RUMOR REPORT: Is Frons Gearing Up to Make Offers to Several of Guiding Light’s Top Stars?

This just in: Sources have come forward saying ABC Daytime President Brian Frons is gearing up to make offers to several of Guiding Light‘s top stars. While none of this has been confirmed officially by the network, here’s who we hear has Frons salivating:

Daniel Cosgrove as a possible recast for Joey Buchanan on One Life to Live.

Gina Tognoni to reprise the role of Kelly Cramer on OLTL.

Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia for parts on All My Children.

Jeff Branson for several roles on General Hospital, complete with an attractive moving bonus should the actor decide to sign with the show.

Reportedly ABC also wants Marcy Rylan for a role on ANY of the ABC soaps!

One source says Frons is having offers sent out to the agents of the aforementioned stars this week, and that many of GL’s top names are being offered contracts sans audition! Now y’all know how this works. We break something, i.e. the ABC pay cuts, or Natalia Livingston‘s return to GH, and the mags run to the network— who deny, deny, deny— then it all comes out in the wash when say Agnes Nixon blabs to Ad Age or later confirms Livingston’s return engagement. Let the denying begin…

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  1. Profile photo of zurge

    Wow, this day just keeps getting better and better – ugh.

    For someone who has “Babs” Bloom’s “super secret” official e-mail address at CBS – could you forward her this news? This alone should make her want to keep GL on another year…

  2. Profile photo of RakeshR198

    Fronnie can’t even afford Zimmer. lol

    Man, I really want GL to be renewed. But if its going to continue to be shitty, it might as well go off air. It will be one less soap for me to watch.

  3. Profile photo of melliebabi

    wow! not much else I can say to all that.

    Saddening for “The Guiding Light” and its history in American TV and Radio serial drama… very saddening if it happens. But I must admit very fortunate for ABC and the company’s’ fans if ABC were so lucky to acquire contracts with any of the talent reported in this blog posts. Wow!

    I must also say…very saddening that I am ignoring GH on the TV in the other room without recording it to view later. It’s likely that many other fans are abandonding the shows also because of the quality being so low.

    (in the Great State of TEXAS now)

  4. Profile photo of McD720

    Yeah cause Frons has done so well with the other CBS stars he has gotten… *rolls eyes*

    I am so sad for the state of GL. But they will go out fighting I know that.

  5. Profile photo of Carol2

    Frons is as ghoulish as always.

    Gina was very weak as Kelly. Dinah was a revelation for her as an actress.

    AMC sucks now, I pity any actress who goes there. Can you say Beth Ehlers?

    “But if its going to continue to be shitty, it might as well go off air. It will be one less soap for me to watch.”

    I think GL is much better than most of the other soaps. I think they deserve to go first, based on quality. B&B among them.

  6. Profile photo of east.west

    Marcy could go to OLTL as either Sarah, Gigi, or Stacy!
    Crystal could be Liza if Janie doesn’t work or Nina.
    Jessica can be Anita or some new character.

  7. Profile photo of McD720

    I think CBS will make a real effort to keep some of these great actors from GL on the network. I would love to see Gina Tognoni on Y&R as a recast Victoria Newman. Marcy Rylan is a one in a million find so I think she needs to go for prime time when/if GL is gone.

  8. Profile photo of melliebabi

    they will SIGN with ABC if Guiding Light shuts down…. all those long-term contracts talked about in these comments would be null and void!

    *Lovin Texas*

  9. Profile photo of troymcclure

    I think those six actors right there might be the ones too save GL and GL rightfully so is focusing on them.

    And I don’t want my Marcy Rylan hoeing it up for Frons on any of his soaps!

  10. Profile photo of Carol2

    I don’t take the DC report as saying any of these actors want to leave, but that Frons will snap them up if GL is axed.

    I just am horrified at the thought of someone like Crystal Chappell on All My Children. There is no more woman-hating soap on daytime. I shudder. And Jessica Leccia. No.

    ABC sucks and I pity any actor who works for them.

  11. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I could see GT and DC as Kelly and Joey (but dammit bring back DG too!) The rest I could do without.

    Jeff Branson to GH — Really? I cant believe they would sign him and let GV and RH go? What is BF thinking?? SERIOUSLY??

  12. Profile photo of RenewGLFF

    Crystal Chappell is a huge champion for the show and is loving her current storyline, so she and Jessica would leave the biggest story on daytime (and they love being a part of it) for ‘parts’ on shitty AMC (especially with the way things went with RPG and Beth Ehlers)? Frons would be foolish to even try.
    Jeff Branson signed a multi-year deal last fall, there is no way he could up and leave GL, and have you read his latest interview with Sara Bibel? He’s loving his current job and supports GL big time. Most of these actors are still on contract for a long time to come so they wouldn’t leave and even if they could, I’m pretty sure Jeff, Crystal, Jessica and Marcy, who just re-signed, would not leave. Gina Tognoni should audition for the new Melrose Place or something, she should not go back to OLTL.

