Is Y&R’s Jess Walton Out?

According to the good folks at Soap Opera Digest’s web site, a casting call went out for a well known actress to play Jill (Jess Walton). SOD states that a source has told them that Walton hasn’t been feeling well and think that its possible that The Young and the Restless is looking for someone to fill in until our favorite bad girl feels better. Online rumblings are also wondering if the role is for Katherine’s (Jeanne Cooper) real missing in action daughter. My money’s on a tempJill coming in, get well soon Jess!

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    There is only one person who could play the role of Jill Foster Abbott, temporarily or full-time, if needed. And that person is Brenda Dickson, the original Jill.

    To Maria Arena Bell, the Bell Family and Paul Rauch: Please, Please, PLEASE let bygones be bygones and get Brenda on the telephone and on the set. NOW! (LOL) I am sure Brenda is available and would love to do it. It would be an AWESOME blast if Brenda Dickson were to return to her signature role. Even if it is only for a short period of time.

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    I could get with Brenda Dickson coming back temporarily. I’m pretty sure that things can’t be still tense after 20 years…

    Anna Stuart is another brilliant candidate. She does bitchy socialite effortlessly.

    But, when it comes down to it, I just hope that my Jess gets better and comes back. That’s my OG from way back, and I can’t picture Jill Foster Abbott without her in the role no longer than a little while.

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    I hope the actress gets better soon.

    I really wish they would just write the character of Jill out for a little bit instead of Temp Recasting but that is because all i have seen are horrible Tempcast, so maybe she can have a decent recast…..*crosses fingers*

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    Jamey Giddens

    My Jess better get to FEELING BETTER! She is the only Jill Abbott for me! But IF it’s temporary, I wouldn’t mind seeing someone like Michelle Lee (Karen, Knots Landing) in the role.

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    Last pic I saw of Brenda Dickson she looked ten times “more beautiful” than Hunter Tylo. Don’t need that on my screen…

    I hope Jess gets better soon. I love and adore her and she is Jill to me. Hopefully she won’t miss the best stuff her role has been giving in years.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I don’t even want to think abou this. My Jess FINALLY has a writer who will give her story and now this! Okay, but if she did leave permanently Y&R should offer Mother Freaking Jane Elliot the sun, moon, stars and Vail Bloom as an indentured servant to play the role.

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    Jess Walton will always be the only Jill to me! Does anyone else remember the last time Jess Walton was sick that Judith Chapman filled in and played Jill for a few episodes? I believe it was around 1990. I remember this distinctly because it made me miss Jess even more!

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    Jamey Giddens

    I grew up on Brenda Dickson, and appreciated her campy Jill, but I simply would have to stop watching if both she and Judith Chapman were on together. I have high blood pressure, I can’t eat all that ham.

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    I would love to see Brenda Dickson’s Jill and Judith Chapman’s Gloria in a scene together. As Jill has matured, I am sure Brenda could bring a bit of nuanced subtly to her brand of camp. Something that was terribly lacking in Judith’s portrayal of Gloria; however, she has gotten a little better.

    By the way, I always loved that Brenda Dickson’s Jill simply oozed sexuality. Jess Walton, for all her skill, does not. I believe that her sexuality is one of the many essences of Jill. And, no, I do not think it is/was the writing. Jill’s affair with Jed Sanders, the contractor in the 90’s, had the potential to be really suggestively, steamy. But, I never bought it. Nor did I buy her interest in Rex, her one-nighter with Victor, her “love” for Ji Min or her dalliance with Jeffrey. It all rang hollow. I only ever thought of her as a sexual woman when she was John Abbott’s wife. Yes, the chemistry was slightly palpable with Larry, but that could never have been a long-term thing considering Jill’s growth as a character. However, the one pairing that would have been blazing HOT for Jess Walton’s Jill? Brad Carlton. Don Diamont had chemistry with Brenda Dickson AND Jess Walton. That was a history lesson that should have been reviewed last year when Brad and Jill were in cahoots about the CEO position at Jabot. The story possibilities of a Jill/Brad pairing could have been incredibly juicy. Missed opportunities. Oh well.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I think Jess has had many steamy romps during her tenure as Jim. I loved her and the contractor! I also loved her with Whart-Man and even found her and Jack hot, when they reconnected a few years back. I find Jess very steamy and sultry. 

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    There is a rumor floating around that both Victoria Wyndham and Anna Stuart are up for the role. I think Victoria Wyndham would be the best choice. She is the better actress, and has formerly played a working-class girl who married into millionaire-status.

    My vote goes toward Victoria Wyndham.

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    Wow, great possibilities for a recast should Jess Walton need some RnR. Best Wishes for Ms. Walton should she need a break.

    I also grew up watching Brenda Dickson as the original Jill until Jess took over. I’ve also have enjoyed Anna Stuart, Jane Elliot, and Victoria Whndham in their respective daytime roles and think any of them would fill in very very nicely should Dickson not be offered the temporary fill-in. I haven’t watched YnR for years but will be watching from afar to see if/how the recast unfolds.

