Y&R’s Marge Talks!

Hey you, remember when I told you about the special episode of The Young and the Restless with Marge (Jeanne Cooper) chatting with the audience? Well, here’s a sneak peak of it. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty sure your not suppose to look THAT good when you’ve been six feet under for a few months. I watch enough Law and Order and CSI to know that!

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    God, why can’t the other 5 craptastic shows be as good as this, OLTL, & GL.Each show still has MINOR problems, but overall, they’re quality TV.

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    Most of the good on this show is Jeanne Cooper. She is simply adored! The whole cast on Y&R are really good They have been on fire as of late. Although I wish they had not recasted Colleen….

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