.

    But here’s hope Egglesfield’s new gig takes off.

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    wasn’t a fan of his character on AMC but that was mostly about his origin. I think he could do very well on the new MP. Though this is the most promising thing I’ve heard about the show so far so I still don’t think it will last.

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    My mom was going to make me watch the new Melrose Place anyway… but at least now I have a reason to watch it myself. I’d still rather have him as Josh, a well written Josh instead of a ‘I steal from my brother-in-law because, hey, I haven’t done anything for four months so why the hell not. Then I come back and hold my sister’s lover at gunpoint and get shot in the head!’ Josh.

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    Regan Cellura

    Max (Michael Rady) from GREEK has also joined the cast as well as Stephanie Jacobson from Terminator. She’ll play the med school student by day, hooker by night role.

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