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Here’s the Scoop! 03.27.09

Ask Away Day! Hit me with your best shot and if I can answer, I will.

Claudia – Scrubs, Claudia – Scrubs…
Why have the last few SPOILER blogs started with them? Apparently they’re the only ones getting written for on GH. I like Scrubs despite the lack luster storytelling for Robin’s Post Partum story and while I love Sarah Brown, the character of Claudia never really worked for me. Every day I read how bored you all are with the SCOOP and the show and I am right there with you.

Claudia gets top billing today as she’s the girl with the plan. Maxie and Johnny help her out by getting rid of Ric and the pair ditch him at the hospital. Claudia drops by just in time for Ric to strangle her. He’s not killing her, he needs her and tells her try to kill me again and a copy of the DVD goes straight to Sonny. Johnny’s role in all of this does not end with getting Ric to the hospital. Claudia wants Johnny to join up with Sonny and help her get the goods on her hubby and Jason. Is this why Johnny and Lulu end?

Johnny takes it a step further and decides that killing Ric is the best option. So while the mafia prince has Ric in a choke hold Jason walks in and does nothing to stop it. Hey, he hates Ric! Claudia busts the two apart. Why? That DVD that is supposed to go to Sonny should anything happen to Ric. Will she tell Sonny a version of the truth? It LOOKS like Claudia tells Sonny that Ric is blackmailing her and Sonny actually apologizes! He thinks Ric is simply using Claudia to get to him in Ric’s typical everything is about my brother fashion. I think want frustrates me the most about Sonny the good mobster is that he’s not a smart mobster.

I mentioned another visit to Michael’s bedside. That kid is getting more confessions out of the residents of PC than the PCPD ever could! Jax confesses to keeping the secret and that putting Jerry away after the MetroCourt mess could have prevented Michael being shot. Claudia drops by and tells Michael another Corinthos child is the way to stop Sonny from killing her if he learns the truth and hey, Claudia can replace the child she caused Sonny to lose. Let me know how that works out for you Claudia.

Enough with Claudia… I’m not even touching Scrubs today.

Dare I even discuss Ethan? He’s been on my screen the last two days and I’m still not sure why other than to annoy me. Is he a Spencer? Will he and Lulu have a thing? IF they do, he better not be a Spencer, GH has not induced vomiting yet, but IF we have a little incest storyline, it will. Ethan’s a con man and he’s stealing from Crimson. Lulu catches him and the two must win back the money Ethan stole and then lost.

Jerry’s back… Live and in person. It’s not another DVD that has Sebastian Roche back it’s the real deal, sorry Belinda.

NotEmily… Not interested was more like it until I saw this POSSIBLE storyline. Now, it’s most likely FANFIC since I find it interesting so please pull out your salt licks and prepare yourself for some sodium overload. We don’t need to rehash most fans’ hopes that NotEmily is the RealEmily and the return of Helena has plenty of fans clamoring for the psychotic granny to have a part in Emily’s “death.” All the mysterious phone calls Rebecca was getting (they’re SUPPOSED to pick back up) are RUMORED to be Helena who Rebecca MAY be working for. Why is the question? What does Helena have on Rebecca? What does Helena want from her grandson? She usually wants the Cassadine heir but RUMORS have her showing no interest in Spencer with the LATEST SCOOP saying Nikolas ships his son out of town so that he’s far away from Helena. Granny wants the Cassadine Empire back and she’s SUPPOSEDLY using Rebecca to do so. But without the Cassadine heir, how much can Helena accomplish? Well what if she has a Cassadine heir and that’s what Helena is holding over Rebecca’s head?

That NotEmily – Nikolas lip lock? Comes after Nikolas shares Emily’s breast cancer story with Rebecca.

JoMax are lying to their respective counterparts. Lulu and Spinelli are suspicious about the “club opening” the pair say they attended. They SHOULD be covering for dumping Ric’s unconscious behind at the hospital.

