Quote Of The Day: Rick Takes Steffy “On Trade” From Ridge

Sly dog Rick (Kyle Lowder) and pompous Ridge (Ronn Moss) had their weekly Friday battle with Rick coming out on top…quite literally. Ridge was desperate to keep his psychotic son Thomas out of prison for attempted murder, so he sold his soul to the Forrester devil. Rick taunted Ridge with all his demands, but the last line was my quote of the day for  the CBS shows: "I own your ass, and Steffy’s too." It wasn’t the words so much as the tone. Rick means business and for some sick reason, I’m on board for watching him make Ridge suffer…as I have over these last several months. Did you have a quote today? Then share it!

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    I personally loved when he said something about there being a lot of “ins and outs” when it came to him and Steffy…..It was the best of the several metaphors he used IMO….I honestly thought Ridge would punch him….lol…..

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    Rick told Ridge that he owned his “little girl’s ass.” At first I thought he was referring to the size and shape of Ridge’s behind, but then I remember what I was watching.

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    Nelson, you just might.
    B&B has been quite a Turkey lately, but Friday’s episode was pretty good. The last 3 minutes sealed it for me. Is Martha Byrne penning these scripts, already? That was some of the best dialog that I have heard on this show in a while.

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    Those weak asses needs to be traded. I love Rick just because he saw what Brooke went through with Ridge was just humiliation after……but now finally someone is going make this pig pay.

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    I thought that was the lowest thing that Rick could ever say about a woman that he saids he loves. Brooke model lingerie because she wanted to, not because Ridge false her. Ridge needs to act like a father instead of a flipping wimp, he should have told Rick that he would rather see his son in jail then to see Rick pimp her.

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    Yeah, like Thomas would go to jail, NOT. I hate both Ridge and Rick and Rick doesn’t love Steffy, he is using her. I can’t wait until the truth comes out the farce of a relationship is over and done with. They are the worst couple on here.

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    quote of the day was was that egg-head rick said to ridge about owning his ass and steffy’s ..

    just showed his true colours, though they’ve been obvious to see throughout .. with his whimpering, wallowing, self-pitying, manipulating his stupid mother, sleeping with one sister, then the mother, now the other sister, whose ass he says he owns ..

    jerk .. he’s got it coming to him .. he doesn’t love steffy one bit and she’s stupid and blindsighted for believing he does …

    ridge is a clown at times but he’s not immature, pathetic, controlling and manipulating like that jerk rick …

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    siomonstuart2003 I agree , everytime they hit the screen together i feel like I now need to play dumb so I now hit the fast foward button, which i thank God for cos without my DVR I couldnt watch B&B at all…

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