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    I Love Jess as Jill and that gurl has got to be feeling bad , cos her and mrs.”C” storyline is about to get hawt…
    i hope she gets to feeling better SOON…cos it wouldnt be the same ole cat-fightin’ with out her being one of the cats.

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    I don’t believe the old “under-the-weather” story one bit! Maybe I’m a cynic, but.. OK, I am a cynic, but still… Y&R is probably trimming down their highest paid actors. I bet we’ll get the “we-decided-to-take-the-character-in-another-direction” crap (as if anybody would believe it because Jess Walton can play ANYTHING).

    High-five to everybody who suggested a Jill/Brad pairing. Jill’s a cougar and they did look good together IMO. Brad has always been an opportunist, so if he could marry Traci & Ashley to stay an Abbott, then he could’ve married Jill and changed his name to Chancellor.

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    If it was a case of trimming high salaries it certainly wouldn’t be Jess they would be letting go. Maria loves the Chancellors, Abbotts and Newmans almost to the exclusion of other families she has minimized. I know Kevin has a story, but that feels more like a Hogan story focused on Kevin, Amber, Jana and Daniel not a Baldwin-Fisher family story. The Winters storyline has also been handled like a joke.

    If Maria was trimming salary she would first start with characters like Paul, Devon, or JT who she has shown no interest in writing for. If she needed a bigger salary gone, I could even see her going to the extreme of writing Michael and Lauren off since she has done nothing for them as a couple since she took over and seems to consider Kevin, Jana and Gloria the important players in that family. She treats Christian Le Blanc as a highly paid supporting player some days and glorified day player on other days.

    That’s why I think Jess may be really ill, and I hope she will recover quickly. It also seemed to have come on quickly at the height of Jill and Katherine’s story. They would not have build up Jill’s story if they planned on letting Jess Walton go.

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    Yes, these days, Brenda Dickson truly is far more beautiful than Hunter Tylo. However, that blonde hair will have to go if she (temporarily) returns as Jill.

    Since Jess Walton assumed the role of Jill in 1987, the character has not been the same. Jess is a skilled actress and I have come to accept, and even enjoy, her in the role. But, because I grew up on Brenda Dickson, she will ALWAYS be Jill Foster Abbott to me. Yes, there was Bond Gideon and Deborah Adair; those mediocre recasts while Brenda was away. But Brenda Dickson was, and could be again, the quintessential Jill Foster Abbott. The number of lapsed fans who would tune in just to see Brenda and her crackling dynamic with her old, on-screen sparring partner, Jeanne Cooper, would give the show a ratings spike the likes of which have not been seen since, well, the 80s. Youtube is chock full of clips of Brenda in all her Jill glory. Take a look. You will not be able to help but love her.

    And, of course, I wish Jess Walton a speedy recovery.

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    hope it is just contract stuff or a temp recast thing and she is ok. love her as jill and would hate to see anyone else playing the part. please keep us posted if you get more details!

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    As much as I loved Brenda Dickson as Jill….and yes, she will still be the one and only Jill since she ws the first one on since 1973… favourite Jill will always be Deborah Adair.

    I seen some not so nice comments on her here, but I always remembered her to be fun, spunky and lively….she reminded me a lot of “SERENA” from Bewitched….the sexier and witty side of Elizabeth Montgomery. I was truly saddened when Brenda came back to recap her role of Jill, but then even more sad when Jess Walton took over.

    I find Jess just tries too much, and over acts many parts. However that being said….I don’t wish anything bad for Jess, and actually do not want another recast since we are used to her since the 1980’s.

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    I really enjoy Jess as Jill but I don’t see her as irreplacable. Therefore, she may be walking a fine line if she thinks that being too stubborn in contract negotiations will get her what she wants.

    I can easily see any of the mentioned actresses being able to slip into her role quite effortlessly. JMHO.

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    Restless maniac

    I hope she will recover soon. They should just put Jill out of action in the storyline for some months till she gets better. To replace her would be a mistake if you want my opinion. We can’t replace a such actress, she’s oustanding.

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    I’m tired of Jess. Jill’s been so negative for years. If the writers are “up to the task,” they could put some irony and humor into the role. With a new actress anything is possible. Look how they recast Jack Abbott years ago. I remember Peter B’s first day on the job. His “smiling Jack Abbott” worked well. Now all he does is mope around and it’s a poor fit for Peter B. Bring back that biting humor, please.

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    I want to see Brenda Dickson back. Jess is good but their will only ever be one real Jill Foster to me and that is Brenda. She became to Y&R was Joan Collins was to Dynasty. And you would never dare see them at the time try to recast Alexis. Would you? No. Please let the hardships go people at Y&R and do the right thing. Call Brenda Dickson. The one true Jill!

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    I’ve always had the same problem with Jess Walton as Jill. No sexuality – zip. When she hooks up with Jeffrey I cringe. Katherine and Murphy have a LOT of chemistry and it makes 80 year old Kay more believable as a love interest than Jill at – what is it – like 55? 60?

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