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  1. Profile photo of LawyerGirl04

    Hey Regan, I think what I hate the most about GH right now is that the Claudia/Ric/Sonny and Luke/Ethan/Tracy crap is getting soooo much airtime that it’s hard to get invested in anything that is remotely interesting. The NotEmily story interests me but they only show her and Nik for two seconds in two scenes out of the show. It’s hard not to think their storyline is stupid when we don’t have any time to get interested in them. Also, I love Scrubs and their scenes always make me sit up and pay attention but yet again, their sporadic scenes are always out of order and make no sense. Plus, they have the same arguments every single day. Poor Liz is stuck being a talk-to and propping up other people and Kate who was one of my favorite characters is unrecognizable. Although my Ethan hate is pretty strong right now, my hate for all things Claudia is beginning to take over. Why must she be on my screen every freaking day? The only person who I am enjoying right now is Carly, shocker. She’s the only one who’s dialogue makes sense anymore.

  2. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Thank You Regan…
    Let me understand Johnny is choking Rick and Jason comes in and does nothing???
    That will Have to be so good……….
    just see Jason’s face ….

  3. Profile photo of MandaPanda1331

    So wait, I want to make sure I understand this. Helena is holding an heir over Rebecca’s head? Well I’m understanding that as Helena has an heir (maybe Emily & Niks) and that is what she is holding over her head. Wow that storyline actually could excite me! But that would mean that Rebecca knows she is Emily; meaning she knew the whole thing. And that means Emily was pregnant? I’m not sure, I may be reading too much into it.

  4. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Well what if she has a Cassadine heir and that’s what Helena is holding over Rebecca’s head?

    Now this is interesting to me, because I just read somewhere that Helena has control of Nik’s kid…and it’s not Spencer. I thought that sounded odd so I didn’t pay much attention, but your spoiler/rumor sounds similar.

    I also read that Ethan is def not Luke’s son, but is related to Holly and that he and Holly are going to be running a con together when she hits town.

    AND (I’ve been online a lot today, lol) I heard that the reason Olivia/LLC is still around is because she’s BFF w/ LW and TPTB have kept her around to make LW happy.

    All of this could be total bull (I’m not sure how accurate the site is where I got this stuff), but I’m just wondering…

  5. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Yep… IF this is a legit SCOOP and not some well placed exaggeration, IF NotEmily is RealEmily, Helena COULD be holding onto her child. We’ll see what actually happens or if any more is dropped.

    As for LW and LLC, they were roomies in NYC back during their City days. I doubt that’s the reason she’s still around. It has more to do with Dante and IF and WHEN that story gets told. IF TPTB can secure someone for the role, they’ll move ahead with it and play Michael and Dante off of one another.

  6. Profile photo of BbyBoi06

    If LuLu and Ethan are given a go and Spixie are still standing strong, Johnny is the odd man out. Regan what’s the chances of JoMax getting a real shot? Im liking them together more and more.

  7. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    What if Spencer isnt Spencer…I never understood how pregnant Courtney got away from Helena and strolled into pc only to die. What if the real Courtney was kept, and thus the real spencer was kept….but then who was the courtney that died. So many questions.

  8. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    See I wish they would just wait a few years to tell the Sonny’s Feuding Kids story. It would be so much better to do it between Michael vs. Morgan vs. Kristina (w/ Molly floating around on the outskirts, like her pop.) I’d be so much more invested because at least these are characters I know, with established histories. As opposed to Dante, who I’m not going to care about.

    I get that they want to tell the story sooner rather than later, but if they just waited awhile it would be so much better – we could at least get to know the SORASED kids and it would be more poignant because we’d have an “aged” Sonny so it could be like a King Lear type story (because of course this eventually is going to center around Sonny’s “kingdom”.)

    Thanks for the info Regan, as usual :)

  9. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    EET: My memory is so hazy, but they did do a DNA test for Spencer right? (to see if he was Jax’s or Nik’s) So he’s got to be Nik and Courtney’s, I would assume. Or did the DNA test just say he wasn’t Jax’s and everyone assumed that meant Spencer was Nik’s? I have a headache now…lol

  10. Profile photo of JasonMorganIsAHottie

    Thanks for the scoops Regan.

