Are DAYS and GH Playing Red Rover With Greg Vaughan and Rachel Melvin?

DC staffers heard it through the soapvine that former Days of Our Lives actress Rachel Melvin recently read for a part at General Hospital. Could she possibly be Sonny’s soon-to-be SORASed daughter Kristina? Another possibility, would be Melvin doing to a temp gig as a young Claudia? Spoilers indicate the soap will be flashing back to Claw’s childhood.

"I can’t comment on that," says an insider.

We also hear, Greg Vaughan recently met with the people over at Days of Our Lives for a part, which didn’t make Fronsie too happy! Developing…

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    Judging the age of the new Michael wouldn’t Rachel be a little old for Kristina? I think she would do a great job although I am not a huge fan of SORASing…if it has to be done…I could see her in the role as it’s been hinted at thus far.

    As for Greg…see ya.

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    Greg should go to AMC. I mean Ryan and JR have bedded every woman under 30 in PC. It’s starting to get alittle B&B on that show. They need some fresh meat pronto!!!

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    Greg Vaughan is one of the most sexiest,yet underrated actors in daytime. He deserves to be on a show where he is written as the hero, not the idiot. It would help if he’s shirtless a lot too! Anyway, if DAYS is that show, despite Higley’s hack writing, I’m all for it!

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    RM has really learned her craft during her time on DooL and would be one of the very few bright spots on GH. And DooL might actually give GV some airtime! LOL

    “Anyway, if DAYS is that show, despite Higley’s hack writing, I’m all for it!”

    As sad as this is, I think Higley’s writing of late beats anything — make that everything — that’s happening on GH right now. GV would be better off either way. He’d make a good Brady.

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    Diego on Y&R didn’t die right? GV can go back to Y&R as Diego. He could hook up with Chloe who needs a man since Mac is returning for Billy. We need to start banging the drums so Y&R hires him back. He would be on the no. 1 soap which will stick it to Frons. ABC also let Billy Miller and Elizabeth Hendrickson go to Y&R which obviously has better taste.

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    here is my opinion

    I am a fan of Rachel and I will miss her on Days but if she can pop up on another soap I wont complain
    as for the possible role as a kristina recast I would prefer her to have a new role and NOT be a recast – especially that role

    As for Greg I dont think the role of Diego on YR is needed anymore but if he leaves GH I wish him all the best whereever he goes

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    Oooh, I absolutely adore Rachel Melvin…when I quit watching Days she was the one actress/character that I missed seeing the most. Even though GH sucks, I still watch it regularly and I think RM would make a perfect Kristina. I could definitely see it.

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    Rachel Melvin as a SORAS’ed Kristina would be sick! Julie Berman would be all kinds of pissed…

    Doesn’t Days have enough young leading men? James Scott, Bryan Datillo, Jay Kenneth Johnson, Galen Gering, Eric Martsolf. They have enough going on over there. Plus, the boy who played on GL as Olivia’s brother, Sam. Greg would have kicked ASS as Brady, though.

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    I hate sorasing, but from what i’ve seen of melvin on days, I like her and think she’d make a great corinthos/cassidine.

    As for GV, I feel bad for him. He’s actually a great Lucky, but the problem is that the writing for his character sucks toxic balls. I say go where they want you and want to use you properly.

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    While I would love to see GV somewhere else than GH, don’t want to see him over at Days especially if it is as a ShawnD recast. Lucky and ShawnD have both been written as idiots when they both should be written smarter. Besides seems like Days has way too many younger leading men. Don’t think Sami or Chloe need ANOTHER man falling all over them.

    RM would be a good SORAS Kristina. But age wise compared to the actor to play an older Michael I don’t know if it would work. RM looks younger, but I don’t know if I could buy her as being a late teen since she is suppose to be younger than Michael. She also makes a good younger Claudia if they were going that way.

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    which didn’t make Fronsie too happy!

    I’m suprised about that, since I hear he’s not a fave.

    He could go back to Y&R, maybe Jt could lose Viki the same way he got her.

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    See I thought I read somewhere that Rachel left DAYS because she wanted out of SOAPS all together, so leaving one crappy soap for another just doesn’t make sense to me.

    I would much rather her stick around on DAYS then go to GH, but hey what do i know.

    Any bets that RM will end up as Micheal’s Girlfriend and yet another part to the mob? -.- Yay i can’t wait.

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    I don’t think that she should be cast as Kristina. I know she’s not that old but she’s a little old to be playing 14 or 15 is what I’ve heard they’re aging Kristina too. And I don’t blame GV for looking else where since they’ve shown they don’t know what to do with him on GH and dropped the ball with him and Sam to put him back with Liz which has now been dropped. It’s all so stupid. I really didn’t want him back with Liz anyways. It makes you wonder if the rumors about them putting him on a recurring status is true if he’s auditioning at other places. I don’t know that I’d go to days though. The state of that show is up in the air.

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