DC #385: ABC Assets People Want To See

On today’s ABC episode of Daytime Confidential Luke, Tina and Belinda discuss the latest in All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital storylines and news, including:

All My Children’s Adam Chandler is in the hospital, offscreen. Dastardly David Hayward isn’t how we remember him. Is he being written in character and is there anything else left to enjoy about him?

All My Children and One Life to Live beat General Hospital in the ratings. What are the causes for General Hospital’s decline? Could there be a Liason connection?

One Life to Live’s John and Blair get married. If Jason Morgan is a Borg does that make John McBain a Cylon? Dorian and Ray Montez versus Dorian and David. The never ending story of Stacy. We continue to enjoy Matthew and Destiny.

Belinda reacts to the return of Jerry Jacks on General Hospital. Robin’s PPD storyline isn’t getting better. Could Rachel Melvin be coming to GH while Greg Vaughan ends up at Days of Our Lives? We discuss the latest rumors.

We discuss the possibility of the Daytime Emmy awards ending up on The CW. All this and more on today’s ABC episode of Daytime Confidential.

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15 Responses

  1. Profile photo of LovesDog

    Liaison sucks. Sonny and Claudia sucks. Nikolas and Rebemily suck. Spinelli sucks. GH sucks because of too much mob and Spinelli.

    The PPD story sucks and they are ruining Robin on purpose.

    It sucks that GH isn’t using Lucky. I hate how Luke treats Lucky and I hate Teethan.

    It sucks that GH keeps killing off legacy characters like Emily and Georgie.

    GH sucks!

  2. Profile photo of mr.sam mccall1
    mr.sam mccall1

    I can say this is the first pod cast I liked. Not that they are all bad but one I could say I didn’t disagree with so much.

    Also I looked up some information about Kellys show and there was nothing about them having any problem also the shows grand opening is on April 18th.

    I got this from the website today. PEEPSHOW will open for preview performances on March 30, 2009, with opening night planned for April 18.

    Heres the link http://lasvegas.broadwayworld.com/article/PEEP_SHOW_Offers_Special_Group_Rates_Previews_Begin_330_20090330

  3. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    John McBain sucks and Michael Easton was great on Port Charles, but the don’t evolve John so I with the gang that he is a unemotional drome that needs to be committed to someone or get rid off. Sorry, but the character is not working anymore if the writers don’t do anything about it. Rex and Gigi was ok before the actors was dating in real life, but I do believe it was Frons again dictating the push for the Rex and Gigi love story that tank because we didn’t even know about Rex life. I do agree that Destiny is great, Jess and Brody is hot, get Rex and Charlie a s/l of their own already, Nora, Bo, and Marty are doing great with what they have. And stop trying to make Todd look bad all the time. I know that Todd is a fool, but he is at for everything that it wrong in everything.

    Frons and Guza are getting what they deserve for destroying the heart and soul of GH by getting rid of the Qs and the vets and pimping Sonny and Jason as “good guys” while being criminals. The ratings is suffering and fans are getting rise to the tiic stunts and not falling for it. I feel bad for the actors and hope there are behind the scenes changes to get this show back to its roots.

    AMC is also getting worst than the last head writers. B&E was ok, but at least they have plan and was fixing the show, but Pratt is just like Guza. He is always one-noted and we should of known it. Frons is a idiot.

  4. Profile photo of n69n

    i want to say that i ****NEVER**** cared about or for MCBAIN ***UNTIL*** he hooked up with BLAIR.

    i like them together, in an adult relationship, and i think both the character & the actor is really good with children, & that makes a difference to me.

  5. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    Out of all the ABC shows, I now only watch GH, which isn’t perfect. I loathe OLTL. Liason sucked and will forever suck for me. I think if this show was all hospital all the time, people would still bitch. This show is not the Sonny hour, it’s the effing Jason hour. Jason the hero, the smartest person in the room, the know all, the end of all. Maybe that’s why the ratings are down. I ff everything Jason and that leaves like 6 minutes of the show to watch.

  6. Profile photo of Dariclone

    Great podcast as usual. One small thing though, however much you may not like John McBain or Rex and Gigi being everywhere every week, these characters do have they’re fans and it’s not the actors’ fault that they’re Frons’s little pets.

  7. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Finally got a chance to listen to this ep. Great show!!

    Tina you were on FIRE!! ITA with what you said regarding the bullsh*t that TPTB at GH pull with actresses during contract negotiations. And thank you SO MUCH for calling out Ron Carlivati on his purposefully dismal writing of Stacey on OLTL. It’s a shame that the viewers have to suffer because of some sort of stupid *ss pissing contest between Carlivati and Frons :(

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