EastEnders The Secrets Out Promo

The moment we have all been waiting for is almost here. The secret is revealed, April 2nd on BBC1

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    Not Much Longer!!! LOL! I can’t WAIT!! Archie is such a B*STARD! The actor that plays him is amazing! And Danielle has really grown on me the last few months. Making her Ronnie’s daughter was Genius!

    And you know what I love most about all of this? In the promo they’re playing up the Danielle/Ronnie secret, but Archie has done so many bad things, we really don’t know how much is going to come out…

    Thanks for posting J!

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    I LOVE this promo, it (imo) is better then the first wedding promo.

    I agree that they are playing up Archie as well, I really wonder ‘how’ much will come out, my guess is just the Daniele thing, but am i the only one that got a ‘creepy’ pedophile feel from the promo?

    I guess it is because of Tony lol, but still it looks like Archie was going to really hurt my poor sweet inocent Danny lol.

    Glad you liked it Daisy :)

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    Heh, okay, good… I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t ‘transferring’ after having watched my Law & Order: SVU marathon.

    (But seriously, old dude is EXTRA on his pedo-creepy game).

    [P.S. Who are these people? I used to watch EE WAAAY back in the day, like Tiffany & Grant back in the day. I read up on what had been going on about 2 or 3 years ago… and I tried to get back into it by watching it when I came to Scotland last year, but soo much has changed I am a bit lost. Though, there is still Peggy & Pat & Ian (love him! that unlucky bastard), ooh, & Bianca is back (what is Riiiickaaay up to?), I just don’t know about these other people, hehe].

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