Dustin Milligan To Exit 90210

Dustin Milligan
won’t be returning to 90210 this fall, according to Entertainment Weekly. Supposedly his contract option has not been picked up, but the "door is being left open for the actor to briefly appear in the fall to wrap up Ethan’s story."

I’ve never been a particular fan of Milligan or his 90210 character, but he wouldn’t have been at the top of my list of people to get rid of. AnnaLynne McCord would have.  I’m still holding out hope. The article talks about how 90210 is going to be getting a major reboot now that Rebecca Rand Kirshner Sinclair is in charge. Are you looking forward to an even newer 90210?

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    wont lie i was a huge fan back in the day but this new one…not so much.. I agree though he would not be my first choice to lose first….if he stayed at least they could run a bunch of jealous storylines with him or maybe that would be too much of a repeat.

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    This is going to cause a huge backlash for the show. I’m not even sure if it’s going to survive. They’ve already done to much mistakes on this show by not focusing on the main characters, and letting the audience bond with them.
    Ethan is big in the Annie/Ethan – Naomi/Ethan fanbases.

    I love Annie and Ethan : ( : (

    I hate this!

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    I kind of like Ethan. Milligan’s acting isn’t the best, but he is nice looking and he really processed from the pilot.
    I would like to see Shanae Grimes go, instead of him. She makes it really hard for me to watch the show until Sinclair can show her full talent.

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    Well, before he goes could they bring his grandmother back for an eppy? The pilot episode was very cruel in teasing me with Linda Grey and then never bringing her back for anything – what a waste!

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    I am going to get stoned but I actually like Anna >.>

    Anyways I like the whole cast, I think losing Ethan is not very good news for the show, but hopefully it will survive.

    I mean The CW HAS to give it a 3rd season, come on the 3rd season premiere will be on 9/02/10 SERIOUSLY they HAVE TO DO THAT! lol

    I can see Soapnet pimping it out with marathons and everything, 90210day the best day of the year :)

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    Cmon, CW…Dustin is doing a great job on 90210, and is one of the top bright spots of the show…and yes, AnnaLynne is another bright spot. What are they thinking not keeping Dustin on the show??

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