  13. Profile photo of Carol2

    I can see why they’d want to hire Jeff Branson. He’s a great actor, very charismatic. He was completely wasted at AMC. I’m just sorry for any actor who goes to GH, they have no idea how to introduce new characters. Or write for the old ones.

  14. Profile photo of nolanspice

    It’s like Christmas! Everytime I hit refresh I get a new daytime toy!

    While the six names are the ones who are struggling to keep GL afloat, I wouldn’t mind seeing them in other places…but not all of them necessarily at ABC.

    MARCY RYLAN: Sarah Buchanan! Her Lizzie Spaulding is how I always saw Sarah. A spunky spitfire who’s a bit of a brat. Get her there and, if they must, renew the Cristian dynamic. Hopefully, she would get David Fumero to step up his game…or be replaced by Jesse Metcalf.

    DAN COSGROVE: Ideal as Joey Buchanan. He has the same devilish charm that Nathan Fillion has. And can you picture him in a renewed tryst with Dorian? This means they would have to bring back Dan Gauthier as Kevin to round out the new generation of Buchanan Boys.

    GINA TOGNONI: Kelly Cramer needs to come back to all the family drama that the Cramer women stir up. Besides, Gina needs to undo all the dreck that was horribly written for Heather Tom’s version. Kelly was NEVER that weepy. Plus it would be interesting to have her great brother/sister dymanic with Dan Cosgrove flip as they possibly become lovers (again).

    I’m at a momentary loss with regards to Crystal, Jessica and Jeff. Maybe on my commute home, I’ll have something to amend to this.

  15. Profile photo of Grimm

    The way I am reading it is that these offers would be made in the event that/as it appears more likely that GL will go off the air as the reports of the “Bloom developing a GL replacement” story suggests. That would negate the factors of contract and actors being champions of the show.
    Daniel Cosgrove as Joey on OLTL would be great fit.
    Marcie Rylan as Sarah would be good but I wonder if Rylan would want to take over ANOTHER role played by Hayden Panettierie as a child?
    I’ve not yet seen the appeal of Jessica Leccia
    I agree that Gina Tognoni has been a revelation as Dinah where she wasn’t as Kelly on OLTL. Here’s one for you, Tognoni as GREENLEE on AMC.
    For my money, if GL falls, I’d love to see Kim Zimmer switch coasts and take a role on GH and be teamed with Luke and Tracey!

  16. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    UGH!! Write for the talent you already have!!!

    Why would these actors want to make the jump after seeing the trash that Beth Ehlers is working with?

    My 15 yr. old nephew is looking for a job and he failed English last year. He would do a better job than Frons. Where can he pick up an application?

  17. Profile photo of dsrbroadway

    Yeah cause Frons has done so well with the other CBS stars he has gotten… *rolls eyes*


    Amen to that.

    May be an unpopular opinion, but one thing I love is when a show finds fresh faces from the casting process. Yes, there may be a learning curve, but taking a look at OLTL look how well daytime newbies John Brotherton, Mark Lawson, Melissa Archer, John-Paul Lavoisier, Bree Williamson, Trevor St. John, Dan Gaulthier, Michael Stack and Kathy Brier turned out, I’d much rather see a new face than a higher-paid castoff from another show.

  18. Profile photo of mrsa1107

    Dont get me wrong I am so excited that Jamie Luner is joining the cast– but she should have been a recast of Skye. This way Crystal C could have been LIZA! I think that would have been some great casting. But I could also see Crystal as Nina, Kit (Jackson’s sister) or Gloria Marsh (Adam & Stuart’s ex) OR WHAT ABOUT Crystal being cast as Cassie on OLTL?????????

    Then I think for OLTL– Daniel as Joey would be GREAT and maybe DG could come home as Kevin to round out a Kevin- Kelly- Joey storyline. Have Gina back as Kelly would be AWESOME– although she would make for an AWESOME recast of Hayley on AMC!!!!!!!!!!! I also think that Marcy R should be cast as Sarah/Flash OLTL or Liz’s sister on GH.

    I think Jessica Leccia would be a better fit for GH– possibly a relative of Sonny’s late wife Lily. Maybe…. just maybe she could go to AMC as a long lost cousin of Gillian.

    Kim Z– I think they should darkin her hair and cast her as Mama Zacchara on GH!

  19. Profile photo of jpp1975

    I’d rather have Crystal Chappell back on DOOL. They could use a strong woman over there. And Bo/Hope would finally have a serious threat to their coupledom. As for Jeff Branson, they wasted his potential so utterly on AMC, do they really want to waste him over on GH too? The rest of the suggestions are good tho. Esp. the Reva as Mama Zacchara. LOVE to see her do a wicked lady mob matriarch.

  20. Profile photo of elvara

    Early April Fools anyone?? How will they pay all of them? GT? CC? DC? They don’t come cheap. I doubt Jeff Branson would go back to ABC. And MR is so over rated. And last I heard, GL is not the only soap in trouble anymore. ABC is not doing that well either.
    CBS has been trying to find something to replace GL for YEARS and still haven’t found anything. I think they’ll keep the show for another year.

