Chris Stack Out at One Life to Live

It looks like Marcie (Kathy Brier) won’t be leaving Llanview by herself. is now reporting that Brier’s onscreen hubby Chris Stack (Michael McBain) is also being let go by One Life to Live. According to the web site, the good people at OLTL contacted the duo last week and told them that they do not have anything more that they can write for them… *Scratching Head* No word yet on their last air date.

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    what does that mean…that they are not even gonna bother writing them a happy ending?!?!?!?

    i’m gettin that bile in my throat…an allergic reaction to Frons…

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    Honestly I agree with the OLTL people they are writing this couple in circles. I really dont know what they could write for these two characters they made Marcy Baby Crazy and once she gets the baby what are they going to do? I find them quite boring and at an extent Marcy is psychotic to me.

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    Sadly, I saw this coming. I’m not happy in the least. I just hope that they’re able to leave town happy or, at best, fade into the Llanview shadows and come out for holidays and occasions.

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    Well, It figures. Well, it isn’t much to write for them and OLTL have a pretty large cast, so getting rid of them is the only way to save money and free up. I think that it would be great if the baby switch s/l is out and Starr and Cole give it to Marcie and Michael to raise. Jess is busy with Bree, Todd and Blair don’t need any more kids and Starr and Cole not mature enough to raise a kid. So it would be a wise to let the secret out and have the baby raise by the McBains.

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    They could have killed him off and kept Marcie…
    This pairing was never right. The show underestimated the popularity of Al & Marcie, which started this Michael McBain garbage in the first place…

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    I don’t mind Michael leaving but why Marcie? I will miss Marcie. They really screwed up her storyline with Al. Marcie could have been integrated into a core family but no. Can Michael take John with him?

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    Two fewer reasons for me to keep watching this show.

    Only sticking around for Dorian/Ray/Tea and (hopefully) Viki…..

    Like Blair & John but I just know TPTB will screw with that too.

    *sigh* my last ABC show and Frons now has his hands on this one too.

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    “who is going to be the everything doctor at the hospital now?”

    That’s what I was wondering. For a show where 2 major characters (Blair, Shane) are currently in the hospital, what will they do without any characters who are doctors or nurses? I assume that the baby s/l and Shane’s cancer s/l will wrap up before they exit, but eventually, Llanview will need a doctor. Right now, there’s not even anyone in college or who they could say was in medical school or had a nursing background. Unless that’s what Ray’s profession was back in Colombia. Hmmm… The show seems to be running out of doctors and cops, two soap staples.

    I’m sorry to see the character of Michael leave, but as a Nathaniel Marston fan, Chris Stack has never had the same appeal for me, but I do wish him well in his future endeavors.

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    If Marcie by some miracle does become pregnant, I would love to see a storyline for her. The joys of her officially becoming a mother would make for a beautiful story especially after all she has been through. I know RC would tell it well. Just look at the Thanksgiving and Christina come home episodes.

    I agree with elbugten too. Where are all the doctors and police officers? It might be nice to have Ray around but Lola has got to go. I still think she killed her mother even though she was probably very young.

    In unrelated commenting… I’m sad GL got canceled.

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    TV Gord

    The “Soaps Up” segment that runs in Canada during OLTL speculated that Marcie could become the next target of the serial killer! I Hope not.

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