Wishful Casting: Jess Walton as The Spencer Family Matriarch on B&B

We all know Brad Bell has a penchant for picking up Y&R actors who don’t recover from "sick days", so if the phenomenal Jess Walton starts to "feel better" and lands in The Bold and the Beautiful’s LA, wouldn’t it be great if she plays Wilhemina, the never-before-mentioned twin sister of the late Bill Spencer, who shares an interest in the family publishing dynasty with her niece and nephew? 

Could you imagine Walton as "Aunt Willie" to Don Diamont and Joanna Johnson‘s Bill Jr. and Karen? With a matriarch, the soon-to-be-revisited Spencer clan would feel complete. Walton would rock as the ultra glam matriarch of a SoCal publishing dynasty. Wilhemina could provide Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) with a much-needed female friend. Maybe she could offer Brooke her own O Magazine-esque lifestyle and fashion bible—Logan? Or maybe BeLieF Magazine? B&B could then get rid of Jennifer Gareis as Plastica, er Donna and finally provide Stephanie a viable foil for Eric’s affections. Walton vs. Susan Flannery, in a word: Epic.

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    I think you guys are getting a little carried away with the Jess Walton/Jill Foster news. Honestly, I could do without another Y&R/B&B actor move in a different or same role.

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    Yeah I agree here. I think you guys got a little bit carried away. I don’t think that Jess Walton really is leaving Y&R for good. Or when she will and has a serious illness, then she won’t work at all.

    And honestly, B&B doesn’t even know what to do with the great actors and actresses they already have. So, why bring another big name over there that is probably wasted after a few weeks?

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    Of course, I love the idea, but I don’t wanna picture my Jess Walton anywhere else, but Y&R. She IS Jill Foster Abbott for me…

    I just pray that nothing is seriously wrong and she returns in tip-top shape, because Jeanne needs her sparring partner. :)

    I’m all for Donna being sent back to Dr. 90210’s Mattel farm, but another foil is not needed for Eric & Stephanie. They need to get back together and stay that way. No offense to the actors, but they are getting too old to be breaking up & reuniting.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Remember a few months ago when Conde Naste’s Portfolio said the same type of casting cuts that have affected the rest of daytime would soon hit CBS? Remember how they mentioned Don Diamont, and that in the coming months there would be others? Rremember when the press kept reporting that Patricia Heating was calling in sick to Everybody Loves Raymond, then it was later revealed she was in the midst of heavy contract negotiations? I adore Jess and want her to stay, but like the Transformers movie, there is more than meets the eye here…Oh and I would NEVER make light of a health issue, so add that all up and…

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    She’ll never get any sort of air time or focus if she is anything other than a Forrester. Started watching this show ~15 years ago and used to get so excited when there was great casting news, but nothing ever panned out. The focus was always on Ridge, Brooke, etc. Now the focus is so heavy on Donna, Katie, etc. Brad Bell can stay on some characters way too long. Eileen Davidson was wasted when she came on to the show, they didn’t know what to do with her. I expect the same with Don Diamont. If Jess Walton comes over, they will basically keep her on contract until she goes back to Y&R.

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    I’m not really surprised and this basically confirms a tidbit I was told a few months ago. I feel bad for Jess Walton. Her character Jill has been getting airtime but mainly as a plot point to garner sympathy for Kay and Billy. Other than that the new regime apparently has little use for Jill. Jess had apparently also felt this way for awhile and some backstage told her she was being paranoid about it.

    Kay and Billy are clearly the characters that MAB/Sheffer want to focus on. If it wasn’t for this ongoing Jill is not Kay’s daughter s/l and the fact Jill can now be a foil for Kay, the character of Jill would likely be out the door similar to the way they axed DD when they no longer felt like writing for his character.

    If Jess really did get sick, which is possible but doubtful IMO, it must’ve happened very recently. I hope everything can be worked out between YR and JW but wouldn’t be too surprised if this is the end of Jess’ long run as Jill Abbott.

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    I think that everything will be okay.
    But, in the midst of Deidre Hall being fired, Susan Lucci taking a pay cut, & Erika Slezak possibly getting phased out, I’m afraid…

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    I am 38 years old, and this is my first post to a wonderful site. Your podcasts make me jealous I’m not there. I would love to discuss and spar with you about a show I’ve watched since I was a small child. I remember playing with my toys and watching them wheel Phillip Chancellor into the hospital after Kay drove them off a cliff! I have loved the depth that Jess Walton has brought to Jill ever since I first heard, “the part of Jill Abbott will be played today by Jess Walton”. To have her leave now when there is so much story for her to play, as opposed to the horrible rewriting of her history that has previously transpired would be a shame for the show. I hope they are able to resolve the issues if they exist, because getting used to even a “name” actor as Jill during such a pivotal time would diminish the story they are telling. Great podcast, guys. If you ever need a new voice, let me know. I’ve got lots to say about Y&R, As the World Turns, and the show that was formerly Bold and Beautiful!

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    Jamey this sounds great in theory, but do you really see Brad giving up Donna? I guess that’s why it’s called wishful casting.

    OT: Has Martha started writing, maybe she could hook her friend Leslie Kay with a storyline (hopefully one where she doesn’t end up sleeping with Thomas).

    Kay and Billy are clearly the characters that MAB/Sheffer want to focus on.

    Snizzle, I’ll agree with you on Billy. He’s like a shiny new toy for MAB and they made Cane worse with all this wanting Delia business. How many women does this man need? Since he’s been back, he’s slept with Amber and Sharon, been in quad with Lily and Chole. Good thing Jana’s married. We all know when Mac comes back where she’s going. Even though I was hoping she would be a light in the soul sucking marriage JT has with Viki.

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