  21. Profile photo of McD720

    This is just another battle in the casting war of ABC vs. CBS. Frons is the bigger problem here in my opinion. He has great talent at his network already but he underutilizes the majority of it daily because he is playing favorites and working an agenda. Today he sees CBS is getting ready to throw in the towel on GL so he thinks getting their biggest names will work for his agenda yet again – pushing his hand picked actors/characters to the forefront when it in no way works with the story being told. It is all about beating the other guy.

    Now I think all 6 of these people are very talented and some of them may fit in on ABC soaps but this isn’t about good storytelling anymore…it is about sticking it to Barbara Bloom/CBS. Getting Beth Ehlers is the perfect example and it has already been stated multiple times so no need to go into it again but the promos that were shown upon BE joining AMC perfectly illustrated ABC/Frons’s thinking. He didn’t care what kind of story they were given as long as they were on his network and he got the praise for it.

    The fact is though right now GL is still in production so he needs to stay away from poaching these actors for the time being.

  22. Profile photo of Desertrose

    So by cutting La Lucci’s pay 40% they are gonna be able to afford these actors?
    Yeah, right.

    Gonna need the hip-wader boots for all the bullsh*t coming down the pike in the next few weeks (months).

    I really hope GL isn’t canceled so soon…they’ve really turned things around- or are sure starting to.*sigh*

    I hate hate hate what Frons has done to the ABC soaps…I am down to one -OLTL at this point, after giving up GH a few years ago & AMC very recently.

  23. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    So let me get this straight, TPTB at ABC are letting go and/or cutting the salary of longtime fan faves, and at the same time trying to hire expensive stars from other shows? Great Plan!

    And they already let Jeff Branson and Gina T go, now they want them back?

    What ABC should be doing is investing in some decent writers…

    What the hell is going on today??

  24. Profile photo of BigDede

    Anyone smart would not go to AMC or especially GH. As an actor, I would never go to GH because you will always be third string next to MB and SB. If they were to come on to GH, it would only to be the bad guy to the “good” mobsters.

  25. Profile photo of HopeFloats

    GH doesn’t need any more male characters. They need more female characters, or at least use the ones they have.

    I don’t understand why they would want any new characters on GH when they don’t writer for the ones they have. Bringing on new characters is not a remedy for a lack of imaginative writing and storytelling.

  26. Profile photo of SusieQ

    I know, how about Grant Alexander replaces Frons and is put in charge of ABC daytime – he seems to have done wonders with his input on Guiding Light -lol! At least he’s making me want to tune into a soap as opposed to Frons’ method of doing everything to make people want to tune tune out!

  27. Profile photo of eriklovessoaps

    I’m sorry, but this “all-angles” reporting of GL possibly being cancelled kind of makes me want to laugh. Sorry. I guess I would be truely upset, if they didn’t do certain things on the show to alienate me from watching half the time. I wish it was Wheeler, Bloom, and Kriezman that lost their jobs and the show was there with a writer that could cut some of the mess out of the show. I don’t know. I’m always told it’s only a soap and to move on. I won’t say touche.

    Frons is always trying to steal actors from CBS. What’s new? I think Frons is secertly in love with CBS, but can only show his feelings this way. Sad guy.

  28. Profile photo of GossipGirl

    At least Frons is going after some of GL’s best actors. Of course I would rather all of them stay on an alive and well GL, but if not I would want to see all of the actors mentioned to find a new home. Even though I love Dinah, having Gina back as Kelly on OLTL would be awesome! And having Marcy Rylan anywhere would be fantastic. On the otherhand, look at Beth Ehlers on AMC. She was given a lousy character that fans didn’t like and now they don’t know what to do with her. Getting these great actors would be a waste if they don’t have a good character and storyline waiting for them!

    How exactly does Frons plan on paying for these actors?

  29. Profile photo of VikiLordFan21

    Gina back as Kelly i would love! and i can kind of see Daniel as a recast Joey although Nathan Fillion is my favorite! maybe Marcy Rylan could be a recast Sarah Roberts

  30. Profile photo of ConqueringBlue

    How is it that Brian Frons is able to afford to try to entice all these actors from CBS, but he can’t bring back fan faves like Genie Francis, who has proven time and time again that she is able to cause a ratings spike during one of her brief returns?

    As sad as I am about the possibility of Daytime TV’s longest running soap being cancelled, Frons needs to LEARN that fans of HIS soaps on ABC have been watching these shows for decades, and they would much rather see a familiar face return to their shows than actors from another network, because chances are, those few people who might come over to ABC from CBS to watch the CBS stars aren’t going to create the same kind of ratings bump that someone like Laura might create. But even after running ABC Daytime for as long as he has now, he still hasn’t got a clue. Which makes me wonder how on earth this man still has a job! All of his soaps have been declining steadily since his tenure, get rid of him!

  31. Profile photo of goyankees

    So will Frons put Kim Zimmer on “Southern Belles” and Dan Cosgrove on “Being Erica”?? GL has Soap Actors, but S-Not does AIR soaps, so…..I’m a bit confused how Numb-Nuts would work this???????

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