    You know, I can’t help but comment about the state of GH. I mean, it’s called GENERAL HOSPITAL. Please correct me if I’m missing any s/l’s, but the only medical stories on the canvas is Michael’s comatose state, Rebecca’s breast biopsy, and Robin’s PPD. GH is being remodeled, and what brief scenes we have at Mercy, it seems the staff holds all business in the lobby.

    Now as you can tell by my sign-on name, I love me some Jason. But right now the main focus of this show is the mob and Spinelli chased by the FBI and their supporting characters.

    Let’s for example compare GH to “e.r.”. Can you even FATHOM seeing e.r. storylines run the way GH’s are? I mean, e.r. is about hospital patients and their emergencies, hospital staff, and is predominantly set IN THE HOSPITAL. GH is so far away from the hospital concept, it’s almost an afterthought. With the exception of Scrubs and Elizabeth, (post-toxic ball drop), who works there that is currently has a storyline? The GH cast USED to be swarming with medical staff.

    Give Epiphany, Lainey, Kelly, Bobbie, Monica, and Matt a story. Hire more actors that are DOCTORS or bring back some vets who’s characters haven’t been killed off. Open the GH cafeteria back up so the staff can congregate there. Resurrect the hospital teen hotline. Hire day players to be the short term patients or better yet, bring in a guest star or a GH vet and check them in as a patient.

    And TIIC are wondering why people are tuning out to GH in droves.

  11. Profile photo of LawyerGirl04

    Okay so let me get this straight, we’re supposed to believe that Emily was able to get pregnant when 1. she had to undergo all of that chemo and radiation during her cancer storyline and 2. she was with Sonny and didn’t end up pregnant then.

  12. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Oh EET, your questions are valid and your idea is pretty good but I beg you not to give them any ideas as to how to bring Courtney back. Sorry to those that liked her, I was not one of you.

  13. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Epiphany… there is a RUMBLE out there that the new GH MAY be Epiphany-light. We’ll have to see if she’s at the opening.

    HYSTERICAL and sadly, so true!

    The ultimate EPT Test. If you’re with Sonny and don’t get pregnant, chances are slim to none for ya.

  14. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    In this week’s ABC hotsheet:

    Claudia plots to get pregnant, while Jason may be onto her secret! Is Robin dead?

    Nikolas continues to help Rebecca through her potential breast cancer crisis, which ends up bringing the two closer together. But just as Rebecca is looking most vulnerable, she also starts looking awfully suspicious; she’s taking mysterious phone calls and saying cryptic things while sedated. Will Nikolas catch on to Rebecca’s secrets? And what IS Rebecca’s secret? Post your theories on the message board!

    Ric continues to menace Claudia and Johnny with his knowledge of Michael’s shooting (it even gets him choked at one point, which is sort of a satisfying sight), despite the fact that it’s already earned him a poisoning from Claudia. This week, he starts dropping hints around Jason, enough to get him suspicious. Jason starts his own little investigation into Michael’s shooting, all of which adds up to very bad news for Claudia.

    As for the shooting victim himself, Carly is encouraged when she sees Michael move his hand. So encouraged, in fact, that after Patrick tries to play down the development, she seeks out a riskier treatment. And Carly’s zeal for a cure could end up threatening Michael’s life.

    Meanwhile, now that Robin has admitted to having post-partum depression, she can begin the rocky road to recovery. It proves to be very rocky indeed. Can Patrick and Jason — even Carly — convince Robin to accept treatment? Or does the fact that Patrick finds Robin floating face down in the freezing water signal that things don’t really go anyone’s way?

    All that, PLUS: Lulu and Ethan continue to bicker and try to one-up the other, and — to ensure her own safety — Claudia comes up with the most brilliant idea of all: get pregnant with Sonny’s child!

  15. Profile photo of HopeFloats

    Thanks for the spoilers.

    Regan, is there a light at the end of the tunnel for Spixie fans? I miss their gentle and fun dynamic. They have been separated too much.

    As for NotEmily, I don’t understand why TPTB kill off a character, then have the same actress who played her return and then have that character be matched in the same couple. Logic tells me that it would be a lot less effort to just not kill the character. They could do any character development they wanted with the character still alive.

  16. Profile photo of BbyBoi06

    Claudia comes up with the most brilliant idea of all: get pregnant with Sonny’s child!

