Caption This: Lisa Rinna Cheetah Girl or Big Bird?

Lisa Rinna ( Ex- Bille; Days of Our Lives) was recently spotted at the Evening of 20th Century Glamour soiree and it had me wondering if she was trying out for a remake of Out of Africa or Big Bird’s Great Adventure. Take your shot at her red carpet fashion follies.

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    “How many birds died for that skirt?”, wonders the woman behind Lisa.

    (I must give credit where it’s due…the top rocks. The skirt…eh, not so much!)

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    Lisa Rinna needs to get her silly ass somewhere and sit down now! She’s making me like her less and less.
    Jamey Why is she making you like her less and less? Because of what she is wearing?

  3. Profile photo of mooney

    I think she’s trying out for the cheetah girls,Josie and the pussycats, or looking to take Big Birds job (she’ll work at a paycut).

    :sushi: :sushi: :sushi:

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