Is Sean Kanan “Bold” Again?

Is Sean Kanan heading back to the glitz and glamour *snickers* of the fashion industry on The Bold and the Beautiful? On Soap Opera Digest’s Twitter page (gotta love that service), they are saying that the word is Kanan may be on his way back to la la land as bad boy Deacon Sharpe. Could Jackie (Lesley- Anne Down) finally have something to do besides become a bargain basement version of Stephanie (Susan Flannery) with her manipulation in Nick’s (Jack Wagner) life? Stay tuned!

Update: Tune in to this week’s CBS and Days of Our Lives episode on Wednesday for an update to this story.

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    Brooke has enough going on, but a custody battle with Deacon over Hope would be good. His relationship with Jackie could be revisited. Or, he could get hot & heavy with Felicia… J)

    Any popular non-Forrester/Logan is welcome & refreshing on this show.

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    I actually thought Jackie seemed happiest w/Deacon. If he came back and found her w/Owen, that would be hilarious! and it would be catnip to middle-aged female viewers, IMO, to see two young hunks fighting over a glamorous older woman. Plus, Deacon needs to rescue Hope, since she regards Ridge as her daddy, poor thing. Save her from the Forrester dysfunction Deacon!

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    Oh please let this be true! Deacon’s return is long overdue. There’s such a wealth of story possibilities with this character that the material would practically write itself. Sean Kanan had great chemistry with all his love intrests. I’d pay money to see him create some sparks with Lesli Kay.

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    Jillian Bowe

    Soapscribe I too want Deacon to come back to town… He needs to blow Jackie’s back out imo because she’s been BUGGING out on my Victoria I mean Katie… As for the pic, next time I’ll tell our photographer to get Sean’s good side.

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    Miss Bridget Sharpe

    If they bring Deacon back to B&B than HE IS TO GO DIRECTLY TO BRIDGET. He’s BRIDGET’S MAN!!!
    I want my Beacon back NOW!
    I think I’ve suffered enough with these incredibly
    BORING losers they seem to want to keep throwing at
    Bridget. I think it’s time she had the love of her life back. The love of her life is Deacon.
    Give him back to Bridget NOW!!

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    Please be true! My favorite bad naughty boy is back. Its overdue for Sean Kanan to return home to B&B and make this show exciting again!

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    Restless maniac

    I hope he will be back. Deacon’s return would create more electricity in the storyline between Brooke, Nick and Ridge. There are lot of possibilities with this character. Also a real bad boy figure is missing on B&B since some years.

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