    :tired: Oh Good God……..
    I need a :beer:

  17. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Spixie… I think we’ll see some angst. I think we MAY see some Spixie moments but with Johnny and Lulu breaking up, I would ASSUME Spixie is dependent on a few factors. Will Ethan and Lulu take off? Will Ethan turn out to be a Spencer? Are the Brandon Barash RUMORS true? COULD they be giving Winnie and Spin a chance? Will the JoLu split stick or is it temporary?

    IMO TPTB do not think things through at least not to the extent that the fans do. And, Frons thinks magic strikes twice.

  18. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Regan and Daisy – I wasnt thinking a courtney return if Spencer isnt Spencer – you know that Helena would have killed off the real courtney the second she gave birth if that was the scenario. I just remember at the time thinking this whole thing makes no sense – Hells captures courtney to dna test the baby and next we see Courtney frees herself — how the heck would a woman that far along escape helena AND her minions and then find transportation back from whereever she had been held. It just never seemed feasible and Helena only would have willingly released her if the baby WASNT a Cassadine.

  19. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Oh I agree, Helena wouldn’t have let Courtney leave with the Cassadine heir but remember Courtney was SuperGirl at one point. In Guza’s head Kung fu Barbie could do anything. Her sudden reappearance during the monkey virus was stupid IMO. None of it made sense.

  20. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Although now that I think about it…if the courtney that died in pc wasnt the real courtney and we now have notEmily, Emily’s double…are we going to get something stupid like Helena has a cloning machine.

  21. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    So Jason is investing again Michael shooting WTH????
    Jason and Spinelli did that already, why would Jason find something new that he hadn’t find a year ago????????
    Also I remember that Spinelli did found money transfer in Ian’s accounts , but they didn’t continue it ….
    So why now will Jason find something new????????????????

  22. Profile photo of ahanshew

    My vote is for NotEmily being the real Emily. Helena found out she was pregnant with Nik’s kid, faked her death and took her hostage. Now she’s just screwing with Nik by holding the kid over Emily’s head. Too smart and exciting to be true unfortunately!

  23. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I mean after..
    Remember when Spinelli Jason and Claudia were in Jason’s PH with the stupid virus, Spinelli found in Ian’s accounts Money transfer …

  24. Profile photo of maxsmom

    All of the most interesting shows in primetime are serial dramas aka soaps. Guza and Frons are back in 1968 with Carlavati (sorry I am not on the OLTL is so great bandwagon). They will recycle every soap cliche until GH is cancelled.

    Long lost twin, or person who died onscreen but isn’t really dead, secret discovered by everyone on the canvas except the person who needs to know, in love with someone with whom you can never be with so you are married involved with someone else, brothers vying for the same woman, or position, and on and on………… know there is more than one way to tell a story too bad soap headwriters and executives don’t.

  25. Profile photo of curacaoman

    And the train plunges deeper into the ravine. GH is trying to set the record for the worst soap ever cancelled! IMHO they are succeeding! Oh come one ABC, if you want it cancelled, do it already and at least leave us with the memories of the good times. No need to destroy the show first!

  26. Profile photo of Courtney fan4life
    Courtney fan4life

    Oh please NO, don’t bring back Courtney!!!!!!!!!

    Someone needs to take care of Spencer. She gave her life for that baby and nik could care less about it. Plus NotEmily is so boring. I cant stand her and forcing her with Nik is even more annoying.

  27. Profile photo of Courtney fan4life
    Courtney fan4life

    #1Submitted by Regan on March 27, 2009 – 2:44pm.
    Oh I agree, Helena wouldn’t

    Oh I agree, Helena wouldn’t have let Courtney leave with the Cassadine heir but remember Courtney was SuperGirl at one point. In Guza’s head Kung fu Barbie could do anything. Her sudden reappearance during the monkey virus was stupid IMO. None of it made sense.

    Which only means Kung Fu barbie is ALIVE!!!!!!

  28. Profile photo of sabrina2009

    Come on you know that want happen Carly will fine out on her own tell Jason and Sonny this may happen when Jerry come back i’m just talking out loud and to fine out who all knew i can’t wait for this if this happen this way

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